The Tennessee Star Report: State Senator Kerry Roberts Describes Female Protestor on the Hill Accosting a Sixteen-Year-Old Guest Because of Her Skin Color

On Thursday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Host Steve Gill spoke to Tennessee State Senator Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield) about the escalation of protesters and how the disruption is cause for concern at the Capitol.

They then went into full detail about how one of the protesters was outside videoing herself yelling at a state trooper and then directed her attention to a sixteen-year-old girl who was innocently taking a tour of the capitol with her parents. Roberts went into detail about how the woman was yelling “racist” and making “Klan” references at both the officer and the young teen.

The men agreed that this type of behavior in no way was looking for or favoring any real political change but was created only to seek “five minutes of fame” for disruptive YouTube wannabe hopefuls.

Gill: Earlier this week we’ve covered the story that again the mainstream media again hasn’t covered. The Tennessean and the rest, they just can’t find the news. It seems that Justin Jones, the guy who assaulted people at a Marsha Blackburn rally in October waiting for his trial. And then goes and assaults Deborah Moody and Glen Casada by throwing hot coffee or hot tea on them in an elevator at the Capitol. They’re now considering revoking his bond at the DA’s office. Again, you will only read that in The Tennessee Star because we’re the only ones that can apparently find news in the Nashville area. But one of the people who that was there in these insightful rhetorical, angry protest in the capitol was State Senator Kerry Roberts.  He’s on our news makers line with us right now with a little insight into what happened in those incidents.

Roberts: Good morning. Pleasure to be here with you today thank you for having me on.

Gill: So these protesters that are being removed from some of these Senate and House hearings. They aren’t just sitting there silently wearing their little badges or wearing their t-shirts. They’re actually being disruptive. They’re bull rushing some members of the legislature to try and force a physical confrontation. That’s where you have this Justin Jones character now facing charges again for throwing this Frothy Monkey cup full of liquid of some sort. Hot or cold. (Roberts chuckles) Hitting Glen Casada while he’s out, (Shrill voice) “Casada’s an old racist.” Justin Jones is such a pretty young man he’s not going to enjoy prison very much. (Roberts chuckles) This disruptive behavior has been rising for awhile the last couple of weeks.

Roberts: You know, it’s really escalated and of course it’s not at all what the mainstream media would portray.

Gill: What!

(Gill laughs)

Roberts: I know, I know. That’s a shock. But, you know, we had a guest that day at the Senate. We had a sixteen-year-old girl who was a title holder, you know had won a pageant. And she was a guest. Her parents were with her. And after the Senate session, we were going to give her a tour of the Capitol. So we went down to the first floor to show her the old Supreme Court chamber and the Governor’s suite.

And they were down on the first floor outside the Governor’s office yelling, you know loud enough to be heard throughout the entire building. And I asked them, “Well, do you want to avoid this? Or you want to go and try and take a peek in and see? There’s this beautiful mural from the nineteen thirties that’s in the governor’s outer office?” And she said, “Sure let’s go.” So we walked over there and there was a lady who’s literally, and this is exactly what you would see. Taking a selfie video while two or three inches away from a state trooper who, I’m just going to tell you showed a whole lot more restraint than I would have, looking straight ahead. Yelling at him so loud, so violently that she’s spitting in his face and accusing him of being a member of the Klan, accusing him of being racist. And why are you protecting this race as governor?

Gill: Kind of like sounds like the Black Hebrews in Washington that were yelling that same kind of stuff at the Covington Catholic School kids.

Roberts: You know what. Based on what I heard of Washington, this is every bit as much of that, if not more. So when we approached, they’ve got it cornered off, and as we approach, we’re just going to try and lean in so she can look through the door and see the mural. There’s kind of one little opening there. The lady see’s her and she makes some very snide comment about you know, look at the whatever she called her. I bet they’re going to usher her right in. And so pretty big assumption right there. You know and so we kind of leaned in and when she started targeting the girl we walked off and we walked to the south end of the hallway to look at the ceiling and some other architectural features.

Leahy: So, Kerry, Senator Roberts, these protesters targeted the sixteen-year-old girl? Is that right?

Roberts: Well it gets worse. It gets worse. So there yelling at her and so we leave to go to the end of the hallway. And then when we have to turn around and come back and pass by the same lady starts yelling at her again accusing her of being racist. Accusing her about being a member of the Klan. You know all about her whiteness. And honestly Steve…

Gill: And of course she wasn’t wearing a Klan robe other than being white. Then, of course, they’re accusing everyone of being racist.

Roberts: Not at all. Not at all. And so the thing about it is. And honestly, I said, “Come on let’s just keep walking. And this sixteen-year-old exhibited more class walking by these people with her head held high. Smiling at everybody, not letting it bother her.

Gill: Did she give them the pageant wave?


Roberts: She didn’t escalate the situation she just kept her eye…

Gill: See you or I would have given them the pageant wave. You would have given them the Queenly pageant wave.

Roberts: I’m telling you. Being a parent of a daughter that’s just a couple years older than her I was ready to go back and just give them a piece of mind. The problem, here’s the problem Steve. Nobody in that group cares about change. What they care about is trying to provoke someone to some sort of argument in hopes that it’s a video that goes viral and they’re going to be famous for fifteen minutes on YouTube. It’s pretty obvious that that’s what it’s about. Because you know what, that kind of shouting doesn’t lead to any kind of resolution whatsoever.

Gill: Well it does show the mental derangement.

Roberts: And they know it. And they know it. They know it

Gill: And their escalating it and again that’s why I think they need to throw this Justin Jones character in the real jail. Let him get a taste. You want to go to jail fine.

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