Ohio Dentist Says She Will Torture ‘Zionist Patients’ With ‘Pleasure,’ Expresses Support for Hamas

A Cincinnati, Ohio dentist was recently exposed for suggesting that she would torture “Zionist patients” and repeatedly expressed support for Hamas, a terrorist organization.

According to her LinkedIn page, Nessreen Zayed is a dentist in the Cincinnati area, though it’s unclear where she’s currently employed.

Canary Mission unearthed dozens of controversial statements made on Zayed’s Twitter page, including one in which she said she “will enjoy doing this to Zionist patients” with “pleasure.” The comment was made in a response to a scene from the movie “A Little Shop of Horrors.” In the scene, Steve Martin joyfully sings and dances while torturing his patients in the dentist’s chair.

In several other tweets, Zayed openly praised Hamas and said she “loves” the terrorist organization.

“Sorry we still love Hamas,” she wrote in one tweet. “I love Hamas u [sic] can ask Hamas,” she said in another.

“I know resistance has started before Hamas but right now Hamas is the only one defense the Palestinian that’s a fact we can’t,” she said in yet another tweet with numerous typos and grammatical errors.

She also referred to the “funeral of the 17 martyrs killed by Israel last month” as a “heartbreaking” display. Zayed was referencing a funeral for Hamas terrorists who were killed while committing terrorist attacks. In fact, in one tweet she said it was her “dream” for Hamas to “stab all Zionists,” saying she couldn’t “care less.”

Zayed rejoiced when Khader Adnan, a high-ranking member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, was “finally free” after serving time in an Israeli prison.

She also praised neo-Nazi Patrick Little, who was a candidate for the U.S. Senate but was expelled from the California GOP convention for his anti-Semitic views.

“Patrick Little expelled from GOP 2018 convention for refusing to serve Israel,” Zayed wrote in a tweet, and linked to a video of Little standing on an Israeli flag and saying he will “not serve a foreign government.”

According to Canary Mission, Little allegedly called for a “country free of Jews,” promised legislation that would impose the “death penalty for any politician introducing a bill that would lead to foreign aid to Israel,” praised Hitler’s autobiography, and denied the Holocaust.

In other tweets, Zayed has said that a “world without Zionists” is a “better world,” and claimed that the world would “live in peace” if “we get rid of your Israel.”

On her Twitter bio, Zayed describes herself as a “Palestinian dentist,” “proud Muslim,” and “temporarily in the exile [sic]” in the United States.

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