Minnesota Rep Delivers Passionate Speech on Planned Parenthood’s Efforts to Infiltrate Public Schools


State Rep. Eric Lucero (R-Dayton) delivered a passionate speech on the floor of the Minnesota House last week on Planned Parenthood’s efforts to brainwash young children.

Lucero’s remarks were made in the context of a House debate on House File 2400, an omnibus education finance bill that would make changes to the way sexual health education is taught in the state’s public schools.

As Lucero sees it, the bill could support Planned Parenthood’s “goal of curriculum for elementary schools,” which includes a book called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” Planned Parenthood endorses the book as part of what it would like to see for comprehensive sexual education in elementary and middle schools.

“I previously referenced the language in the bill that talks about this content is going to be targeted at elementary students,” Lucero began. “When I look at the cover of this book, it’s for age ten and up.”

He proceeded to read portions of the book to his fellow members, noting that if the “decorum exists to expose fourth graders to this content, then this content can be exposed here on the House floor.”

“I see a picture here for a fourth grader of a woman being taught to look in a mirror in a compromising position. Fourth graders! Page 43—masturbation is perfectly normal,” Lucero read from the book. “Rep. Lippert, you referenced we all are looking to have the same goal. This is not the goal that I have. To expose fourth graders to masturbation, and that it’s perfectly normal. No way.”

Lucero said he hates that he has to “describe this book,” but said that “the fact is this is what the language in this bill before us seeks to expose the minds of our young people to.”

“Before we cast that vote, we need to be familiar with the content that you’re voting to expose their minds to,” he continued. “The book speaks about anal, oral, vaginal sex and that they’re all equivalent.”

He went on to say that the book “speaks about pornography and that it is not bad for you.”

“That is not true. Psychology demonstrates that exposure to pornographic material has a detrimental impact, especially in the minds of young people who can’t comprehend the material,” he said. “Page 52 speaks about vaginal intercourse and orgasms, and it has a picture here of two people in a bed performing the act. Is this what ten-year-olds should be exposed to? Are you kidding me?”

“I just can’t believe this is even up for debate. This is perversion for our young people. Here it is on page 71. Abortion. Well that makes sense. You got Planned Parenthood who’s in the business of abortion, who makes money off abortion. They have a vested interest in promoting abortion to the ends of the earth so they can increase their profit. So of course they’re going to endorse a book that’s promoting abortion,” Lucero said later in his remarks.

He concluded by noting that the bill would move “exposure to this content to the elementary age group” and would be assumed acceptable “unless the parent opts out.”

The bill passed out of the House in a 78-55 vote, and is now being considered by the Republican-controlled Senate.

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