King of Boston Talk Radio Howie Carr Tells The Tennessee Star Report ‘Lieawatha’ Elizabeth Warren ‘in Heap of Big Trouble’ After Claiming to be American Indian in 1986 Document


On Wednesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – the team talked to the King of Boston Radio, Howie Carr about his recent column in the Boston Herald regarding Elizabeth Warren’s latest snafu.  The men talked about Warren’s history of claiming she was an American Indian to get herself into a better position as a professor at an Ivy League institution and the recent evidence showing her own hand written application to the Texas bar claiming her minority status.

Leahy: We are joined now by Howie Carr who is Boston talk radio king and who has the funniest column ever in this morning about the latest debacle with Elizabeth Warren. Welcome Howie!

Carr: Hey thanks for having me. I just forgot to mention. You know I was writing it late during the State of the Union. I forgot to mention happy hunting ground. (Laughter) I’m sorry about that. That’s where her campaign going.

Gill: Howie you’ve written some great columns in the past but this one goes in the Howie Carr hall of fame. It’s in the Boston Herald today. “Elizabeth Warren in Heap Big Trouble Now” and we’ll link it up on our Facebook page and on Tennessee Star so you can check it out. She get’s caught in her own handwriting submitting a false bar application in Texas.

Leahy: 1986.

Carr: Right, right. It’s just too good. My question now is, who found this? I mean, you know there’s two ways you get this kind of stuff. Sleuthing and snitching. And ninety nine percent of it is snitching. You know somebody had an opposition research out and then they called the Washington Post and said, “You know if you call this number in Travis County, Austin Texas you’re going to find this bar application and here it is.” And it’s a beautiful hit. She’s done! It’s over!

Leahy: I think you’re right. Howie, this bar registration card in her own handwriting she said her race was American Indian in nineteen eighty six when she was a professor of law in the University of Texas. Not exactly a top ten law school.

Carr: Right, exactly. You know in a way you can’t blame her. She was born in 1949. So you know she’s thirty five years old she says,” I’m no less intelligent than these people who are getting these nice jobs at these Ivy league colleges. But I don’t have the resume.” I mean, you know nothing wrong with the University of Houston. Nothing wrong with Rutgers law school. But she can’t cut it. So she needs an edge. So it’s like anything else. You know if you’re a burglar, you know you don’t start out by knocking down the walls of a bank on a three day weekend, you know you hit the next house over and you steal a couple bottles of booze. So she starts out, this is my theory. I’ve been working on this all night. She starts out with Pow Wow Chow.

Leahy: Yes, 1984!

Gill: With the famous Indian item on any restaurant. The cold crab omelette. (Carr laughs)Yeah that. The Comanche were big for serving that up just before they did raids in Texas.

Carr: Right. There was a lot of sour cream on the Trail of Tears. (Inaduible talk)


Carr: So she starts out stealing a couple of recipes putting down Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee. Then she advances to this two years later or a year and a half later advances to naming herself as an American Indian. Again, it’s not a criminal offense, but it’s a crime in it’s own way. And then a year later she’s applying to the University of Pennsylvania claiming to be a member of a minority group. It’s just so, so classic..

Gill: Do you think Howie that she’ll, will she try to distract people today by claiming she can do the moonwalk? Do you think she’ll try and find some way to distract people?

Carr: (Laughter) She you know on Saturday up in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She’s done. I mean she’s cooked. Did you see her last night during the State of the Union? She looked like she’d swallowed a fly. And the fact is the cut-aways, they only used her like once. And they used Kamala Harris like eight times. I mean you know the guys who are the directors of the State of the Union address they understand too. She’s all finished, she’s done.

Leahy: Howie, do you think this was planted by somebody on the Democratic side who said, “She can’t win.”

Carr: Absolutely. Yes. I mean you know, who needs this? Donald Trump, and me, and you Michael and all of us who went on to her we’re now proven to be profits without honor on our own land. I mean they called us racists. If anything we underestimated it.

Gill: Yeah, Lieawatha was the best of the names. I thought, I was a fan of Fauxahontas, but I do think Lieawatha now is the one that should stick.

Leahy: How long Howie…

Carr: It’s pretty clear now why she went to the Cherokee’s last week with the private meeting. I mean, she had to know that this was coming out. And again too, even the Washington Post basically, taking her out. They put it into the eighth paragraph. You don’t have to read deep into the story. It’s like a Ted Kennedy story in the Boston Globe you know where Jack Kennedy is negotiating to get the lead played down. You got read to the eighth  paragraph to get to the lead which is that she lied on the Texas bar application.

Gill: Howie, as Michael asked, did this come from the Democrats. I think it’s pretty clear. They have to widdle down their field of twenty or thirty the cast of clowns. So the real cheap shots are going to be coming from them on each other. and it’s kind of like the stuff that we saw that brought Al Gore down and Mike Dukakis. The stuff that the Republicans’ used in the general election generally came out from the primary stuff that the Democrats shot at each other with.

Carr: Right. Yeah, Al Gore. The Willy Horton.  I mean, that was an Al Gore shot against Mike Dukakis. And you know even when George H. W. Bush died before blaming him. That was a Mike Dukakis thing. You know the clearest comparison to what happened to her last night, I think, is again a Mike Dukakis shot. In nineteen eighty eight, he had one of his guys fly to Des Moines, Iowa what was then a video cassette in the mail showing that Joe Biden was stealing a campaign speech from Neil Kinnock, the British leader claiming to be from a coal mine. Remember that?

Leahy: Yes.

Carr: This is the same thing. This is a headshot. She’s done!

Leahy: How long does she linger, on the Presidential campaign. When does she actually withdraw?

Carr: You know, I think she’ll last for a few months. I mean she’s not going to say, I’m not going to announce now. But I mean so now Kamala Harris’s people, I don’t know who else. I think Kamala Harris is the prime suspect.

Leahy: I think you’re right Howie. Howie Carr the King of Boston talk radio. Thanks again for joining us!


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  1. Steve Allen

    Another liberal liar but of course nothing will happen to her. I would love to see her in a debate with President Trump for the 2020 election. He would shred her to pieces.