Neil McCabe Joins the The Tennessee Star Report From the #WeBuildtheWall Rally to Talk Border Security and the Wall

On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill talked to Neil McCabe of One America News Network while he was in Cincinnati preparing for the #WeBuildtheWall rally.

Gill and McCabe concluded the segment talking about illegal immigration statistics and how the influx of illegal migrants was putting a strain on American taxpayers, their schools, and their communities.

Gill: And our own Neil McCabe from One America News Network is going to be there hosting the event. He’s on our news makers line in Cincinnati WKRP from Cincinnati, don’t let them do a turkey drop or anything Neil. (McCabe laughs) As god as my witness I thought turkey’s could fly. (McCabe bellows)

McCabe: Hey good morning Steve.

Gill: Good morning.

McCabe: So does your news director have a line pasted on his floor like Les Nessman?

Gill: He had to have his area of what was designated. Quick radio story because you’re a media radio kind of guy. Years ago we were doing a promotions meeting and I made some reference to hey yeah this promotion will be good as long as we don’t drop turkeys from helicopters we’ll be fine and everybody started laughing and I said as god as my witness I thought turkeys could fly and everybody over age forty was laughing. And you had all of these millennial’s that are going like, “What are you talking about?” It’s like, “WKRP, the great turkey drop!” I literally stopped the meeting brought out a laptop and made them watch the episode right there on the spot because culturally you just have to know this stuff.

McCabe: Yeah that’s the great thing about YouTube. Somebody was mentioning to me that you know March was there and they love March. Remember that Jon Belusi sketch where March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb with Chevy Chase?

Gill: Yes.

McCabe: With YouTube let’s just watch it.

Gill: (Laughs) One of my son’s a few years ago watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail with me and he was saying “Dad I found this cool new movie  you gotta watch this.” So were watching it and he keeps saying, “Isn’t this funny, isn’t this cool?” It’s like, this was funny thirty years ago. And he thought it was new and they just made it look old. (Gill chuckles) So again you got to know these things you know you’ve got to teach these kids the important stuff. Now you’re in Cincinnati and tonight they’re doing the build the wall event. Steve Bannon going to be there. Chris Kobach  as we mentioned from Kansas, the attorney general there. And Brian Kolfage who’s been pushing the “we’re going to raise the money to build the wall.” How’s that coming and have you had chance to talk to him before tonight’s event?

McCabe: Well yeah we’re going to, it will be tonight in Cincinnati and it will be live on One America News and they’re also live streaming on I think But it will be with Brian. And then Thursday we’re going to be live in Detroit and both of those start at seven pm. And I did talk to Brian Sunday about how things were going and they were saying that they were going to break ground on their wall. Remember they’re trying to build a wall on the southern border on private land with private money rather than waiting for Congress and the Government to get on the stick. And they thought they could break ground in May. They’re actually expecting to break ground in April and that’s going to be pretty exciting. The company that they’re using to build the wall, it will all be American material but the company itself is an Israeli company and the same company that built the wall in Gaza. And this company has done such a great job for the Israeli’s that the Egyptian’s hired them to build walls. So this is going to be a very serious wall if it’s something the Israeli’s are into.

Gill: Well and it’s cheaper and it will go up faster than what the President’s having submitted his bids. This part will actually go up quicker. It will be cheaper per mile as we’ve talked to Brian in the past. He’s literally showing the way to do this the right way.

McCabe: Yeah and I think that yeah it’s a two thousand mile border. Is he going to build two thousand miles? No. But you know even if he built ten or twenty or even a hundred miles, it would create momentum so people could start thinking, “Wait, this is a reality.” I Capitol Hill and the White House for one of our reviews and House republicans in December when Brian was sort of building that momentum. As soon as it crossed, I think he crossed, I think he topped off around 23 million on go fund me. But when he started to cross over to like eight ten twelve million, the House Republicans got so excited by that that that’s why they put funding for the wall back in their bill. And I think that’s part of it to. Is to show this isn’t some sort of fantasy this is something that can be done. The President, according to his budget reports, you probably were looking at twenty million dollars a mile and Brian’s looking to do it say five to ten a mile.

Gill: And as you point out, you don’t have to do the whole twenty four hundred miles. You’ve got I think about seven hundred miles of border already done. We basically need to secure another two hundred and forty miles because you’ve got four hundred foot cliffs. Either you’re not going to climb them or you’re not going to jump off of them. So a lot of the geography prevents border crossings.  And then we need to repair what’s already been done because in some cases you know there’s one small strand of barbed wire that designates the border area. It isn’t going to take that much to do it right and yet you’ve got the Democrats continuing to howl that there is no crisis even though the New York Times and the Washington Posts are now starting to use that breaking point, crisis language. We’ve got two thousand people with mumps that we’re holding  because these folks are coming across bringing you know medieval diseases into our country.How are they still able to argue that there is no crisis?

McCabe: Well you know, Ted Lieu the California Democratic Congressman puts up a Tweet not sure if it was up this morning or last night where he was basically ridiculing people saying, “Hey, it’s been twenty four days since the President declared a his emergency. How can you sleep at night? Are you scared?” This guy represents Beverly Hills, literally some of the richest people in the world and for the rich and the powerful and the people who got the sweet gates, who live in safe neighborhoods and send their kids to private schools. Yeah, life is good. But the reason why Trump got elected is that because for a lot of Americans life is not good. It used to be good. It could be good again but you know it’s the little people who have not been winning. One of the reasons is all of these illegals coming in. And it’s not just the illegals taking jobs. It’s the illegals like thousands of kids showing up in your town, in your public schools you’re now having to work for them. Plus all the police, plus all the fire and everything else that comes down to this. And it’s not just these border towns that are just getting swamped in Texas, Mexico, and Arizona. It’s like every town is a border town. Even a town like Cincinnati is having to struggle with an illegal population because these guys come in, they ask for amnesty, they’re given a court date or a hearing date you know in three years and literally ICE is dropping them off at the bus station, or dropping them off at the airport and they’re free to go anywhere in the United States.

Gill: Well now they’re being granted the right to appeal their asylum decision so they can tie it up into courts, increase the cost to American tax payers for months and years at a time. And yet Congress refuses to act because you’ve got Republicans in Congress, some, and the Democrats in Congress who want to bring the illegals in. The Democrats see voters and the Republicans see cheap labor for some of their chamber of commerce cronies.

McCabe: If there’s going to be say, six hundred and fifty thousand migrants, now this is like, I believe the legal immigration cap is at a million? So this is six hundred and fifty thousand on top of the one million who are coming in anyway. Last week the congressional district is seven hundred thousand people literally, every year we’re going to be bringing in the equivalent of a new congressional district? And sure, maybe these guys aren’t going to vote. Right? But their kids are going to vote, I mean their kids are all going to become citizens and we’re just going to get swamped. Tonight we’re going to sort of hash it out. Brian’s going to be presenting his plan. Steve Bannon’s gong to be there, Chris Kobach as you said is going to be there. There’s going to be members of the angel families and there’s going to be Q & A with the audience. And the Q &A’s really interesting. You know people have real questions about is this thing feasible? How much is this thing going to cost? And it will be interesting to watch and I think people are really going to enjoy it.

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