Box 55 Nonprofit, Helping Emergency Responders, Receives Generous Donations from Twice Daily

Officials with the Twice Daily convenience store chain announced Thursday they donated several supplies to Box 55, a nonprofit that provides Nashville’s emergency responders with snacks and other essentials while they’re working in the field.

This, according to a press release from Box 55 organizers and Twice Daily officials.

Box 55 is a 501(c) (3).

The nonprofit offers these supplies and other help to first responders, including those in fire, police, and Emergency Medical Services without any government funding, said spokesman Norm Partin.

Box 55 volunteers, for instance, assisted first responders during the search for the Waffle House shooter in April of last year, Partin said.

“Just imagine a multiple alarm fire that requires an extended stay, whether it is a fire or police issue, or Haz-Mat. It’s not a ‘Wrap it up and get out of here’ situation, but it’s an extended stay. Our volunteers assist the firemen and the police,” Partin told The Tennessee Star.

“You are out in the heat for an extended amount of time. You have to take a break and get some refreshment. That is their (the volunteers’) primary goal, to keep everybody hydrated, warm or cold or dry or whatever they can do to help the first responders.”

Box 55 formed in 1952. They offer this type of assistance — also known as rehab — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. They are staffed with 100 percent volunteers and operate on donations, according to a press release.

Box 55 volunteers use two large service vans while they are assisting emergency responders. Organizers outfitted the van with emergency lights, a siren, a generator, and a water tank.

The 501(c) (3) owns the vans, Partin said.

Donations pay for the vans’ fuel and the supplies they carry. “There is a rotation of getting a new truck every third year,” Partin said.

“If it is anything to eat, drink or put in the gas tank then Twice Daily is furnishing it, which means the donations can now focus on replacing equipment and starting the plan for a new truck.”

The Twice Daily donations for 2019 include diesel fuel, Gatorade, water, Frito Lay snacks, and White Bison Coffee, according to a press release.

“Last year, Box 55 spent more than $18,000 on these items funded by donations. Box 55 operates totally on donations and fundraisers,” the press release said.

“Each year, volunteers sell Christmas ornaments and host fundraisers to generate operating funds. The Twice Daily partnership now covers an extensive amount of the budget.”

For more information about Box 55, or to donate or volunteer, please visit

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