Angie Craig Confronted by Woman Who Escaped Communism at First Town Hall: ‘This is How Communists Oppress People’

Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN-02) hosted her “first of what will be many, many open town halls” Saturday morning at Burnsville High School, and tackled issues such as campaign finance reform, climate change, and gun control.

At one point during the event, however, she was confronted by an immigrant woman “who escaped communism,” and expressed concern about the continued harassment of Trump supporters.

“I am an immigrant who escaped communism. I am terrified at the prospect of America becoming an oppressive regime. It seems that the two most toxic words these days are Donald Trump. He has been called autocratic, dictatorial, and many other demeaning names. Yet nothing he has done compares to the permitted destruction and oppression of our justice systems of individuals who dare to support him,” the woman said. In particular, she pointed to the recent arrest of Roger Stone, whom she believes was arrested “for a crime of refusing to compromise his integrity.”

“[It] is not representative of a free America,” the woman continued. “Neither is a system causing financial ruin and imposing jail sentences without proof and guilt for some, yet overlooking ample evidence and giving a pass to others. Nor is a dishonest media and powerful elected officials condemning 15 and 16 year old boys simply for wearing MAGA hats. These are ways communists oppress people, and it should not be allowed in America.”

She went on to ask Craig what she will do to “help protect all Americans from such horrific encroachments on our liberties,” and if her constituents can be assured that she believes “in equality under the law for all Americans.”

“Thank you so much for being here and sharing your thoughts. My job, I believe, that I was sent to Washington to do is simply this: it’s to support the president and this administration when there is a good idea that will be healthy and impact positively the people of the Second Congressional District,” Craig responded. “I believe also that I’ve been sent here to say no to things when they aren’t best for this district, and that’s what I’m going to be keeping in mind as I make policy decisions.”

Craig emphasized her belief in a “free press and treating our journalists with respect and dignity,” noting that she was a member of the media before launching her business career.

“It is harder and harder on all sides than it’s ever been before to get to the objectivity that Americans deserve in our journalism because the news media has expanded itself in the same way that the American public seems to be,” she added.

The woman responded by stating that Craig “didn’t address the equality under the law for all Americans.”

“I do believe in equality under the law for all Americans,” Craig simply replied before moving on to the next question.

Another female constituent asked Craig for the recent scandal surrounding students from Covington Catholic High School, and asked the congresswoman for her stance on the matter.

“Recently we’ve experienced the Covington students controversy. Many on the left and on the right have jumped to harsh judgment without weighing all the facts thus further spreading falsehoods, obliterating the truth, and propagating fake news. As a matter of fact, our own newly elected Ilhan Omar has made condemning statements about these boys, spreading lies even after the record has been corrected,” the woman said. “Perhaps I missed it, but I have not heard anything from you, Rep. Craig. So please tell us on which side of this issue do you officially stand?”

“Look, I think we have to come back to a time in this country where we can have disagreements with respect. We have to have respectful disagreements,” Craig replied. “The real problem in this country is that there are sides. There’s one America. We all love this country equally.”

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
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2 Thoughts to “Angie Craig Confronted by Woman Who Escaped Communism at First Town Hall: ‘This is How Communists Oppress People’”

  1. pearl

    The fake representative was careful to say nothing that would cause dismay among the enemies of America. She’s a disgrace.

  2. Benjamin Dover

    “The real problem in this country is that there are sides. There’s one America. We all love this country equally.” Yeah right, conservatives love it more just like Democrats hate it more.