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One Thought to “State Rep. Scott Cepicky Is Still a ‘No’ on Education Savings Account Bill, But Is Waiting for Amendment from the Lee Administration”

  1. Kevin

    Just another case of government holding the citizens hostage! In this case, it’s the “Public Education” Industrial Complex that is to blame. Publicly funded (yes, your tax dollars) organizations like TSBA (TN School Board Assoc.) and TOSS (TN Org. of School Superintendents) in collusion with the TEA (TN Education Assoc. aka teachers union) are up at the Capital in Nashville lobbying/threatening House Reps. It’s a shame that Rep. Cepicky and others don’t see through this charade!

    These groups don’t want competition within the education arena. Competition means, well competition, for resources, students, etc., etc. And ESA’s and school choice creates competition! Which means options for parents of kids in failing schools and for teachers to “shop around” for better pay! But that means that the TSBA, TOSS and TEA can’t hold students and teachers down, using them as pawns to get more money, so that they can grow the size of the Public Education bureaucracy. very sad!