Eric Bolling Commentary: The State of the Union Is Stronger Than Ever

by Eric Bolling


President Trump had plenty to brag about at this year’s State of the Union address — despite fierce partisan resistance, he’s managed to compile an impressive list of accomplishments since his last report to Congress and the American people.

Unlike establishment politicians who make grandiose promises on the campaign trail and then forget about those pledges once they’re in office, Donald Trump set a genuine goal of delivering on every pledge that he made to the American people.

The Democrats tend to forget that voters elected President Trump to repair the damage that liberal policies did to our country during President Obama’s administration and before — and to completely overturn the political establishment in Washington that values power more than the needs of the people.

Donald Trump stood out from his opponents in both the primary and general elections in 2016 because he was willing to address issues that other politicians avoided like the plague. His one and only goal has always been to restore America’s greatness, even if that means going to war with the political elite or enduring relentless criticism from the mainstream media.

Over the past year, that determination has resulted in numerous victories for the American people, both at home and abroad

The President’s pro-growth economic agenda, particularly his tax cuts for the middle class and long-overdue deregulation, has unleashed the massive potential of the private sector, reducing the unemployment rate to historic lows and producing faster GDP growth in 2018 than America has enjoyed in more than a decade.

By actively pursuing his America First trade policies, President Trump also replaced NAFTA with an updated trade accord that creates a more level playing field for American workers. At the same time, he has bravely pushed back against China’s unfair trade practices, implementing targeted counter-tariffs that protect American workers while giving China strong incentives to improve its behavior as a trading partner.

The President has been equally effective when it comes to strengthening our communities by successfully spearheading landmark criminal justice reform legislation and creating numerous initiatives to combat the devastating opioid epidemic.

He also remained true to his promise to nominate conservative judges — nominating Justice Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy last year.

President Trump has been equally effective in foreign policy, rebuilding America’s influence on the world stage by defeating ISIS in the Middle East, holding historic denuclearization talks with North Korea, and extracting a commitment from our NATO allies to increase their defense spending by $100 billion.

Just recently, the President also officially announced that Washington will be pulling out of the outdated Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia — a bold move that liberated the U.S. from an agreement that was long ignored by Moscow, and also strengthened our positioning with China, which was never restrained by the deal.

Amazingly, he’s done all this despite facing the most obstructionist opposition of any President in recent American history. The Democrats have made it a point to oppose President Trump on virtually every policy he has supported — including policies that Democrats themselves supported until he decided to champion them, such as building a border wall.

Americans are fortunate that Donald Trump is a leader who measures success in terms of real results instead of cheap political points. While the Democrats have focused on appealing to their base with demagoguery, President Trump has kept close to 300 promises since his inauguration, fulfilling more than half of them in the past year alone.

The President delivered a message of unity during this year’s State of the Union address, but he’s already demonstrated just how much he can accomplish without it.

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Eric Thomas Bolling is an American television personality, conservative political commentator, author, and financial commentator.









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