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One Thought to “Teachers Wearing Sunglasses to Ostensibly Protect Identities Join Small Protest Outside Tennessee Capitol Over Education Savings Account Plan”

  1. Randy Pace

    As the Host of the event in Knoxville, I have first hand Knowledge of the actual number of protesters. It was nowhere near 200. The number was inflated by local media (as usual) in an attempt to bolster the argument that ESA’s are bad. The unions and acedemic administrations are once again selling the public and the people that rely on them for their livelihood a bag of misinformation (lies). For an organization that professes to be concerned about bullying, they seem to do an awful lot of it themselves. Tell one truth or offer one fact and watch how quickly they put together a red shirt rally to spread hateful and hypocritical messages. I wonder if they considered the impact of their rally on the young woman who happened to be having her wedding at that same venue that day? For a group that accuses other people of being insensitive, they missed the mark on this day, as did the press.