Mark Levin’s TV Program Spends Full Half Hour on ‘White Privilege’ Videos from Williamson County Schools Obtained by The Tennessee Star


On Wednesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy held a special discussion after Mark Levin featured the WCS boards in service training modules on the Mark Levin’s show BlazeTV Tuesday evening.

Throughout the segment, Gill and Leahy discussed Mark Levin’s response to the videos and talked about how other counties might be putting this racist and biased agenda into their in-service teacher trainings. The men called for citizens to take control of their schools and to investigate whether or not their schools are taking part in this anti-American agenda.

(BlazeTV Show audio plays)

Gill: That’s Mark Levin on his show on The Blaze last night literally took an entire segment, thirty minutes of the show and dissected the Williamson County white privilege video as you heard it there. That’s just kind of the initial part where he was breaking it down. He literally went segment by segment tearing it apart as it went. And again in the way that the brilliant Mark Levin can do. He illustrates the idiocy of this whole thing including this cultural norm business. And this is where I think is probably the most disturbing aspect of the video, I mean the racism is bad, ok the racism is really bad when all white people are bad. We’re going to dissect and diminish the cultural norms. That the cultural norms of America, who we are as America, our structure our system is evil. That’s the underlying focus of these modules that America doesn’t work because of our cultural norms. That if you speak in proper English (Blahahah) you’re adhering to the cultural norms. If you know right from wrong and try to follow right more than wrong, good versus evil, oh those are American cultural norms. Showing up for work on time and working hard, that work ethic, whoa, that’s that American cultural norm. Can’t have none of that! And this is the junk, I’ll use that word instead of another word, (Leahy laughs) this is the junk that Mike Looney, the superintendent of schools and the school board in Williamson County are shoving down the throats of teachers to in turn shove it down the throats of our kids.

Leahy: And in doing so in a way that apparently is not legally authorized. They haven’t received, they haven’t followed the law to be able to do this. This is what our story is about.

Gill: At least they’re trying to do from the best I can understand, because they’re still not producing the documents in violation of the law. They’re trying to pull the Bill Clinton (Gill speaks in a Bill Clinton imitation) What is is? I don’t know what is is? I don’t know that I was ever alone in the White House with anybody. You can’t really be alone in the White House there’s people everywhere. You know, I don’t know. What is is? (Leahy chuckles) They’re trying to play this game with what is a plan. The law requires them to submit and get approval of a plan at the state level and by the school board. They’re trying to diminish that into the lowest common denominator of “We said we were going to teach in-service.” And that’s pretty much the plan.

Leahy: Even that. Even that. There’s no document as required by law.

Gill: Now this is kind of what they’re saying. We don’t see the document.

Leahy: We haven’t. No, yeah, yeah yeah.

Gill: We haven’t seen it. This is what they’re pushing out there.

Leahy: They’re trying to in their…

Gill: And yet. And yet. These are people that know what a plan is.

Leahy: Yeah.

Gill: Because the state law and the superintendent of schools and the school board, and the teaching bureaucrats in Williamson County, they know what a plan is. Because teachers are required to submit lesson plans. You know a plan. They’re required to submit lesson plans for their evaluation, for the determination of whether they get raises, whether they retain their jobs, if they’re a probationary teacher, whether they get a job. They know what a plan is. And these detailed lesson plans..

Leahy: Yeah they’re pretty detailed aren’t they?

Gill: Are extremely detailed

Leahy: Yeah.

Gill: And they also evaluate you under Tennessee law that Williamson County supposedly adheres to with the teachers in the classroom. They also determine whether you teach to the plan. So it’s not just submit a plan then you can do whatever you want willy nilly. You’ve got to submit a detailed lesson plan, there’s that plan word. Shouldn’t be any concern over what is is. A lesson plan. And then they actually evaluate you by your teaching to that plan. So, what the state ought to do, is use the general accepted term of the word plan, like a lesson plan and look at whether these plans submitted by these counties comply with what a lesson plan would do and then follow up and determine whether they actually follow the plan and when they teach. They have to teach this in service stuff to qualify for retaining their status as a qualified school in Tennessee.

Leahy: Exactly.

Gill: If you’re not submitting the plan and you’re not teaching to the plan. It ought to be the same thing they do with teachers. You don’t get credit which means the teachers have to show up and do another round. And when you start getting people complaining about the waste of money because they’re not following the law and doing what they’re supposed to, then you’ll see superintendents like Mike Looney removed. By law.

Leahy: There’s no evidence of whatever they’re calling a plan has been submitted anywhere down the chain which is required by law. No evidence. We contacted the twelve members of the Williamson County school board. Not a single one of them would comment on this.

