The Tennessee Star Report: AOC and Social Justice Grifters Cast By Justice Democrats Via Knoxville, Tennessee Exposed


On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked about the Knoxville, Tennessee location that allegedly acted as an office for two PAC, a campaign, and now a casting center for potential Democratic candidates. One of those candidates actually won a seat in the House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was cast out of the Gay Street office in Knoxville.

At the conclusion of the segment the men discussed that this same scam had been done in Virginia two years ago and whether or not the people of Virginia would take their state back.

Gill: Breitbart, written by Michael Patrick Leahy did a great story yesterday detailing this scam. I mean these are social justice grifters as you’ve termed them.

Leahy: Oh, that’s a good term.

Gill: That are out there you know scooping in money putting it into their own pockets under the auspices of creating political candidates to go out there and change the world. I don’t know if you’ve seen this video. This AOC video.

Leahy: Yeah

Gill: Of literally they did a casting call.

Leahy: Yes

Gill: And selected candidates based upon them sending in their video resumes to find people that had the right looks and that the campaigns were going to be run by the Democratic party by the social justice warriors. And that they really didn’t expect most of these people to win. They just wanted the telegenic young candidates…

Leahy: Exactly.

Gill explained that the strategy was to find people that would look good and that go along like puppets and say exactly what they were told to say. He referenced in regards to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that they actually believe. And this was being run out of Knoxville, Tennessee. So you’ve got Knoxville, Tennessee as this epicenter of the social justice, justice Democrats, left wing extremists warriors running about sixteen, seventeen congressional races from Knoxville, Tennessee and now the SPLC making Williamson County Tennessee the new epicenter of social justic for a new generation of indoctrination.

Leahy: Yeah, so the derivation of this story is fascinating. So this Saikat Chakrabarti  who is now the chief of staff for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This guy came to Tennessee because he was pals with a fellow by the name of Corbin Trent from Morristown. Corbin was the two thousand sixteen coordinator Bernie Sanders coordinator, he has a long and checkered past should we say. He’s a guy that went to the American Culinary Institute in New York, came back, that’s thirty thousand bucks a year by the way. Came back and started a food truck called Crazy Good Burgers in Morristown.

Gill: So you’re going to get an advanced culinary degree so you can come back and open up a hamburger food truck.

Leahy: Yeah yeah. So after operating for less than a year mysteriously had a fire. Had a fire in like two thousand fifteen.

Gill: I wonder how much he collected with the insurance. Anyway AOC and her team..

Leahy: Yeah.

Gill: This social justice grifter, Corbin Trent, operating out of Knoxville, Tennessee. We’ve got some details that we’re going to add to the story today. Breitbart did a great piece yesterday again, Michael Patrick Leahy doing that story. We’re going to follow up on that today with a few more details. And a picture of the inside of this open office where they were operating a super PAC, congressional

Leahy: Two super PACs.

Gill: And

Leahy: Two PAC’s, two private companies where the PAC money was given to, most of it went to over a million bucks went to these two private companies controlled by, wait for it…Saikat Chakrabarti! Right?

Gill: Who’s now the chief of staff for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Leahy: And none of those expenditures were reported. They were called “strategic consulting.” But we don’t know where it was really spent. And there were twelve count them, twelve congressional campaigns run out of that office and there’s no walls in there. Well actually we’re going to picture of this up in our story tonight on it at the Tennessee Star. No walls, and of course according to a federal election law, if you’re sharing space between a PAC and a congressional campaign there must be firewalls or so called walls of separation. (Buzzer sound)  No, just totally open space there.

Towards the near end of the segment, the duo took a call from a caller named Greg who saw a podcast on YouTube a few days ago where a man was making a point with solid video which points out that AOC was an actress who auditioned for the part of being a congresswoman in two thousand sixteen.  He noted that she sounds dumb when she goes off script and added that she’s being fed information by Saikat Chakrabarti. Gill agreed that this indeed was a casting call that produced a win that wasn’t expected. He added that the Tennessee Report would post the YouTube video on the Tennessee Star website.

Leahy added to the conversation by agreeing with what Greg saw as correct and that the castings were held at seven fourteen south Gay Street in Knoxville where Saikat Chakrabarti and Corbin Trent from Morristown formed a group called Brand New Campaign, LLC which is controlled by Chakrabarti. He explained that the team leased this two floor, thirty five hundred square feet open space area in downtown Knoxville in March of two thousand seventeen and immediately began the auditions. He added that recent reports show Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came into Knoxville and did her audition there and that the team liked what they saw as she was one of several they had auditioned during this “cattle call.” Leahy described how Chakrabarti and Corbin ended up selecting twelve candidates and all of the paperwork was filed by the team of the PAC called, Justice Democrats and  listed 714 South Gay Street as a headquarters for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign in May of two thousand and seventeen and eleven others between May and July.

Leahy also cited evidence that, as of May of two thousand and seventeen and until November twentieth of two thousand eighteen AOC’s campaign headquarters was registered with the federal election commission records as…714 South Gay Street in Knoxville even though the campaign was no longer in March after two thousand eighteen.

“This is a reality show. They have cast people in this role and this isn’t the first time they’ve done it. They also did it two years ago in Virginia where they did the same sort of thing. They assembled a cast of characters to run for state legislative positions, state house and state house. People with a lot of money and people that nobody had ever heard of. They nearly capture control of the Virginia legislature and this is an election year there. And this is a questions of whether folks will take it back,” concluded Gill.

Listen to the segment here:

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