Tennessee Star Report EXCLUSIVE: Vet Brian Kolfage Says WeBuildtheWall.US Will Build 10 Miles of Border Wall on Private Land in Arizona

On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to Veteran and the Trump Wall point man, Brian Kolfage about he and his teams new position on how to get the wall built. The men when into detail and touched upon how the funds would be transferred via a 501 (c) (4) non-profit initiative, who’s involved, and the price it would cost to get it done and the new position to build it instead of fund it.

Kolfage also described how he was impressed by those conservatives billionaires who have donated their money and want to support and help push through this goal of a border wall. “None of us are being paid. We’re knocking this out and doing it for the American people,” confessed Kolfage.

Gill: A guy who’s not willing to be patient and wait for the government to move things ahead on securing America’s borders, Brian Kolfage. He started a GoFundMe account to do the private sector construction of some wall and he’s joined us on the phone lines this morning. Brian good to have you back with us.

Kolfage: Thanks for having me on guys.

Gill: Last time we talked with you, you had raised you know, literally in matter of hours and days millions of dollars. The last report I saw is you were up to around twenty million dollars in this GoFundMe account. There’s been some media attacks on you for supposedly moving the money to another account that caused them to say, “Oh he’s just going to stick it in his pocket.” What’s the latest on what you’ve raised and what your doing?

Kolfage: Well we’re about at close to twenty three million dollars. You know we’re a 501 (c) (4) now and we have large private donors here that are going to be now pouring in to help move this project along a little faster. We are just doing that. Exactly as you said, building the wall privately owned on private property along our southern border. And we’re doing it for a fraction of the cost. There will be no assisted government pays and we’re not waiting for people in our government to do the job because frankly, there’s a huge issue going on and we need to fix it right now.

Leahy: Brian did all of the money that was raised in the GoFundMe account was that all transferred voluntarily by the donors to your 501 (c) (3)?

Kolfage: Yeah, we basically had to raise that money twice. Because we changed the mission from we fund to we build we had a contract with the donors so we had to go out to them, reach them, and they had to re-opt back into our new plan. And ninety-four percent of the donors are opting in to have the donation go towards building the wall.

Leahy: Wow!

Gill: Part of the issue was, as you mentioned the move from we fund, we build is it when you raise the money you we’re just going to provide it to the government to help fund it. It got questioned of whether or not you could transfer the money. So it’s like fine, we’ll just build it.  So you made it a we build it rather than a we fund it campaign.

Kolfage: Exactly. And I think it shows how powerful and what the American people want. I mean that’s their donation, that’s their money, this is their project. I’m just facilitating that project for them. And yeah, I mean to raise that money twice basically is a pretty powerful thing.

Leahy: So you’ve got twenty three million dollars in a bank account in a 501 (c) (3)?

Gill: 501-(c) (4) right?

Leahy: 501-(c) (4)?

Kolfage: Yeah, (c) (4).

Gill: (C) (4) you don’t have to disclose who donates you just have to disclose how you spend it.

Kolfage: Yeah and we didn’t think there’s any way in hell that the liberal IRS was going to give us a (c) (3) and we really didn’t want to get hung up, be targeted, so we went with a (c) (4) as a safer option.

Gill: Plus you don’t want your donors to be targeted. I mean if Home Depot donates you know ten million dollars there going to organize boycotts. They can do that and you don’t have to disclose who donates.


Leahy asked where and what part of the border wall Kolfage will he be working on. Kolfage responded that the board is looking at Texas and Arizona. He added that the team is heading down to Arizona next week to meet with an owner to sign a contract and begin the early stages of permitting. He also stated that it will be a few weeks till construction begins and that this deal specifically would cover close to ten miles. “These are land owners who are giving a section of their property to build on to protect themselves,” said Kolfage. They are sick of being neglected and very scared of the cartels breaking in and breaking their windows, Kolfage concluded.

Gill: Now what kind of cost per mile are you looking at for your process versus again the billion of dollars it’s going to take the federal government to do the same sort of thing.

Kolfage: Depending on the type of wall we go with. We think we can do it between about one million to five million per mile. It just depends on the type of application that we’re building and what is needed for that region. Because what is needed in one section isn’t absolutely needed in the another.

Leahy: So let me get this right. You didn’t say billion per mile, you said million per mile?

Kolfage: Correct.

Leahy: So this ten miles would roughly be ten million dollars right?

Kolfage: Yes.

Leahy: So, ok…

Gill: Are you looking at the bollard wall we hear so much about? Or is this high fencing with conserteiner wire on top? Again if somebody wants to climb they can climb it and meet razor wire at the top it’s going to be a little harder to get over.

Kolfage: Yeah, we’ve been consulting with the company who built the Israeli wall in Israel. That fence whole application is ninety nine point nine percent effective and it’s proven. That is one of the options. That one is roughly about one point five million per mile. The American bollard wall is you know it’s a little different application a little more expense. But we have a lot of different options on the ground because we are private and we can work with the best companies in the world because we’re not the United States Government.

Gill: And the Israeli one is working.

Leahy: Yeah.

Kolfage: It’s working. It’s proven. Proven at ninety nine point nine percent.

Leahy: So Brian, if our listeners want to go ahead and make a donation to your 501-C4 where do they go?

Kolfage: Right now our website is webuildthewall.us.

Leahy: Webuildthewall.us

Kolfage: Yep. And I said the .us at the end not .com. Go there and check it out and see who’s on our team. There’s a lot of updates, videos. We have the Angel families on our team and they support us. President Trump has endorsed us. He just endorsed us again yesterday. One of our team members was in the Oval Office for a discussion, fully supports us and he’s backing us.

Leahy: So, also we talk about the organizational structure. What’s the management team on this 501 (c) (4)?

Kolfage: Well, I’m the President and I’m taking zero compensation. I’m not taking any penny. Then we have an advisory board. We have Erik Prince, John Moran, John Maran is one of the largest industrialist construction guys in the united states. Those are our construction are main guys. Chris Kobach, Trump’s guy.

Leahy: Good man.

Kolfage: He might get the DHS appointment.

Leahy: He’s on the advisory board?

Kolfage: He is our main, our Chairman of the board. Main guy.

Gill: So these guys are patriots?

Kolfage: Yeah. They’re doing this. They’re volunteering their time to work with us. None of us are being paid. We’re knocking this out and doing it for the American people. And we’re doing it because of what we’ve seen down on the border. The Angel parents that are on our advisory board and how can someone hear the stories of how their children were killed and not do anything. How can we just sit back as a country and not do anything?

The segment ended with Gill bringing up the liberal agenda of Beto wanting to tear down the walls that are already up and adding the mission of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wants to defund homeland security and abolish ICE. “This is the dangers of Congress,” said Gill. Kolfage added that he believes these hard line radicals should not be elected into our US Congress. Gill agreed stating that it’s concerning that these people are the one’s with access to our countries secrets.

If you would like to donate funds to help build the wall and protect the United States border please visit: Webuildthewall.us.

Listen to the full segment here:

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