Wilson County Residents Reportedly Want to Know When Yearly Vehicle Emissions Tests Will Stop

Wilson County residents are wondering when they can finally stop paying for yearly vehicle emissions tests, according to this week’s Lebanon Democrat.

State Rep. Clark Boyd, R-Lebanon, reportedly said his constituents ask about that all the time.

“One of the most common questions that I get from constituents in Wilson County is about the timeline for ending the vehicle emissions testing,” the paper quoted Boyd as saying.

“Although we moved quickly last year to pass legislation at the state level, we are now discovering that the wheels of bureaucracy move somewhat slower as we wait on the various stages before going to the federal government for final approval.”

Boyd co-sponsored a bill, which former Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law, to end vehicle emissions testing if the Environmental Protection Agency approved.

“Although all 95 counties have reached attainment status related to ozone, the state must maintain air quality and demonstrate to the EPA that elimination of the testing program will not interfere with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards,” according to The Lebanon Democrat.

“Currently, the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation is finalizing its analysis of whether the elimination of testing will interfere with NAAQS. Once the phase is complete, the next phase will include briefing and receipt of approval from the state Air Pollution Control Board, a public hearing and comment required by federal law and the rulemaking process under state law, as well as a review by the attorney general and General Assembly. It is estimated the phase would be completed by spring 2020 and will then be submitted to the EPA for final approval. Once submitted, the EPA has up to 18 months to make its final approval.”

As The Tennessee Star reported last December, vehicle owners in Tennessee may have to wait three additional years before they find out whether government officials will continue to force them to go through yearly vehicle emissions tests.

In August 2017, as reported, the EPA announced all of Tennessee’s 95 counties had complied with National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone and particulate matter.

Vehicle owners in Hamilton, Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson have used the annual emissions testing for years to comply with the federal Clean Air Act.

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2 Thoughts to “Wilson County Residents Reportedly Want to Know When Yearly Vehicle Emissions Tests Will Stop”

  1. Why are so many other counties already able to dismiss the testing? I understand the EPA wanting to evaluate and make a proper ruling, but the fact is, there are only a small number of counties in the state still doing the testing. This is ridiculous. It is not the cost for me, so much, but the extra hassle.

  2. 83ragtop50

    I wonder why some other states have already received permission to stop testing. Is the delay all the federal government’s doing or were Tennessee officials slow on submitting the request?