Rep. Green Calls for House Intel Committee Chairman Schiff to Step Down Since He Is a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

U.S. Rep. Dr. Mark Green (R-TN-07) called out a leading Democrat as a “conspiracy theorist” over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Green called for the resignation U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA-28) as chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Green made his remarks on “America’s Newsroom: on Fox News on Tuesday. The video is available here. (Green addresses the question around the 2:15 minute mark.)

“We have no evidence of collusion [between Trump and Moscow to throw the 2016 election]. In fact, the only collusion has been between the liberal media and the DNC to throw the 2020 election.”

“We don’t need a conspiracy theorist running our House Intel Committee.”

Green’s statement was made in light of Schiff questioning implying the Russians offered intel on Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump’s son showing interest, according to Fox News.

Schiff last week said his committee might subpoena Mueller to get a fuller understanding about the details of his report.

“If necessary, we will call Bob Mueller or others before our committee,” Schiff told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, noting also that the Judiciary Committee might summon Attorney General Bill Barr to answer questions as well.

The California Democrat’s comments came shortly after Mueller delivered Attorney General William Barr his report on Russia’s intervention into the U.S. election.

Green also told Fox Business Network’s “Trish Regan Primetime” that the Democrats have a clear agenda. The video is available here.

“Their goal is to take the president down,” Green said.

House Speaker U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12) could pressure Schiff to step down from his post or even force him out “for the integrity of the committee and for the integrity of the House,” Green said.

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6 Thoughts to “Rep. Green Calls for House Intel Committee Chairman Schiff to Step Down Since He Is a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’”

  1. It’s just schiff doing what schiff does… He’s nothing more than just another conspiracy theorist. We have enough of those already, we certainly don’t need any more. What part of “did not happen” does schiff not understand?! I mean, this whole Russian conspiracy hoax has been investigated several times over and has been determined unfounded.

    Go away schiff. You’re embarrassing yourself and those who let you out of your cellar.

  2. Alzine

    I think you people do not care about our democracy at all I listen to trump and what he says makes me sad for our country. No integrity, honor or decency. Absolutely no morals. How can we be proud of someone who is a childlike bully. When are you people going to get a backbone and tell him his actions and words are not acceptable. I am so saddened when he puts our own people and country down in front of the whole world. God bless our country with decent speaking and diplomatic leaders which trump certainly is not. I know we have good and decent people on both sides but he is not one of them

  3. Charles Irwin

    He’s not just a conspiracy nut. He’s a Stalinist. You can’t investigate a person with no alleged crime in this country. He is attempting to run his committee like a police state. Fuck Adam Schiff!

  4. John Barnett

    Talk about abuse of power. This guy takes it to a new level. Resign now

  5. Janette Braswell

    DEMS will never make him do it so I think Americans should keep the pressure on…

  6. Steve

    Democrats? Integrity?

    You must come from a different planet.