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2 Thoughts to “Commentary: A Family Illness Highlighted the Importance of Educational Freedom”

  1. Lon Chenowith

    Appealing article and well-stated. Education of children belongs to the parents, not the state, though that does not exempt parents who are guilty of negligence. Parental choice in education makes the field more competitive–a much needed incentive for public schools who put a lot of dollars toward administration and sports, not so much to teachers’ salaries.

    Tax payers should not be forced to support failing schools. Private schools would be open to all and home schooling would get fair play. American public education is not competitive in international ranking. The more money government has allotted, the further behind the USA has fallen. Curriculum would also be under scrutiny, which is much needed!

  2. Ginny Miles

    Great article, Sam Nienow! Thanks for sharing.