Nashville Democrat Judge Dismisses Justin Jones Criminal Case on Paperwork Technicality

Leftist activist Justin Jones had charges related to his disruption of a Marsha Blackburn campaign rally last October dismissed on Tuesday based on a discrepancy in the documents between the date of his arrest and the date of his subsequent warrant. Democrat General Sessions Judge Diane Turner determined that the paperwork error justified dismissal of the criminal trespass and resisting arrest charges. The criminal warrant issued against Jones three days after his initial arrest contained the date that the warrant was issued rather than the date of the initial arrest, causing Judge Turner to determine that the warrant was flawed and that the DA would have to proceed to the Grand Jury to pursue the charges against Jones.

Jones still faces other criminal charges related to his assault of House Speaker Glen Casada and Representative Debra Moody late last month.  Prior to the dismissal of the case, Jones was facing possible revocation of his bond pending a hearing on the February assault charges.  Jones is scheduled to be back in General Sessions Court before Judge Turner on March 22 for a preliminary hearing on the assault charges.

Since his initial arrest last October, Jones sought to provoke a confrontation with House Speaker Glen Casada but was not arrested at that time.  A few days later Jones returned to the Capitol and video shows him throwing a Frothy Monkey cup of coffee at Speaker Casada that also hit Rep. Moody.  Pending resolution of the assault charge, Jones is banned from the State Capitol.




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2 Thoughts to “Nashville Democrat Judge Dismisses Justin Jones Criminal Case on Paperwork Technicality”

  1. Steve Allen

    What a sad display of jurisprudence. What is the point of even following the law when politically biased judges let criminals go free over a clerical error. A very sad day for the rule of law in Tennessee. But what else would you expect from the liberal bastion of Nashville.

  2. Randall

    This young lady can’t stay out of trouble. She’ll get arrested again soon.