Megan Barry, Who Had Adulterous Affair With Subordinate on Taxpayers’ Dime, Lands Job Teaching Women About Political Tribulations at Fisk University

Proving that politicians are adept at coming out ahead no matter what, disgraced former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry has landed a job — teaching women about the trials and tribulations of politics at Fisk University.

Barry began teaching a “Women in Politics” class three weeks ago, Fox 17 News reporter Harriet Wallace said.

On March 6, 2018, Barry resigned as the first female mayor of Nashville. She entered a conditional plea, or diversion, on felony theft of property over $10,000 with three years’ unsupervised probation and $11,000 in restitution, The Tennessee Star reported at the time. She was not convicted, so if she follows her requirements, she can have her record expunged after three years.

The now ex-mayor, who was married, admitted to having an affair with her married bodyguard, Sgt. Rob. Forrest of the Metro Nashville Police Department, including times he was clocked in and was on overtime. Forrest earned $75,462 in overtime during the 2016-17 fiscal year.

WSMV reported Fisk’s statement about Barry’s job:

Megan Barry is currently teaching a spring semester class at Fisk University. As a University, we believe that Mrs. Barry can provide valuable insight into the role of women in public life. Several students have already expressed their appreciation for her perspective on the trials and tribulations of serving in a leadership role.

The last sentence of Fisk’s statement shows a sense of irony since Barry did appear in court. She also faced pointed questions over whether she gave women’s rights a bad name by having an affair with a subordinate.

The affair took the lovers to far-flung locales such as Greece and San Francisco on the taxpayers’ dime. Paris was another of their destinations, making for nine trips out of state while they were alone.

Their special times together even included visits to Mt. Olivet Cemetery, The Star reported, citing a story from NewsChannel 5.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
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10 Thoughts to “Megan Barry, Who Had Adulterous Affair With Subordinate on Taxpayers’ Dime, Lands Job Teaching Women About Political Tribulations at Fisk University”

  1. Eric

    Can’t stand this woman!

  2. not2day

    An early April Fool’s joke?

  3. Overtaxed Nashvillian

    Maybe she’ll take her students on a class trip to Greece.

  4. lb

    This is unbelivable. Shame on FIsk! As a woman, I am disgusted they would hold this FELONIOUS, lying, adulterous, thieving female as any kind of example to young women except what NOT to do! Disgusting.

  5. Randall

    At least she’s not teaching ethics.

  6. Chitown Cap

    Come on Fisk U., really???? Your administration is highly educated and book smart, but have absolutely no common sense, I hope your students don’t carry this trait with them in life.

  7. Dave Hunter

    Democrats have no shame.

  8. Skip

    The left takes care of their own.

  9. BonHagar

    REMEMBER; In democrat circles, a harassment charge, indictment or even a conviction is considered a resume enhancement.

  10. 83ragtop50

    What an excellent role model for young women. Whoever hired her should be fired on the spot.