Rep. Mark Green Talks to the Tennessee Star Report About His Questioning of Michael Cohen at Oversight Committee Hearing, Heartbeat Bill and Border Security


On Friday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to Tennessee Congressman Mark Green about his opening statements and questions posed to Michael Cohen during the hearing in Washington yesterday. The Congressman admitted that this was a strategic move that would allow a light to be shown on the true intentions of the Democrats.

Towards the end of the segment, Mark Green touched upon his positions regarding the Fetal Heartbeat bill and the border wall security funding.  He went on to note that there are many Republicans not siding with the President and joining the Democrats in their resolution bill to stop the national emergency as declared by President Trump while noting the several national emergencies declared by previous Presidents in number.

Gill: Congressman Green with us on our newsmakers line this morning. And Congressman, Great job. Even Rush Limbaugh gave you some kudos this week.

(Green laughs)

Green: Yeah that was a pinnacle. The highlight of my life to get a good shout out from Rush Limbaugh. That was pretty cool. Thanks for having me on the show, Steve.

Gill: One of my quick questions just at the outset. Is Michael Cohen has said other Democrats on that committee which includes a cast of interesting characters) have indicated there were previous conversations between them and Michael Cohen. Apparently helped prepare Michael Cohen. We now see, from Jim Jordan and others, that there are several examples where committed perjury where he lied to Congress. A, will he be prosecuted for that? And b, will members of Congress be investigated who met with him or talked with him before of whether they helped him prepare his perjury whether they suborned perjury which would be a crime in and of itself?

Green: Well absolutely. He’s going to be brought to the Department of Justice for those false statements made in his testimony. I know Mark Meadows is all over that and you know he’s going to make sure the truth gets to DOJ. You know what they do with it hopefully the right thing. It’s been referred. There were at least two instances that I know of in the testimony that are being referred to DOJ.

Gill: How did you’re opening statement and your questions come about? I mean kind of take us behind the scenes. How did you get, where you drew the attention, I think very succinctly to what was really going on there?

Green: My goal was you know when you go into these things you kind of say, “Ok, what is the success at the end of the day?” And you know for some of the peace side at least we wanted to show that this witness was flawed and a guy that can’t be trusted. A puppet of the agenda so to speak. My goal, what I wanted my opening comments to do was to highlight what the Democrats were trying to do. And so I sort of went after the Chairman of the Committee said our limited topics where. And by doing that I could maybe make some of the truth of what was really happening come to light. And that is it’s a strategic move. And you highlighted what the President was doing strategically. President Trump was working for world peace, working to create jobs in America. The strategic move of the Democrats was trying to set something up for 2020 and trying to impeach the President. So by highlighting how the scope was limited, calling in a gag order basically being placed on us by the Committee Chairman. That was my goal and I think we were successful in doing that.

Gill: When you look at that juxtaposition, of while the Democrats were doing this show trial the President is literally trying to negotiate denuclearization, trade deals, and bringing North Korea into the community of nations. Having a conversation that is historic and epic in itself. Kim Jon-Un answering a question from the press for the first time ever. I mean what a stark contrast.

Green: It’s black and white and they have no agenda other than getting President Trump either impeached or unelected in 2020. And that’s the whole goal of the left. While we’re writing bills to help our economy, to help our military, grow our military, or grow our influence globally. Their sole purpose in life is to take on this President, take out this President and it’s pathetic!

Leahy: Congressman Green, this is Michael Patrick Leahy. So you are a West Point graduate, a combat veteran, a medical doctor. Based upon your eviscerating questions there packed into four minutes of great great questioning. Did you ever consider becoming a prosecuting attorney?

Green: (Green chuckles) No I have never in my life. Well, I did take the LSAT at one point, but it was really to get a free weekend out of the Academy. No, I never ever really thought I’d be an attorney.

Gill: One of the other issues that are a hot topic here in Tennessee that’s going to be moving forward into the full House next week is the Heartbeat Bill to protect unborn life, unborn babies when that fetal heartbeat is detected. In Washington, you’re also leading the fight to protect against this infanticide effort of the Democrats killing unborn babies after their born. I guess a fourth-trimester abortion. And even moments before birth promoting that abortion on demand at any time should be embraced. You just had the US Senate, Democrats wouldn’t even vote against infanticide. Again, killing born babies. What’s the status of trying to protect unborn life in Washington?

Green described how the Republicans strategy is to attach the Born Alive bill to other initiatives and continue to get the Democratic party on record. He stressed that the Democrats’ issue is that they can’t set a timeline anywhere where it’s ok to try and save a child because it would put a focus on viability of a pregnancy aiding in their goal to prevent Republicans from ever being able to put a ‘stake in the ground’ allowing for a position that would solidify when a human being becomes a human being that gets constitutional rights. Green believes that it’s absurd to even think about aborting after birth. He urged that it’s important to show the American people who the Democratic party has become and that it was time for people to wake up and realize who they are. “Planned Parenthood gives three million dollars to a Governor and the Governor turns around and says that you can deliver a baby and then take its life, make a decision at that point to take its life. That’s who’s driving the Democratic party now,” stated Green”

Gill: That would be Governor, Ralph ‘Black Face’ Northam, the Democratic governor in Virginia who again has advocated even for infanticide. One of the other issues that you’re dealing with is border security. This week, the testimony of Michael Cohen on the Hill was your involvement because of your service as a member of the House Oversite Committee. You’re also on the House Homeland Security Committee. The Democrats are still trying to block the construction of additional border wall following the lead of what border security agents are saying should be done. They want to ignore experts on the border and I guess to cater to illegals. What’s the status of their efforts to continue to block President Trump and this border wall?

Green: Well, of course, they’ve got the bill that they are pushing to basically undo the declaration of the national emergency. That’s their big effort now. And obviously, we’re standing very firm against that. How it works in the Senate is going to be interesting to watch. There are a few Republican’s over there that basically are concerned about how Congress, suddenly concerned about how Congress has given up its constitutional authority. The separation of powers etc. Suddenly you know there are a couple of those that want to get involved in that. It’s a little bit frustrating for me because I can look back and see how they have advocated so many times in the past (Inaudible talk). The President clearly has the authority to do this. I think Barack Obama himself did twelve or thirteen national emergencies. There has been fifty-nine total. Thirty one I think are still in effect. It’s absurd to now say oh, he doesn’t have the authority to do this. It’s ridiculous but there are a few out there. So how it comes out in the US Senate, I don’t know. Hopefully, it won’t pass.

Gill and Green concluded the segment by discussing the one point seven million dollars to the Iranians that was gifted by Barack Obama and that nobody had a problem with that. Gill and Leahy also noted that Lisa Markowski, Susan Collins, and Thom Tillis have voted on the side of Democrats to block the President’s call for a national emergency but added that it will not be veto-proof 66 majority. Gill went onto allege that Lamar Alexander is poised to vote with them and that this will embarrasses the President.

Green explained that he believes it’s a real national emergency with heroin flowing across the southern border and ultimately killing over three hundred Americans a week by overdose. He was saddened that as an ER physician, Green has seen people who have overdosed on heroin. “It’s time to take a stand,” Green concluded.

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