Gill: Well then one of the department of education folks said we don’t have anything responsive to your foyer request which was a copy of the plan. That by itself would seem to indicate, unless they’re lying at the Department of Education, it would seem to indicate that there is no plan on file…

Leahy: That would indicate it.

Gill: There was no plan submitted of any kind.

Leahy: Because they’re seven days past responding as required by law. We’re today fourteen of the requirement of our open records request that they give us a copy of the Williamson County school plan required by law to be submitted by June first of this academic year, last June first of their plan for this in-service training and the document that shows the approval of that plan by former commissioner Candace McQueen now thorough our sources she said never approved such a plan. They haven’t produced us. They told us we don’t have any responsive documents. What are we to conclude other than there’s not approval?

Gill: That seems to indicate the file is empty. Now what else did Levin have to say? Let’s go to clip four is next. This is again, Mark Levin, on Blaze TV dissecting this outrageous, racist, anti-American, teaching curriculum of Williamson County schools.

(BlazeTV audio plays) 

Gill: Yeah again. When you just take this word by word. They had the visuals they had the video playing. And again there’s not justification for this junk. And keep in mind this was paid for, this was produced, somebody wrote the script, somebody filmed this with taxpayer dollars. And we still don’t have those numbers either.

Leahy: Yeah. Well we know that in-service training for this academic year in Williamson County is six hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars. This is in that bucket. Last year it was only like five hundred and sixty thousand dollars. So it’s like a twenty two percent increase and that increase apparently was used to produce this particular video. By the way, Levin really wasn’t sure this was really, you gotta hear this line.

(BlazeTV Show audio plays followed by American Idol clip)

Gill: Now we got a text from a listener who’s spouse is a teacher in Rutherford County who thought we might be interested in the fact that, “When the state of Tennessee grades teachers, they get more credit and higher scores if they have improved the Tennessee Ready scores of non-white children.” The same goes for how principals in schools are scored as well. So teachers are taught and principals reinforce it. You must focus on the non-white children because the scores and advancement of non-white children is what will improve their scores individually as teachers and the school and the principals score, and therefore, when white children improve it doesn’t really help the teachers, school, or principals score. This is as pure a form of racism as you can find.

Leahy: Hold on. So this wasn’t you talking, this was a Rutherford County teacher talking. Is that right?

Gill: Yes this is her spouse explaining what happens and I’ve talked to some other teachers since I got that text yesterday. this is exactly what happens. That when they look at the Tenn Ready scores, if they can ever get the test done properly. Teachers and school systems get scored higher. It’s all about, are we advancing the non-white kids. Now again, you’ve got twenty kids in the classroom, thirty kids in the classroom. You’re being told focus on the ten black or brown kids, not the white kids because the white kids aren’t going to help you. You can move a kid with a c average who’s a white kid to an a average. Not going to help you. Nobody’s going to care. You have to help the non-white kids. This is racism. It is not white privilege and it is the drivel that is being handled in our schools that is breaking down our culture, breaking down our country and is one of the reasons why you’ve got nearly half the kids being produced by Tennessee schools, according to the THEC, Tennessee Higher Education Report, nearly half our kids that our the best going on to college, about half are not meeting the standards or are having to have remedial work. That means having to do high school work in college in math. About a third having to do high school work in college in reading. This is what we’re producing. Governor Bill Lee says only about thirty seven percent of our third graders are reading at grade level. Maybe, maybe Williamson County and the rest of the counties in the state ought to be focused on teaching third graders to read rather than teaching them how awful America is and how evil white people are while only promoting teachers and advancing teachers based on how well they do teaching non-white kids. Racism is a problem in Tennessee. It’s a problem in our school system and our educated bureaucrats like Mike Looney.

Listen to the full hour:

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3 Thoughts to “Mark Levin’s TV Program Spends Full Half Hour on ‘White Privilege’ Videos from Williamson County Schools Obtained by The Tennessee Star

  1. […] I was a little bit incredulous but you know we are the outlet of The Tennessee Star. We broke the story about WCS requiring its teachers to participate in “White Privilege” training last […]

  2. Lou Ann

    Why does Looney or any school system dislike white children? Will it be tan children next or black children? Why would white children and their families be targeted over another? Who is doing the targeting? We are all God’s children, what gives any organization the right to put some in harm with taxpayer dollars. Those involved must be fired immediately. Reading the comments above, it goes much further, valuing the education and future dreams of one child over another, because of color. I am sickened. Gov. Lee, get us out of anything Obama put into our state, especially Common Core. Secondly, forget their tests, save the money, and let our teachers teach. Finally, the children pick up on the racist educational agenda. God Bless the Little Ones, ALL of them, they have to see this racism by adults.

    1. Joshua

      This seems to be curriculum everywhere in the united States and the critical theory ideology seems to have jumped through the roof during the Obama administration. They are teaching students to hate whites.