No Comment from Bill Lee on Case of Illegal Immigrant Who Allegedly Killed Son of Knoxville Firefighter


Staff for Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee would not say Monday if he plans to act in the case of Francisco Eduardo Franco-Cambrany, charged with killing a Knoxville firefighter’s son.

No one in Lee’s office returned The Tennessee Star’s repeated requests for comment Monday.

As reported, a judge reinstated bond for Franco-Cambrany last week, which could enable him to walk out of jail. That is, of course, unless federal immigration agents don’t get him first.

Franco-Cambrany allegedly killed Pierce Corcoran, who was only 22.

Prosecutors say Franco-Cambrany is an illegal immigrant.

As The Star reported, Knoxville Police said Franco-Cambrany’s Chevy pickup, heading north, crossed into the opposite lanes of traffic and hit Corcoran’s Honda Civic, causing a chain reaction.

According to, he swerved to the left — but not the right — because two cars in front of him suddenly braked while trying to make a right turn.

Prosecutors say that swerve equals criminal negligence.

But the defense claimed police didn’t talk to any of the drivers on Franco-Cambrany’s side of the road and thus can’t prove the right-hand lane was empty.

According to the website Justice for Pierce Corcoran, the defense’s claim is false and video footage proves it.

Lee has addressed the topic of illegal immigration previously.

As The Star reported last summer, the Lee Company, which Lee chaired before taking the oath as governor, is a Bronze Level Investor in the Nashville Chamber of Commerce’s Partnership 2020.

The NCC is a named member of the Partnership for a New American Economy.  Along with the PNAE, the NCC helps spread liberal immigration policies. These policies include endorsing strategies to achieve the Drive to 55 education goals state legislators said are needed to include giving in-state tuition to illegal alien students.

PNAE’s report, A Crucial Piece of the Puzzle: Demographic Change and Why Immigrants are Needed to Fill America’s Less-Skilled Labor Gap, suggests legal and illegal immigrant workers can help resolve the demographic crisis facing the U.S. economy.

The, though, quoted Lee telling a crowd in Kingsport last June that “we need to do everything possible to stop Tennessee having sanctuary cities.”

“We’ll do that if I’m governor. We need to uphold the laws of the land, be they immigration law or any other law,” the website quoted Lee as saying.


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Chris Butler got his master’s degree in communications from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and his bachelor’s degree in political science from Louisiana Tech University.

Chris worked as a newspaper reporter for seven years and later was an investigative reporter for Tennessee Watchdog from 2010 to 2017. From May 2018 to August 3, 2018 Chris was the Tennessee communications director for the TennValues PAC, which endorsed Bill Lee for governor. Chris has served as the investigative reporter for The Tennessee Star since August 6, 2018.

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  1. Josh Read

    Bill Lee is quoted, “we need to do everything possible to stop Tennessee having sanctuary cities.”
    Does “everything possible ” include enforcing the law against hiring of illegal immigrant?
    Never mind, nothing to see here.