Congressman Mark Green Destroys Convicted Felon Michael Cohen

U.S. Rep. Mark Green, a Republican representing Tennessee’s Seventh Congressional District, delivered a blistering speech against Michael Cohen in Washington, D.C. Wednesday.

Green scolded Cohen as, among other things, a liar, narcissist, and a tax cheat.

Green also reprimanded House Democrats for even thinking to give Cohen a platform on a national stage.

Cohen, of course, testified against U.S. Republican President Donald Trump Wednesday in front of the U.S. House Oversight Committee. Cohen spoke of Trump’s alleged payoffs and other alleged illegal acts.

Green belongs to that committee.

And when it was his turn to speak, Green unloaded:

“The chairman of this committee promised the American people a fair and open process, yet the Democrats have vastly limited the scope of this hearing. They’ve issued a gag order to try to tell members of this committee what we can and cannot talk about.

My colleagues on the other side of the aisle claim that they want the truth, that they want transparency and fair oversight, yet the Democrats’ witness to testify before Congress today is none other than a scorned man going to prison for lying to Congress.

Let it sink in. He’s going to prison for lying to Congress, and he’s the star witness to Congress.

If you read the sentencing report on Mr. Cohen, words like deceptive and greedy are scattered throughout that report.

It paints a picture of a narcissist, a bully who cannot tell the truth whether it’s about the president or about his own personal life. But today he is the majority party’s star witness. If the Democrats were after the truth they would have an honest person here testifying.

If they were really after the truth they would not restrict the questioning to just a few topics, but let’s take a look at those restricted topics.

Mr. Chairman, the first topic in your limited scope that I can ask Mr. Cohen is about the president’s debts, But Mr. Chairman didn’t Mr. Cohen plead guilty to lying to banks about his personal finances?

So, we’re asking a guy going to jail for lying about his debts to comment about the president’s debts.

He’s the expert.

Mr. Chairman your next couple of topics say that I can ask Mr. Cohen about the president’s compliance with financial disclosures and campaign finance laws, but didn’t Mr. Cohen, on two occasions, break campaign finance law with his own donations?

So, again, the majority party’s star witness on the president’s compliance is a guy who broke compliance laws himself.

Mr. Chairman, you graciously allow us to ask questions of Mr. Cohen on the president’s dealings with the IRS and tax law.

Your star witness here broke the law with regards to the IRS at least five times.

He pled guilty on cheating on his taxes and lying to the IRS.

He’s the best witness you got?

Next up, with the permission of the chairman I get to Mr. Cohen ask about his perspective on the president’s business dealings.

Let me get this straight. The witness lied to multiple financial institutions to get loans to pay off other loans just to keep himself afloat, and he’s going to be the expert on business practices?

Obviously, Mr. Chairman the witness may produce documents that he suggests incriminates the president, yet he lies to banks. All of those lies were done on fraudulent documents — documents that he forged. Nothing he says or produces has any credibility. Apparently, he even lied about delivering his own child, which his wife had to correct the record of.

Ladies and gentlemen, how on earth is this witness credible?

With all the lies and deception and self-serving fraud it begs the question: What is the majority party doing here?

No one can see that this guy is credible.

He will say whatever he wants to accomplish his own personal goals.

He’s a fake witness, and his presence here is a travesty.

I hope the American people see through this. I know the people back in Tennessee will.”


– – –

Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]

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15 Thoughts to “Congressman Mark Green Destroys Convicted Felon Michael Cohen”

  1. Darlene Knott

    You bet the people of Tennessee see through this debacle! A liar is not deemed a credible witness by anyone looking for the truth!

  2. Mary Whitton

    All of this no respect and let’s get Donald is just a smoke screen to keep the O years out of the spot light.

  3. Doug Warren

    Thank you for pointing out these matters. I don’t believe Mr. Cohen anyway, but learned a lot from your presentation.

  4. Ronald L Young

    Green did not destroy Cohen, Cohen destroyed himself and admitted as much for sucking up to Trump. Green is of the same type as Jordan and Meadows who see Trump as their God and went with the Republican game plan of smearing the witness. Didn’t believe anything Cohen would say but got onto the Democrats for restricting the questions he could ask. Finally tried to make out that Cohen was going to prison just so he could make more money. Green ran for the US house just so he could make more money.

    1. Yeresa

      However…you cannot refute anything he said. None of the rest matters…

    2. Betty

      You’re an idiot

  5. Lee

    This kind of charade by the Dems is shameful. Keeping the public confused & upset, while our duly elected president is trying to help save the earth from nuclear devastation. Thank you, Mark Green. Well said!

    1. Ingrid Jones

      Lee, l honestly believe that the Democrats are responsible for the collapse of the Nuke deal between America and North Korea. The Dems should be ashamed of themselves but then again that was their end game. They did this on purpose and once again, they managed to poop on the American people once again with their Witch Hunt on President Trump. Now that’s evil IMHO

  6. Linda Enz

    Great analysis Rep. Greene thank you for pointing out all the flaws in this man. Keep up the good work.

    1. Badlandsbabe

      Now… If only someone would point out all of Trumps flaws…

  7. Dave Current

    It’s long been obvious what the socialists (nee Democrats) are after, and it sure isn’t truth or fairness!
    I’m just thankful that someone with a national voice finally had the courage to come right out and say what the right-minded American public has known for TWO YEARS! Thank you Rep. Green!

  8. Cheryl Todd

    Imagine if you will, if Hillary Clinton had been elected, as the plan deemed it so….would we American Citizens have ever know of the corruption in our Government….

    1. Vanessa J Webb

      Some of us already realized the corruption. The depth of the hypocrisy, however, just totally throws me for a loop. I didnt realize people could be so delusionally blind!

  9. Ruth Wilson

    Good Representative Green, thanks Rep. Green for correcting this liar. For God & Country

  10. Richard Patterson

    Our government is so corrupt, the only way to set things right is to scrap them all and start over from scratch.