Tennessee Star Report Speaks With One America News Network’s Neil McCabe as He Explains the ‘Dynamic’ at the McAllen, Texas Border

On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Steve Gill talked to Neil McCabe of One America News Network while he is visiting the McAllen, Texas border about the absence of a border wall and the interesting dynamic surrounding the area.

Further into the conversation McCabe disclosed how the current laws as created under the Obama Administration were designed for failure and provided a deliberate loophole for illegals of all backgrounds to enter the United States.

Gill: And our on the spot correspondent from One America News, Neil McCabe is down in McAllen, Texas, right on the border. I guess is there a border wall there or is that one of those areas where there is nothing keeping somebody from coming across the border, Neil?

McCabe: Well there’s some wall and then there are places where you can sort of walk around the wall. And so there are sections of wall. But it’s a very interesting dynamic down here. This is my first time actually on the border, so very exciting Steve.

Gill: More members of Congress should go down there. I know that some members of Congress have taken these groups down there to see exactly what the situation is. Where you know you do have a wall to keep people out. I mean I don’t get this argument that the wall doesn’t work when the reason that the last caravan of eight or ten thousand people stopped in Tijuana rather than coming right into our country was because they ran up against a wall. You’ve got another twelve, fifteen thousand person caravan that’s formed and is marching towards America again. Maybe they’ll go to where the wall doesn’t exist because maybe they’ve got better maps now of where they can get in. What are people in McAllen thinking about this argument that the wall is immoral, do they want to tear down the wall that’s already there?

McCabe responded by explaining the interesting nuances surrounding the border in McAllen, Texas and how it does well with trade and immigration from Mexico and that the many factories over the border house employees like CEO’s, executives, middle managers and accountants that live in McAllen. He explained however, that if you go ten or fifteen miles up the Rio Grand River you will find that there is a spot run by cartels with a two-mile window on the border where they are running and making money off human trafficking. He added that the well-organized division of labor between the cartels such as securities, drugs, and human trafficking exist in plain site and that hey move people across the border and nobody can do anything about it. Gill stated that we could do something about this if there was a barrier and that these cartels are controlling the border in McAllen instead of America.

Gill: The issue it looks like to me in McAllen Neil is that there is nobody that’s saying we need to build a wall that has no openings. We need to build a wall that shuts down everything. The idea is that you control legal and illegal entry and if there are people that are crossing back and forth legally because they have some basis to be in the country. They’ve been verified, that they have the ability to work here, or they’re living here and doing some work in Mexico. I don’t think anybody’s arguing that we shouldn’t have doors in the wall. The question is whether or not we should control who comes in and who goes out.

McCabe: Well I think, you know, if you look at the Canadian border there are people who commute to work in the US and then live in Canada. It’s the same thing. It’s just everything is normal and for millions of people along the Mexican American border they live in one country and work in the other and everything is fine. But now what you have now is you have you know, tens of thousands of refugees coming up and they’ve been told, and this is a loophole that was been put into the law. You know if someone comes over from Mexico and you don’t want them there we kick them out right away, same thing with Canada. The law says, this is an Obama era law, and what it says is, if you are from a country that does not connect to the United States you have the right to apply for asylum. And then if you have a kid, well then it’s just a guarantee. And so (Chuckles), there’s these guys coming in. They’re not running from border patrol, Steve. They’re looking for border patrol. They’re chasing border patrol. I was talking with a guy yesterday, he said that these guys, he was driving, they started running after his truck, “Hey, hey, come pick us up!” You pick them up and bring them to the station. You fill out some paperwork. They have no place to keep them and they basically say, “Alright, you’re on your own. Come back for your court date.” There’s a bus station here in McAllen we’re going to today and it takes them all over the country. There’s an airport here, people fly all over the country. Once they get their paperwork it’s like, “God bless. Welcome to America!”

Gill: And then, of course, they show up for their court date when they can be kicked out if when they don’t qualify for asylum.

(Inaudible crosstalk)

Gill: And asylum only applies if you are in danger for you’re life, not simply because you want a better job…not because you want to come here…

McCabe: Nah, nah, nah.

Gill: because it’s better than where you live. To qualify for asylum is very difficult. Most people are not going to qualify but they disappear and don’t show up for their court date.

McCabe: And it’s not just Hondurans, it’s not just people from Ecuador or Venezuela or something like that. You know, it’s Russians. It’s people from the Middle East. It’s people from Africa because the word is out that if you fly into Mexico and show up to a place like McAllen you’ll get through. And it just so happens that this is where all, what’s happening is there’s so much border bureaucracy here in McAllen. This is a place where you can get your paperwork taken care of. And this is the easiest place to find the border control. It’s a very bizarre dynamic. Um, you know I’m just learning about it, Steve. So you’re learning about it as I’m learning about it.

Gill: Now, I’ve been told by some border agents that some of the folks that are coming across are claiming to be children so they can get easy entrance into the US. You know, they just claim they’re sixteen or seventeen. There’s no way to know. They don’t have any identification papers. And some of these kids, as they get here, we later find out, oh they’re nineteen, they’re twenty years old. But we don’t process that. And we don’t check whether somebody with a child is actually the parent of that child. And you’ve got apparently these cartels that are just putting kids with people to get them into the country that aren’t necessarily their kids.

“Yeahhhh. And the whole thing is crazy and absurd and the whole thing was written to fail. These laws were written with the intent to bring more people in,” said McCabe. He went onto to describe some details of how the law from the Obama Administration strategically handed the border control over to the EPA, Forrest Service, or Department of Agriculture using the excuse that you couldn’t go to that part of the border because it was a park service or a wildlife preserve. McCabe was mystified by the dynamic of people being gamed and told where to get in and how to get in based on asylum, criminality, or where there is no border patrol etc. “The whole thing is rigged and was designed this way,” he concluded.

“Border patrol doesn’t chase them. They chase border patrol,” reiterated McCabe.

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  1. 83ragtop50

    I have been to the McAllen area on multiple occasions. One cannot distinguish between Mexico and the USA in that area. If an illegal wants to enter and stay in the USA they can simply walk in and never leave. It is a shame that so few care about the sovereignty of our country.