Gov. Lee Says He Would Support Efforts to Ban Abortions Following Detection of Fetal Heartbeat

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee says he will support efforts to ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat has been detected, which is about six weeks into a pregnancy.

Lee’s comments join those of senior lawmakers in the Legislature, NewsChannel 9 said.

Generally speaking, the new governor told reporters Wednesday he will look at individual bills and decide if he favors them, and “the courts will have to decide for themselves whether it’s constitutional or not.”

“I would support any bill that reduces the number of abortions in the state,” said Lee, who campaigned heavily on his Christian faith.

NewsChannel 9 said House Speaker Glen Casada and Senate Speaker Randy McNally had voiced support Tuesday for banning abortions following detection of a heartbeat.

A fetal heartbeat bill was introduced this term in the Tennessee General Assembly by Rep. James (Micah) Van Huss (R-TN-06). The bill prohibits abortions from the point a fetal heartbeat is detected and requires fetal heartbeat testing prior to an abortion.

Lee’s “Ten for Tenn” campaign platform last summer said he was pro-lift and would sign legislation to reduce abortions,such as the heartbeat bill, and enforce the law to ensure Planned Parenthood doesn’t get state money.

Bans on abortions following the detection of fetal heartbeats have become a priority for pro-life advocates after an Iowa judge last week struck down such a bill. Some hope a more conservative Supreme Court could even revisit Roe v. Wade.

Polk County District Court Judge Michael Huppert said the law was unconstitutional and was not compliant with the Iowa Supreme Court’s earlier decisions that affirm a woman’s right to abortion, Breitbart said.

Even in the wake of New York allowing abortions up until birth, Virginia’s lawmakers are considering a similar measure, LifeSite News said.

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