Report: Ilhan Omar Attacked US Soldiers Who Died Fighting In ‘Black Hawk Down’ Operation

by Jason Hopkins


A newly unearthed tweet shows Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar attacking the U.S. soldiers who fought and died in the Battle of Mogadishu.

“In his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day! #NotTodaySatan,” Omar wrote in a tweet in October 2017, uncovered Monday by John Rossomando of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Omar was responding to another tweet about the Battle of Mogadishu, a 1993 humanitarian operation by the U.S. military that sought to save starving Somalis by preventing food and aid from being captured by enemy combatants. The battle ultimately took the lives of 19 American soldiers and wounded 73 others, and it became the subject of the famous Hollywood movie “Black Hawk Down.”

Omar’s claim that “thousands of Somalis” were killed by American forces during that battle is wildly false by most expert’s estimations.

Captain Haad, a representative of the Somali National Alliance, said during a 2001 interview that 133 Somali militiamen died battling U.S. Delta Force soldiers and rangers, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism. Mark Bowden, the author of “Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War,” estimated that 500 Somalis died. More liberal estimations put the death toll near 1,000.

When reached by The Daily Caller News Foundation for a statement on Monday, a spokesman for Omar’s office said they were not aware of the tweet and did not have a comment.

Omar has generated numerous controversies since getting elected to Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in November. The first-term congresswoman received enormous criticism after video was uncovered of her describing the 9/11 terrorist attackers as “some people” who “did something.” In another unearthed video, Omar appeared to shrug off the severity of saying the name of “Al Qaeda,” and she mockingly noted that Americans don’t show the same kind of shock when speaking of “America” or the “Army.”

Omar was the subject of a House resolution that was originally meant to condemn anti-Semitism following her suggestion that lawmakers supportive of Israel have “dual loyalties.” However, following intense backlash from the Democratic Party’s more progressive wing, the resolution was changed to encompass most forms of bigotry and did not specifically condemn Omar’s remarks.

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8 Thoughts to “Report: Ilhan Omar Attacked US Soldiers Who Died Fighting In ‘Black Hawk Down’ Operation”

  1. Baconator

    What did she ever do for her s***hole Somalia?

  2. Edward Bruce

    Remove this POS from our country forcefully if need be. Anyone who objects goes with her. Who the F$#k elects these people?

  3. L. P. Barnett

    Sir, I salute you ……Semper Fi!

  4. Gary Russell

    To this day I can remember the smell of Mogadishu, and the tracers streaming into our camps.

    The donkey and goat towed carts filled with wood, and dirty water in gas cans, being dragged into the heart of the city to supply their destitute population. The donkeys and goats had bridles woven from copper wires and ropes made from electrical wire scavanged from the ruins. Starving people that lived in the concrete skeletal buildings hollowed and crumbling from civil war. UXO on every block. Mortar fins stuck up from the sandy soil like weeds.

    These people repurposed their once modern citys wasteland in every imagiable way. We were there to guard the food convoys, and stop the warlords from destroying the organizations sending in relief. Food there was a weapon. You only ate if you were a loyalist to a faction, and your faction had food hoards. And there was plenty of rice and beans…. but it was stored in warlord controled warehouses right next to their ammunition, fuel, and arms.

    We shure did kill alot of “hungry” people in the 31days I was there. I pesonaly experienced 7 firefights, one with air support that saved me and six others pinned behind a wall by a 12.5 HMG. Our Doc was shot, we had wounded, and pest related casualties.

    The most poignant moment for me was on a raid to Bakarra market. We put out perimiter security, and I took a corner short wall perch to give my AT4 gunners good fields of fire down a wide street.

    We were warry of hit and run shooters, and “technical” trucks with mounted heavy weapons.

    You expect civillians to get off the street. To get out of harms way. These people did not. They left their children playing in the gutters, and stood arround like we were a TV show. The adults ate enough to not be skin and bones. But the children were swolen bellied walking ribcages.

    There was a child 4-5 years old playing in a gutter 10ft away. I heard him making shooting noises at me…. This pathetic, starving, rags on skeleton child is dragging a home made toy truck with a dirty syringe taped on top. The toy was a wire frame pickup truck woven in and thru a reshaped shower shoe. Hollow D cell batteries as tires…

    And this child is playing at shooting me, and my marines, even as we are trying to get the people to go inside, and get these fuckin kids out from arround our position.

    And it struck me hard…. I played like this child with army men. My army men were hero’s. They fought against Hitler, Chinese hoards, and the cong /NVA to make a better world for children to thrive in.

    This child of savagery was being steeped in the lore of his people and culture. He was playing at killing us because we were interfering with his peoples reality.

    The depravity of that world. The refusal to protect themselves, and get out of harms way. The cheap value of life. The worthlessness of children in that society is at an opposite to ours.

    So when I hear a Somali imigrant try to accuse us of being brutal in our attempt to disrupt that “cullture”….

    I get sick. I seeth to dash her with a cup filled from a Somali street puddle. And point to those worthless starving children held hostage by tjeir cultures indifference.

    Be gratefull you escaped that hell. The hell somany of us fought on your behalf and to your benefit.

    1. Steve Smith

      WELL SAID SIR! I also am a vet and just wish i could write my thoughts as well as you. Thank you so much for your service. Viet Nam was another example of another messy situation, hard for some to understand. Thank you again, brother.

    2. Carol

      I was Evacing the wounded back to Germany The whole thing was a mess