House Democrats Introduce ‘Minnesota Green New Deal’ Written By High School Students

Minnesota lawmakers have officially introduced a state level “Green New Deal” that was inspired in large part by youth-activist organizations.

In fact, when introducing his bill Wednesday, Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL-Minneapolis) said it was the “first time” he’s ever “witnessed high school students actually writing a bill.” Hornstein was joined at a Wednesday press conference by a handful of student activists with the climate group “MN Can’t Wait,” according to MPR News.

The bill itself, officially titled “Minnesota Green New Deal Act,” calls for making the state’s electricity 100 percent carbon-free by 2030. It would also place a “construction moratorium” on allowing state agencies to issue permits to “construct a facility to transport, store, or process coal, crude oil or its derivative products, propane, or natural gas.”

“The commission is prohibited from issuing a certificate of need to construct an electric generating plant powered by coal, products refined from crude oil, or natural gas,” the bill adds.

Hornstein’s legislation would also establish a “Climate Change Advisory Council” that would “provide recommendations to improve Minnesota state government operations, functions, and policies to identify groups and individuals in need of assistance in adapting to climate change and develop programs to assist those groups and individuals.”

It also calls for job training programs for occupations that are “heavily represented in industries that produce green products and services.”

Some students involved with MN Can’t Wait spoke at Wednesday’s press conference, saying the bill will set “the table for a new future.”

“This bill presents us not only with a solution to climate change, but to improve the economy and quality of life for all Minnesotans,” student Gabe Kaplan said, while another said the bill “is about what is necessary.”

“We just launched the first ever youth led statewide green new deal! Minnesota is making history,” another student wrote on Twitter.

The bill was officially introduced in the House on Thursday and referred to the House Ways and Means Committee. It currently has 13 Democratic cosponsors, and zero Republicans. It’s unlikely the bill will find any success outside of the Democratic-controlled House.

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2 Thoughts to “House Democrats Introduce ‘Minnesota Green New Deal’ Written By High School Students”

  1. L.P. Barnett

    A bill introduced by a new crop of young socialists who, instead of learning to perform useful tasks such as debate or scientific research that actually has some basis in honesty, breathlessly tout nonsense while their Democrat mentors smilingly watch and applaud. I expect nothing less from these kind of people!

  2. When you are raised in an environment of stupid, there is only one way for you to turn out. This is only proof-positive. Good luck with all that, y’all. Just don’t move here when it all blows up in your faces.