The Tennessee Star Report Discusses the Slow Creep of The Southern Poverty Law Center into the Williamson County School System

On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy discussed the steady advance of a so-called social justice doctrine into the public school systems of Tennessee.

Towards the end of the show the men agreed that the reason for this socialist agenda making its way into public schools was due to the lack of conservative leadership.

Gill: And now Williamson County schools, I know this seems shocking to people if you’re just waking up and you’re still a little blurry and caught in a fog because of daylight savings time. Listen up, this is true. It’s not The Onion, it’s not some parody. Williamson County schools, thanks to the leader ship of Mike Looney, the schools superintendent. Williamson county schools are teaming up with the leftist hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center to teach teachers in Williamson County how despicable Williamson County is basically.

Leahy: Yeah basically. It’s a group that they put this program on, called “Teaching Tolerance,” that’s a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center you can see it right on the website. And of course, Social Justice 101, is one of the scheduled topics. It’s going to be held right here, in Franklin at the Embassy Suites May third and may fourth and our source, a teacher within the Williamson County school system. And our source, a teacher within the Williamson County school system tells us that many teachers from Williamson County will be in attendance. Five teachers from their school going.

Gill: That’s a pretty big facility. I would expect that they’re anticipating that they’re going to get teachers from Rutherford County and Wilson County and Maury County.

Leahy: Possibly, possible. We don’t know. We’ll find out. But we know from our source that Williamson County schools is sending a number of teachers there to learn more about white privilege theory, and privilege theory, and in particular ideas that are exactly the opposite of the “unapologetic American exceptionalism” that governor Lee promised in his state of the state address March fourth would be what school children in Tennessee would learn.

Gill talked about how he’s gotten texts from people asking why Bill Lee would allow something like this. He chuckled at the fact that Lee has put a Berkley graduate in charge of our schools.  He could stop it but that would be anticipating that he actually wants to. Leahy stated he wants to defend Lee but that it’s hard to when the Governor has not been paying attention along with the entire education system.  Anti-American agenda is being pushed through Williamson County which is by law supposed to be approved by the state. The Governor communications team has excluded The Tennessee Star from having access to the governor and his staff in the news clips our information.

Leahy: He may not know this.

Gill: There not knowing this. The Tennessean is not going to cover this.

Leahy: Oh, wait wait; wait. The Tennessean on Friday reported breathlessly that there were “racist incidences occurring in Williamson County.” That’s what The Tennessean reported on Friday. We of course were curious. There was one alleged incident that supposedly took place at Sunset Middle school in Bentwood on January eighteenth two thousand nineteen. So guess what? We wrote a story about it and said, “Hey, if you were there and you could provide an eyewitness account call us up.” When the phone didn’t ring we knew it was an eyewitness account of this alleged racist incident.

Gill: So the Governor and his communications team are relying on the fake news media, The Tennessean

Leahy: Sounds like it to me

Gill: And other leftists sources, The Nashville Scene to tell them what’s going on. And none of them are covering this. None of them have put forth the video that we broke.

Leahy: We have it exclusively.

Gill: Ok. They could get it, it’s not that we’ve got it and they can’t get it.

Leahy: We just did a simple Journalism 101 public records request. And by law they had to respond. We got it.

Gill went on to talk about how the Governor is not getting Tennessee Star news clips to find out what’s actually going on. Maybe he doesn’t have the capacity to find the news. Gill asked people to call the Governor and ask why he thinks the SPLC should be taking control of the Williamson County school system. Conservative Christian Governor. Why partnering up with SPLC makes sense for Tennessee. Commissioner of education from UC Berkeley and chief operating officer are not going to inform him. The people around him aren’t going to tell him the truth. People need to call him at 615-741-2001. Leahy joked that Gill was making Governor Lee and his administrators’ day.

Leahy: His entire team, they’re actually going to have to deal with this problem that teachers of the school administrators in Williamson county and teachers in Williamson county are going to be teaching exactly the opposite what he told the entire state on March the fourth was the focus of his administration that is to teach unapologetic American exceptionalism. That’s not what’s being taught in Williamson County schools. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Gill: And again what do you expect when he hires a commissioner of education who learned the left wing social justice warrior agenda at UC Berkley.

Leahy: You mean there wasn’t anybody from Tennessee who could help with education?

Gill: We talked early in this governor’s administration when he started appointing people that personnel is policy and we are seeing it play out in spades here. I mean it is crystal clear. When you appoint the wrong people, you get the wrong results. And here in Williamson county the school board is answering too and genuflecting too and doing whatever liberal Mike Looney wants them to do. And keep in mind, one of the reason there aren’t many conservative school board members in Williamson county objecting to what Mike Looney is doing is because during the election of school board members a few years ago. Bill Lee and his company, the Lee Company donated five thousand dollars to help defeat conservative school board members who might be telling Mike Looney and the Southern Poverty Law Center, not in our backyard. But no, Bill Lee contributed to beat conservative school board members to put this stuff in play in Williamson County.

Leahy closed the segment talking about how business leaders don’t understand what’s happening in our school systems and don’t understand the serious threat. He asked why are half of Americans under the age of thirty socialists now?  Why is AOC in congress? He added the reason is that they’ve been taught this socialist agenda for the last twenty years in public schools. Gill expressed that what’s being taught in our schools is wrong and that the bureaucrats and weak kneed Republicans aren’t willing to step up and say that the SPLC has no business here in Tennessee.  Gill concluded that the cause of this increasing socialism agenda in schools is due to an absence of conservative leadership.

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Photo “Southern Poverty Law Center” by Southern Poverty Law Center. Background Photo “People in Conference Room” by DG EMPL. CC BY-ND 2.0.

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