The Tennessee Star Report: Neil McCabe Says Establishment Republicans Are Undermining Trump Agenda

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On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to One America News Networks Neil McCabe about the Democrat’s push of a unified agenda and the lack of a Republican direction.

Further on in the discussion, the men touched upon the frustration that voters feel about the Republican candidates who are self-funded and who don’t have any interest in helping the little people as much as they do about getting power and staying in power.

Gill: Neil McCabe with One America News is with us this morning as he is each Tuesday to bring us a little insight on the news around the country and around the world. And Neil good to have you back with us.

McCabe: Hey, good morning good to be with ya.

Gill: When is your brother Andrew going to go to jail by the way?


McCabe: You know, I interviewed Robin Gritts who is the FBI sort of whistleblower who Andrew McCabe ran out of the FBI and she told me that you know the guy is behaving like a sociopath. And he’s putting on this con you know this alter boy act as he’s going on all these tv shows when really he’s like a very bitter vindictive sneaky. The whole time I’m doing this, should I.. (Inaudible talk)


Gill: You should have bullied him much more as a child. Or been in his family so you could have bullied him as a child.

Leahy: So Neil, what is going on with the Democratic party right now? It looks like the entire agenda of the Democratic party is being set by this twenty-nine-year-old nitwit Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. What’s happening here?

McCabe proceeded to describe how on the back end it’s not just the push of the justice Democrats as much as it could be the pull because the National Republican party has never made abortion or climate a serious issue for the last fifteen or twenty years. He added they never have even made environmental or health care an issue.  He expressed concern that the message to the voters from the consultants and the leaders of the Republican party is that abortion is not an important issue for them.

Gill: It used to be we are supposed to be illegal and rare. And now they want it abundant, often, easy, accessible, even after birth.

McCabe: Well yeah it’s completely extreme. And that’s because here in Washington, you know the people who are sort of running the Republican party are completely cool with it. I mean there’s no…

Gill: It’s really the same thing that’s happened with border security isn’t Neil? You’ve had the chamber of commerce, or as some of our friends refer to it as the chamber of commie’s. You’ve had the Coke brothers who are definitively pro-Republican, well unless it comes to illegal immigration. Unless it comes to a whole host of other issues that fit their economic and industrial agenda. You’ve had strong leadership in the Republican party lead against border security from Paul Ryan along down the list. I think that’s what frustrates, and again I thin that’s what causes the support for President Trump. You’ve got the Republican party establishment that is disconnected, whether its on pro-life issues, whether it’s on border security issues. They don’t reflect the values of that base.

McCabe: Absolutely. I mean it’s absolutely true. And it hasn’t been true, it was interesting during the nineteen-eighties you actually had a robust, sort of conservative, intellectualism that was matched up with the President and the political party. And you actually, you know when the people back in the eighties, when people opposed welfare programs it wasn’t to save money. It was because we really don’t think these things work. And maybe there’s another way to go. And now all they talk about is entitlement with spending on entitlement, they’re afraid to even talk about welfare reform or pro-life. They won’t even say the word. But you know, I do want to talk about the President’s approval rating. Going back to what we talked about last week with Pat Cadell. It really is a mistake to judge the President’s job performance by his approval rating. Because Pat Cadell proved in twenty sixteen people are lying and it’s talking about the issues they’re going to be with President and that’s how they’re going to vote. The Republican leadership doesn’t get that message. And what we’re going to see, not so much on the infanticide bill. But you’re going to see Senate Republican’s voting against the President on the national emergency on the border. And for insiders, that’s really a gauge to see to how close they can get if they impeach the President in the House how many Republican’s will they get in the Senate.

Leahy: So right now, I think Thom Tillis 0f North Carolina has said he’s going to oppose, vote for the resolution, opposing President Trump’s national emergency declaration. What other Republican and Susan Collins is on that list. Is Lisa Markowski on it and is Lamar Alexander going to be on that list?

McCabe answered that he would look for Marco Rubio and watch for Todd Young from Indiana who is the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He added that Young is the nasty backbiting opponent of the President who’s been two-faced in his talks to the national media and then a change in tune when he goes back home to Indiana. McCabe explained that Young’s vote is one to watch and if he opposes Trump. “What kind of Republican party do we have when we have the President of the United States flying to North Korea to try to make peace in that peninsula got to worry about Republicans running against him in the primaries,” begged McCabe.

Gill: Well you’ve got in Tennessee with Lamar Alexander as we’ve mentioned him a few moments ago, not running for re-election. Everyone is kind of waiting with bated breath whether Governor Bill Haslam, a never Trumper, who has been a stick in the eye of President Trump from the outset. Whether he will announce that he’s going to run. And whether a conservative can defeat him in that Senate Republican primary. You know the Mitch McConnell’s of the world they’re going to embrace a rich guy Haslam even though he opposes the President, probably because he opposes the President. And we’ll go from a Lamar Alexander who’s been somewhat supportive in some cases but on key issues opposed to the President. You’re going to double down and go worse if we see the same thing. Again, in red states, we keep seeing these blue state Republican senators, and voters are frustrated with it.

McCabe: Well they should be frustrated because you know the Democratic party for all of their sins, their goal is to push an agenda. And in the Republican party, their goal is to get elected and just stay there and do nothing to jeopardize their position of power. You know one of the things they use when they recruit candidates and they’ll say it all the time, they say, “Oh this is a self-funded candidate.” Self-funded means they’re rich! And if they’re rich they’re not necessarily going to be with the little people.

Gill and McCabe concluded the conversation by discussing the Republicans race in Arizona and John Cornyn in Texas and how the Democrats are assembling to give him a tough time.  They came to the conclusion that Republican’s weren’t running as conservatives and not defending their base. McCabe referenced John Cornyn as a great example of one who says all the right things when the cameras are on, but every year files the National Conceal Reciprocity bill that never leaves the judiciary. He added that he is also the guy who stripped out the bill and kept an extended background check law.

Listen to the full segment here:

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