‘Fund The Wall’ Bill Fails in State House Subcommittee By 6-1 Vote


The bill to impose a fee on monetary transfers from Tennessee to outside the U.S. and its territories failed in the House Banking and Investment Subcommittee by a vote of 6 to 1.

House Bill 0562 sponsored by Representative Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) received national attention when his effort caught the attention of talk show host Laura Ingraham of Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle, who tweeted about Griffey’s bill and then had him appear on a segment of her television program.

The fees imposed on the monetary transfers would be reserved to help with President Trump’s efforts in securing the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico as well as providing additional funding to law enforcement for the costs associated with capturing and detaining illegal aliens within Tennessee.

As previously reported by The Tennessee Star, the costs of illegal aliens in the state was estimated at $793 million in 2017 by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Representative Griffey’s fund the border wall bill is one in a series of bills dealing with illegal immigration in the state.

By roll call vote requested by the bill’s sponsor, Representative Timothy Hill (R-Blountville) voted in favor of the measure, while Representatives Yusuf Hakeem (D-Chattanooga), Kirk Haston (R-Lobelville), Patsy Hazlewood (R-Signal Mountain), John Holsclaw (R-Elizabethton), Dennis Powers (R-Jacksboro) and Rick Staples (D-Knoxville) voted no on the bill.

Representative Griffey told The Star about the outcome of the bill, “Chairman Timothy Hill stood up and was courageous for the legal voters of Tennessee who spend their hard-earned tax dollars to support the state.”

“The Tennessee Lawful Housing Act,” filed by Representative Griffey under HB 0614, which makes it unlawful for a landlord to let, sublet, lease, sublease or rent a dwelling unit to an illegal alien passed the House Business Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee. The bill will be heard next by the full House Commerce Committee, probably at next week’s meeting.

Representative Griffey’s expansion of the use of the federal electronic employment verification service, E-Verify, under HB 1239 was rolled to next week’s meeting of the House Employee Affairs Subcommittee of the Consumer and Human Resources Committee, pending further discussion and possible changes.

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Laura Baigert is a senior reporter with The Tennessee Star.
Photo “Bruce Griffey” by Bruce Griffey. 






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3 Thoughts to “‘Fund The Wall’ Bill Fails in State House Subcommittee By 6-1 Vote”

  1. Josh Read

    There’s your problem HOSS!
    Open Borders GOP Establishment.
    Cucked again!
    Thanks to Bruce Griffey we get to see the true RINOs.

    Great reporting from Laura Baigert

    1. Horatio Bunce

      They couldn’t afford the hit on all that red light/speed camera money that goes out of the country.

  2. Americans want to have a civil war because of illegal immigrants, homosexuals, and pot, but no one cares that the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state.