North Carolina Lt. Governor Lambasts NY, VA Infanticide Bills: ‘A Brutal, Horrible Death’, and ‘Democrats Should Be Ashamed’

In a radio interview, North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest spoke truth to power about the Democrat push of bills in New York and Virginia which remove all limits on abortion and open the door to infanticide.

Forest, who has started a gubernatorial exploratory committee, told K.C. O’Dea on O’Dea’s morning radio show that all limits on abortion are being ‘thrown out the window’ by the Democrats.

“They are completely fearless on this issue now,” said the Lt. Governor. “What was their term? It was going to be ‘ rare and safe and legal’ and whatever? They don’t care about that at all. They’ve thrown that all of those things out the window.”

“They took everything off… all limits off. Basically, if the mother’s having a bad day and doesn’t feel like having that baby up to the very last second right before it’s born, they can kill it,” said Forest. “And that’s a brutal, horrible death.”

The Lt. Governor Forest slammed the Democrats for pointing to science but ignoring that science shows a baby feels pain very early in its development. Forest also described the process and that Democrats should be ashamed.

“Inject poison into the baby’s brain and then it dies horribly during that time and then you rip it apart to get it out of the womb,” Forest said. “It’s a brutal, violent procedure and Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.

Forest went on to blast the Democrats who refused to stand up and clap during the State of the Union when President Trump called out the New York law and proposed Virginia law.

“Those Democrats, that may be pro-life or don’t believe in the extreme case of what New York did, in Congress? They should stand up and say something about this,” Forest said.

Listen to Lt. Governor Dan Forest’s full remarks on the K.C. O’Dea Show.

North Carolina’s Governor Roy Cooper has offered no public statement on the Virginia bill removing all restrictions on abortion nor on the similar New York legislation.

Cooper has, however, weighed in on the Virginia Governor’s medical yearbook page showing a photo of someone dressed as a Klansman and a person wearing blackface.

Closer to home, blackface photos in a 1979 UNC-Chapel Hill University yearbook have emerged, which is the same timeframe that Gov. Roy Cooper attended the school. None of the photos discovered so far are associated with Cooper.

In 2014, while Cooper was Attorney General, he reluctantly appealed a ruling that overturned part of a North Carolina abortion law which required abortion providers to give a woman seeking an abortion a description of an ultrasound procedure.

The law also instructed providers to allow a patient the chance to listen to the child’s heartbeat. Cooper said that he was ‘personally opposed’ to that law.

More recently, in 2017, several prominent Democrats in North Carolina filed a bill very similar to that of New York and Virginia.

House Bill 563, titled the “Whole Woman’s Health Act,” legalized abortions up to the moment of birth by removing the 20-week limit.

The bill also removed the requirement to record why the late-term abortion was needed, expanded who can perform late-term abortions to “any healthcare professional,” and dropped the current statutory language requiring a medical emergency for late-term abortions.

Senator Terry Van Duyn, who has announced her intention to run for Lt. Governor in 2020, supported and was a primary sponsor of an identical companion bill in the North Carolina Senate.

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A.P. Dillon is the North Carolina Bureau Chief for The Tennesee Star and a reporter at Battleground State News. Follow A.P. Dillon on Twitter. Email Tips to [email protected].
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