Laurie Cardoza Moore of PJTN Talks to the Tennessee Star Report About the Trending Anti-Semitism in Congress and Around the Globe

In a specific discussion on Wednesday morning’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – host Steve Gill talked in depth with Chairman of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations Chairman, Laurie Cardoza Moore about the myriad of anti-Semitic rhetoric spewing from the mouths of politicians and how we are headed down a dark path reminiscent of Germany’s history under Hitler’s rule. Gill questioned Cardoza about why many Jewish voters still support the Democratic party.

Gill and Cardoza specifically discussed the recent Tweeting’s of Omar Ilhan and the anti-Semitic remarks of others in Congress. They especially brought to light the implications of the BDS and those groups which support it and how anti-BDS resolutions are being crafted to alter its progression on a national and international level.

Gill: Laurie Cardoza Moore is the Chairman of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations. You can go to And Laurie thanks for being with us to kind of help add some insight into the rise of anti-Semitism not only in Congress but as we’re seeing around the country. In the leftist media and certainly in other countries as well. Thanks for being with us.

Cardoza: Absolutely Steve. Thank you for having me on the show. And yes, this has been a growing problem for many years. As you know we’ve seen it in the textbooks. We found it in a Williamson county text book here in Tennessee back in two thousand twelve and it is growing. Because of the content that is being pushed to our children. With regards to Omar. Nancy Pelosi needs to use her leadership to call on the resignation. To demand that Omar resign from her office. This woman is from Somalia. She is, let’s look at the character of her. She is a faithful Muslim true to the cause. But we can’t forget what happened with Blackhawk Down in Somalia. Her views and her values do not reflect Americans. And it’s up to Nancy Pelosi as the speaker, as the leader of the House to demand that she step down. She is inciting violence Steve. She is reciting statements taken out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is a fraudulent piece of work that Adolph Hitler used to justify what he was doing. The Jewish community has put more into the United States of America, contributed more to the United States of America on so many levels. Look at Haym Salomon, bankrolling, helping George Washington early on in our history. This is unacceptable.

Gill: Well she also has current connections in Somalia. She has met with senior leadership of the Somalia government. I think she has a family member who is a senior leader in the Somali government. This is a place that has been harboring, has been embracing terrorism for as you mentioned, Blackhawk Down, for a long time. It is a failed nation state. And yet her ties there would probably prevent her from being able to get security credentials, yet she has access our top security information as a member of the foreign affairs committee.

Cardoza: Absolutely. And you know something, she’ll be the pipeline that all the information, all of our secrets will go through because she has no support of America. She doesn’t love America. She didn’t grow up here in America like you and I did raising the flag on Fourth of July. And it’s up to us as Americans, I want to know who her constituents are. Because it is unacceptable. We cannot tolerate anti-Semitism. We have been watching…

Gill: Unfortunately I think she reflects the sentiments of her constituents. She is from the area of Minneapolis, Minnesota where they have dumped literally tens of thousands Somali’s just like her who have elected before her, Keith Ellison, the radical Islamist who then became the Attorney General of the state of Minnesota. I think she reflects her constituency perfectly well. And to me Laurie that’s the bigger concern.

Cardoza agreed stating that it falls into the immigration issue and how CAIR came out in Omar’s defense. That should be a red flag as Americans because CAIR was one of the un-indicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist fundraising operation in the history of the United States of America. “What in the world is CAIR doing in our government,” she cried. Cardoza added that they are not a legitimate organization and have ties to the Muslim brotherhood of whom Barack Obama brought in. She added that we do not support terrorism and their involvement in educating our children with instructional materials. “She has to go Steve!,” urged Cardoza.

Gill: But at the very least the Democrats should be forced to remove her from the foreign affairs committee. Let me ask you this Laurie. The Jewish community continues to back Democrats like Nancy Pelosi. Like the most radical leftist elements in the Democratic party despite their embrace of the anti-Semitism. Despite their refusal to do anything about an Ilan Omar or a Rashida Taliab who’s the new Palestinian member of Congress from Michigan. Why do Jewish voters, and you work a lot with the Jewish community here in the United States, why does the Jewish community continue to vote for the folks that are the most vial and most destructive to them and to Israel?

Cardoza: Steve, this is such a great question because I get this question everywhere I go. And I will tell you that there are members of the Jewish community that do not align themselves with the more liberal leaning members of the Jewish community who support the Democrats. I just met, I just interviewed Rabbi Menken with the Coalition of Jewish Values who has formed a Orthodox Jewish Rabbi leadership organization out of Washington, D.C. They are now starting to weigh in on all the issues that we, as conservative Evangelical Christian American’s weigh in on. They are starting to try and influence their community. And I think with this most recent incidence, it is causing the Jewish community to re-think their position. They are putting pressure. Even the liberal establishment is contacting Pelosi and the Democrats and demanding that they do something to reign this woman in. This is very dangerous. We are seeing the beginning of what happened before. All we have to do is go back to Germany and look at how things unfolded in Germany. We are walking down that same path Steve. It is extremely dangerous. And with regards to the Jewish community, I think the reality, the writing is on the wall and they’re starting to see that the Democrats, not all the Democrats are going to be loyal to them like this woman. And for Omar, to go and put out an apology and then not even a half an hour later retweet a statement condemning Pelosi. That was a slap in the Speakers face!

Gill: Yeah the Speaker is I think getting, maybe she’s starting to get her fill of the Ocasio-Cortez’s and the Ilhan Omar’s and the others. Another issue that you’ve worked very closely. And again folks, if you’d go to Proclaiming justice to the nations you can see some of the other issues they’re involved with Laurie Cardoza Moore, Chairman with us today. This boycott of Israel, Israel products has been something you’ve been working against for quite some time. It’s being pushed on college campus’s. It’s being embraced by the left. This anti-Israel, anti-Jewish agenda of using financial resources to try and bring them to their knees. What is the status of the anti-BDS legislation that’s again being promoted by people like Omar.

Cardoza ended the conversation by describing the groups that are trying to stop initiatives and the push of the BDS movement.  She reflected at re-introducing a resolution in Tennessee which has passed as well in another thirteen states and how other countries and states have contacted her in effort to introduce the anti-BDS legislation into state legislature and parliaments. She added that the resolution would set to expose groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Student Association, CHAIR, and the Students for Justice in Palestine Association. Gill clarified that these groups are calling for a boycott of anything to do with Israel and hurt them economically.

“This is an anti-Semitic movement because ultimately the BDS movements goal is to remove Israel. To make Israel Jew free. This is what is inciting the violence,” concluded Cordoza.

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2 Thoughts to “Laurie Cardoza Moore of PJTN Talks to the Tennessee Star Report About the Trending Anti-Semitism in Congress and Around the Globe”

  1. Dontbebigoted

    Questioning AIPAC’s financial influence on congress doesn’t mean Omar hates Jewish people.

    Cardoza may be the one making a bigoted statement. “She didn’t grow up here in America like you and I did raising the flag on Fourth of July.” Many immigrants didn’t grow up here but love this country.

  2. Kevin

    The Left had to wait until most of the GI’s who saw it first hand, and the surviving victims were gone, before rereleasing this ancient evil! But some of us remember the tattooed forearms.that they showed us AND the stories that they told us. Some of us will not forget!