The Tennessee Star Report: Gill and Leahy Discuss WCS Video Series and the Forced Education of Global Citizenship

On Monday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked in depth about the Williamson County school districts “Cultural Competency” video training series that have been forced upon teachers and hence their students.

Towards the end of the segment, the men asked the question of why nobody is speaking up about this. They begged the question of where are the parents, the administrators, the Governor who in his State of the State address promised that Tennessee schools would be teaching American Exceptionalism. The duo expressed concern for the lack of basic skills being taught and lack of Americanism and push of Globalism centered agenda.

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Gill: How about the test of any school system being the ability to teach children to read, write, do arithmetic, to learn the basic skills so that they can for a lifetime pursue learning because they’re going to have those fundamental skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Leahy: Oh Steve. (Chuckles)

Gill: How about if that is the fundamental schools and tests instead of this double speak educrat speak that we’re getting. That’s another clip from these videos that Williamson County schools have subjected the propagandization of teachers in Williamson County schools with taxpayer money to teach them in those (Gentle voice) soft tones and with the community activists and social justice warriors intoning what teachers should be doing that fall short in what they should be doing which is teaching children to read, write, and do arithmetic.

Leahy: You’re so twentieth century Steve.

Gill: Yeah, back in the day (Leahy laughs) when kids could learn to read, write, and do arithmetic.

Leahy: And you know,  I think it’s wonderful that Mike Looney, apparently on his own, without the approval of the Tennessee Department of Education, which is required by law, apparently, although he claims the counter. You know we did a story yesterday that said, according to a direct source he said on Friday that former commissioner Candace McQueen had approved this curriculum. But apparently from a source, she says no. So and apparently the school board doesn’t really know about this we’ll find out. We’re asking them tonight. But he sites such great, you know, down the middle experts as the far left, Cornel West! Cornel West!

Gill went on to describe the assistant professor of multi-cultural studies Cornel West as this crazy guy that you could see on FOX and MSNBC and other talking head shows from time to time intoning. He went on to joke and did an impression of West as the guy who thinks, “Everybody in America is a racist!” Leahy proceeded to give a physical description of West by adding that he’s very recognizable because of his big hair and thick glasses. He also gave his opinion stating that West was a far left lunatic and explained that this might be why Mike Looney was into him.  Leahy asked to be reminded of whether or not Governor Bill Lee said Tennessee students would be taught “unapologetic American exceptionalism” in schools and why it’s been only silence from him and Penny Schwinn about the Williamson County training going on.

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Gill: And of course the most vulnerable being defined as whatever fits their social justice warrior agenda. Here’s an idea. If you’re going to try to make progress whether you’re a business, whether you’re an athletic team. You look at what doesn’t work and you look at what works. If you’re for example, the University of Tennessee you may figure out that “chuck in threes” isn’t the strong suit of the University of Tennessee. That posting up, Admiral Scofield and Grant Williams down low. Letting them turn, take it firm to the basket and score or get fouled, works. You look at what doesn’t work. Jack and threes doesn’t work. You look at what works for this particular team, taking it down low, putting it in the basket, getting fouled. So let’s do that with our education system. What doesn’t work? Well, the social justice warrior approach of common core math, and can’t we all get along, and kumbaya and you’re feelings matter more than your actual success. That telling you that, (Weak voice) look if you think two plus two equals three then for you that works. (Leahy laughs) You’re a self-identified two plus two equals three person and we’re more concerned with making you feel good about yourself…

Leahy: Yes.

Gill: Than making sure you know the right answer. Now someday you’re going to graduate and you might be an engineer. And you might be designing bridges and that two plus two equals three mentality is going to KILL PEOPLE! But as long as you feel good about yourself.

Leahy: Small details Steve. Small details.

Gill: Let me see what doesn’t work, which is the education system we’ve seen employed by the liberals over the last thirty to forty years that have degraded our schools. Degraded our education system. Degraded the ability of our schools to learn basic skills and our students to learn basic skills from those schools. We look at the TEHAC report that shows that we’re having to have graduates of Tennessee schools high schools, over a half have to take high school work in college and remedial work in college and over a third have to take remedial math work. That is not a system..

Leahy: No. It’s over forty-six percent with remedial math, thirty percent with remedial reading. They’re just dong so well Steve! The public schools are doing such a great job at reading writing and arithmetic that’s why they can step back and give you all these requirements.

Gill: And Nashville schools are doing worse than Memphis schools despite all their liberalism. So here’s the point. What works? Well, not what we’re doing.  What works is what we’re seeing from those Asian-American students who come in maybe from Vietnam with the shirt on their back and nothing. People who have immigrated here from India from East Asia and West Asia and they’re knocking it out of the park. So what are those students doing differently? Despite the fact that they’re not white.

Leahy: They’re studying.

Gill: Despite the fact that they’re not rich. They have a family focus. They have a learn English focus they have a work hard and learn focus. Hey, let’s do what works and less of what doesn’t.

(Audio plays) 

Gill: By for example by not speaking in Ebonics. Would that be, would that be a bias. What you hear teaching you. Again, we’ve heard from African-American students and African-American teachers that they are being taught to be white if they use good grammar if they use good English if they learn to write in the English language that is proper English language. You are teaching people to be white that is a cultural norm, that is a cultural bias. How unfair of you to teach people that speaking in Ebonics or street talk and writing in street talk is somehow forcing the cultural norm upon them. Well, it depends on whether you want to work at a job or be a social justice warrior and kind of like the NBA, there’s only so many of those jobs available.

Leahy: Well, good grammar, good spelling,

Gill: Accurate math.

Leahy: Accurate math, that’s a standard. I wouldn’t call it a cultural norm per se. That’s just a standard you should hit.

Gill: You’re teaching kids to be white Michael. (Leahy laughs) That is what’s the problem here.

The men ended the segment discussing that these videos are a form of an indoctrination camp and take on a tone that is designed to do so. The team added that you can hear this tone in all three modules by the same narrator who has become the official Diversity Officer for Williamson County schools. They added that the whole focus of thirty thousand student Williamson County is designed to really focus on only twelve hundred new students who come in from “all around the world” according to Looney. The men proceeded to describe the training as being primarily for the new students, which is only some that come from all around the world and that the mission is to be welcoming of these folks.  They added that it’s not to teach studies but rather to teach a welcoming global citizenship agenda of sorts that will drive it to teachers who will then pass it on to the kids. Gill and Leahy were shocked that there was still, no word from Bill Lee who lives in Williamson county along with citizens, parents, and community leaders. The duo questioned whether or not this was happening in other counties around Middle Tennessee.

“Words that I didn’t hear. I didn’t hear Constitution. I didn’t hear American Republic. I didn’t hear American citizenship. I did hear…global citizen,” concluded Leahy.

Listen to the full segment:

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