More Williamson County ‘Cultural Competency’ Videos Warn Teachers to Use Politically Correct Language

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In Modules No. 1 and No. 2 of the Williamson County Schools Cultural Competency video series, teachers are told the term “illegal alien” is “oppressive.”

But that’s just one example among many of a leftist, politically correct narrative that school system officials try to drill into their teachers through these videos.

“For example, assuming that a person from South America has ever tasted a taco or an enchilada is a way we might tokenize or appropriate Latino culture,” an off-screen female narrator warns teachers.

Another supposed nugget of wisdom the narrator passes down:

“Using coded language like ‘ghetto,’ ‘thug,’ or even ‘helicopter parents’ can fuel biased behavior and unintentionally reinforce stereotypes,” the narrator said.

“It is important to be careful and precise regarding word choice when communicating with students and their families.”

The narrator continues her fixation on race by telling teachers never to assume Asians are math prodigies or that other groups possess stereotypical characteristics.

“Culture goes far beyond race, country of origin, or even ethnicity and can include the total way of life of a particular group of people, including systems, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings,” the narrator added.

The Tennessee Star obtained Modules No. 1 and No. 2 by filing an open records request with Williamson County Schools. Both videos run about 16 minutes each.

You can watch Module 1 here:

You can watch Module 2 here:

The Star obtained Module No. 3 last week, which you can watch here.

As reported, Module No. 3 tried to indoctrinate teachers on how to teach students about “white privilege.”

The in-service training video, this one 26 minutes, profiled several people whom the video described as “Williamson County Voices.”

The video did not identify anyone, nor did it make clear if these people are school system employees or county residents not formally affiliated with the school system. One man, though, identified himself as a school administrator.

In the video, they and the narrator discussed social justice causes, the perks white males supposedly have that others do not, America’s supposed dysfunctional history, and how unfair it all is.

Later, the narrator told viewers “that white individuals do enjoy unearned advantages that society does not necessarily offer to individuals of color.”

“The concept of intersectionality recognizes that skin color privilege is one of the many different types of privilege that can impact the way people move through the world,” the narrator continued.”

“Oppressive institutions, such as racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia are often interconnected in the varying degrees with which people hold privilege and power,” the narrator said.

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11 Thoughts to “More Williamson County ‘Cultural Competency’ Videos Warn Teachers to Use Politically Correct Language”

  1. Bryan K Finch

    I’m shocked, that taxpayer money is wasted in such a way. This is indoctrination plain and simple. It completely sidesteps parents, church and community. We teach our daughter Biblical principals at home. Never had a problem. She respects others.

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  3. […] about “white privilege” in required in-service training days, The Tennessee Star has reported in a series of stories. Knox County Schools are spending $170,000 out of their $928,677 in-service […]

  4. Catherine C.

    “Bruce” – that’s how school shootings happen, sir.

    “Wolf Woman” – “minority privileges” aren’t a thing.
    And social justice’s goal is all individuals being treated equally.

    “rick” – since when is treating people equally “liberal garbage?”

    “Mark L. Stevens” – white privilege is not a racist term used to make all white people feel guilty. When you’re white, society assumes the best of you and you are less suppressed and stereotyped. You are more safe. And you shouldn’t need to feel guilty about it unless you take it for granted. Instead, you should use your position of privilege to help lift others up, and fight for equality for oppressed groups.

    “Kevin” – why are you worried about “subliminal messages” telling you to treat other people equally?

    I can’t imagine having such a fragile ego that you all would see equality for everyone as somehow lessening your worth.

  5. Bruce

    If this divisive teaching ever reaches my kids, they will go to school armed.

    1. Anonymous

      And that’s how school shootings happen, sir.

  6. Wolf Woman

    “It is important to be careful and precise regarding word choice when communicating with students and their families.” Exactly. That’s why we SHOULD use the term “illegal alien” which has a precise legal meaning.

    How about a video about “minority privileges” due to Affirmative Action?

    And Mr. Looney, why not have a discussion about how social justice can never be “just” because it is about the collective, not the individual, who may or may not conform to the perceived grievance? Our country was founded on the idea of individual rights under the law which you seem to have not learned as a student in school.

    Shaming children about their background/color of their skin (which they have no control over) is a Marxist master/slave tactic that encourages bigotry and victimhood and should be seen as child abuse. The shame should be on the shoulders of you Mr. Looney and your leftist teachers. Why don’t you all take a long vacation in Cuba and leave the children alone so they can learn math, reading, writing, history and civics and such? I’ll chip in $50.

    1. 83ragtop50

      Excellent comment, Wolf Woman.

  7. rick

    The really sad thing about it there is probably a portion of the people of Williamson Co that agree with this garbage. Its one thing to believe all this liberal garbage but, to attempt to influence impressionable young people with this crap is just wrong.
    Thanks to my white privilege I can write this

  8. Mark L. Stevens

    We have gone through the looking glass, Alice. “White privilege” a term that is blatantly racist,
    is being used to make white people feel guilty as if they are all racists. Please!

  9. Kevin

    I remember as a kid, my parents were worried about subliminal messages being imbedded in the “teasers” that played before a feature movie. Now the indoctrination is happening right out in the open. Sad! Where did the Country that I grew up in, go to? And there is a reason why it’s happening in Williamson County, (and certain other counties across Tennessee). Look around you, where in the USA did liberalism first take hold…areas of affluence, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York…