Two Mothers Launch New Facebook Page to Get Facts About What Is Happening with Williamson County Schools

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Two parents with children attending Williamson County Schools have created a Facebook page to help parents organize and get more information about what is going on within Williamson County Schools.

Some parents say school system officials keep them in the dark.

This, a week after The Tennessee Star revealed teachers in the school system had to watch “Cultural Competency” videos preaching “white privilege.”

The Facebook page, WCS TN Parents Want Facts, went live Thursday night.

The group’s two creators, Stefanie Miles and Karrie Marren, told The Star Friday they want to make the page a place for transparency — and not a place for political arguments.

“We couldn’t find any kind of group of organized and concerned parents,” Miles said.

“It sounded like a lot of people had concern, but I didn’t know where to go to talk with other parents and there didn’t seem to be any kind of organization in that regard, so I thought, ‘Well, let’s just start a page and see if we can start some conversations, just to find out facts.'”

Miles said issues of “white privilege” and diversity and culture are important — but she also said “those are discussions for the home.”

Miles said other parents in the school system know little about what is happening with the “Cultural Competency” videos. They also know too little about teachers attending a left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center workshop in Franklin in May.

“There is no organized group of parents on this particular issue that I have found, and that is why I started the page,” Miles said.

“We need answers, and these people (members of the school system) need to tell us what is going on. My hope is that there will be some sort of transparency meeting with parents and the community on what this is or why and what the plans for implementation (of the “Cultural Competency” training) in the classroom are.”

Marren, meanwhile, said she understands how some parents in Williamson County might fear speaking out publicly on the page, for fear of some sort of retribution.

The Star has talked to various parents in the county this week who said they fear speaking out against the “white privilege” training, due to a possible backlash against them either personally or professionally.

“I completely understand them wanting to remain anonymous. I am nervous myself, however, we shouldn’t be because we just want to truly come together and talk to and understand more with the direct people in the district leadership team who has brought this forward,” Marren said.

“I certainly have never been involved in something like this level, so I understand there is fear of the unknown and the consequences, but I would like to say our interest is not stirring the pot. We just want to form a group and come together and collaborate and have direct communication and understanding with the Williamson County School System and what their intent is.”

Miles put it this way:

“The big takeaway we want is just be neutral. We don’t want this to be political,” Miles said.

“We want facts. We want transparency. That is just what we want.”

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 Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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2 Thoughts to “Two Mothers Launch New Facebook Page to Get Facts About What Is Happening with Williamson County Schools”

  1. Abby Adams

    Fear is exactly what the left wants. They have controlled your language and thought for a while now. Next, they intend to control your behavior. Language, thought, and behavior. FYI: The leftists who control your children’s education seek to control how your children speak, how your children think, and how they behave. Why do you fear retribution for merely discussing what’s going on in the school system? Because they control your language, thought, and behavior. This is not how a Constitutional Republic is intended to operate. When the people FEAR the government, there is TYRANNY. When the government fears the people, there is L I B E R T Y!

    1. Scott Smith

      Well, that’s a load of talking points with no actual substance. Typical right wing trash.