Illegal Alien Arrested for Killing Pierce Corcoran in Head-On Crash Granted Bail

Francisco Eduardo Franco-Cambrany, charged with killing a Knoxville firefighter’s son in a head-on crash last month could walk out of jail this weekend, according to

That is, of course, unless federal immigration agents don’t get him first, the website went on to say.

As The Tennessee Star reported, Franco-Cambrany allegedly killed Pierce Corcoran, who was only 22.

According to the website, a judge reinstated bond for Franco-Cambrany.

Prosecutors say Franco-Cambrany is an illegal immigrant, and that officers with the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement could take him into custody at any time, the website said.

“I can’t just deny him bond because ICE might come get him,” quoted General Sessions Judge Patricia Long as saying.

Franco-Cambrany will wear an ankle monitor if he walks out, per Long’s orders. His attorney, Mark Stephens, a Knox County public defender, made a bid to throw out the case. Long rejected that bid.

As The Star reported, Knoxville Police said Franco-Cambrany’s Chevy pickup, heading north, crossed into the opposite lanes and hit Corcoran’s Honda Civic, causing a chain reaction.

According to, “two cars in front of Franco-Cambrany in the left-hand lane suddenly braked as one turned into a self-storage center, according to Knoxville police.”

“Instead of stopping or swerving right into an empty lane, Franco-Cambrany swerved left — into oncoming traffic and the path of Corcoran’s car, Knoxville Police Department Officer Tim Edwards testified at last week’s hearing.”

Prosecutors say that swerve equals criminal negligence.

But the defense claimed police didn’t talk to any of the drivers on Franco-Cambrany’s side of the road and thus can’t prove the right-hand lane was empty.

According to the website Justice for Pierce Corcoran, the defense’s claim is false.

“Video footage of the crash shows no cars or traffic in the right- hand lane. The defendant chose to swerve left into our son’s car head on,” according to the website.

“Pierce’s headlights were on and the defendant chose the most dangerous and deadly option. He could have chosen to brake or swerve to the right lane, which was clear.”

The response, attributed to Avery Pressley, also said crossing the border illegally and never attempting in 14 years to obtain citizenship is a crime.

According to Knoxville TV station WATE, Pressley is Pierce’s sister.

“The young man the defendant caused to hit Pierce rendered aid to our son as soon as he got out of his vehicle, but the defendant never left his truck. I don’t care what he claims to have been in his country, he has shown no attempt to be responsible while in this country,” Pressley wrote.

“No citizenship, no driver’s license, no insurance, no compassion or remorse for our son who laid dying on the side of the road. He had plenty of opportunities in 14 years to do things the right way and certainly that night he showed, yet again, his lack of responsibility.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]

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5 Thoughts to “Illegal Alien Arrested for Killing Pierce Corcoran in Head-On Crash Granted Bail”

  1. […] As The Star reported, Knoxville Police said Franco-Cambrany’s Chevy pickup, heading north, crossed into the opposite lanes of traffic and hit Corcoran’s Honda Civic, causing a chain reaction. […]

  2. Greg

    No license, no insurance…could have easily omitted that description as it is always that case with illegals.

  3. Ben There

    This is a sad situation all around.
    Some of you may be thinking “ICE, pick him up!”
    ICE should have picked him up in the last 14 years, but let me tell you what will actually happen if ICE picks him up today.
    Since he was granted bail, if ICE picks him up now, they will take him to a detention facility. He will be held there and given 3 hots and a cot until his first appearance in immigration court. At that point he will be able to choose to stay in detention ( probably for the next 2-3 years) fighting to stay in the US, OR he can voluntarily go back to Mexico.
    If he chooses to go back, he will not be held in a prison, or pay restitution, or be held accountable in any way for his crimes.
    “Send him back!” Sounds great until you realize that the victims family will get no justice whatsoever.


    1. 83ragtop50

      I would like to agree with you but the will be no restitution regardless. I have been down this path when I lived in Texas.