Commentary: What’s the Goal of New York’s Muslim Community Patrol?

by CHQ Staff


Just in case you still believe that the Muslim threat to American civilization and constitutional liberty is a conspiracy theory we have a report from New York to share with you.

Sounding quite benign, Brooklyn’s “Muslim patrol” says it hopes to work with police to help make their neighborhood more “Muslim-friendly.”

According to reporting by Caleb Maupin the Brooklyn-based “Muslim patrol” was founded by a Yemeni migrant and boasts at least 30 members. He says the Muslim Community Patrol’s (MCP) main aim is to be the “eyes and ears” of Brooklyn’s Muslim community. Formerly known as the Muslim Civilian Observation Patrol & Services (MCOPS, or Muslim COPS), MCP has been patrolling Brooklyn’s streets since September 2016 and leaving behind traces of the Islamist agenda which guides its growing membership.

With uniforms and marked cars complete with sirens, the group could easily be mistaken for regular police – but they’re not. The patrolmen are unarmed and have no police powers. Instead, the group claims it radios to police if they encounter something that requires police action.

We are quite interested in exactly what kind of “eyes and ears” the Brooklyn Muslim community might need, because the “Muslim patrol” sounds suspiciously like the Mutaween or Islamic religious police of Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Would they report “un-Islamic,” such as drinking alcohol, conduct back to the Imam and elders of local mosques?

Would they seek to enforce Islamic dress codes, at least on Muslim women?

How about demanding that dogs be kept out of “Muslim neighborhoods,” as has happened in European countries?

Would they try to Islamize neighborhoods by driving out un-Islamic businesses or individuals?

What’s more, while there were 14 documented cases of anti-Muslim crimes in New York last year, for comparison, the Anti-Defamation League published statistics showing that 17 of the 39 incidents of physical assault against Jews nation-wide in 2018, happened in the state of New York, amounting to some 43% of all such assaults. And, while hate crimes against New York’s Muslims are not to be tolerated, there were also instances where the greater New York City community needed protection from Muslims.

As Benjamin Baird reported for the American Spectator, on December 3, members of a Muslim funeral procession became incensed after a FedEx truck driver accidentally backed into a mourner on a crowded Brooklyn street. An angry mob surrounded the vehicle, smashed out the truck’s windows and assaulted the couriers. One of the mourners was arrested, and the truck drivers were hauled off to jail for defending themselves with fire extinguishers and box cutters.

The prospect of an armed sectarian patrol is even more concerning when MCP’s close relationship with a controversial Islamic charity is explored says Baird. Khashif Hussain, an MCP leader and NYPD Auxiliary Sergeant, co-founded Muslims Giving Back (MGB), an Islamist nonprofit infiltrated in 2012 by undercover NYPD informants in a multi-year terrorism probe.

NYPD court documents filed in the Brooklyn Federal Court allege that MGB co-founder Asad “Ace” Dandia organized a trip to Pakistan in 2011 to join an extremist group, sympathized with Al Qaeda, spoke highly of the late Al Qaeda commander Anwar al-Awlaki, and promoted violence against Shiite Muslims. Dandia planned the 2011 trip with “close associate” Justin Kaliebe, who was arrested in February 2013 after attempting to join Al Qaeda factions in Yemen.

MCP Vice President Noor Rabah is also affiliated with Muslims Giving Back through the Janazah Project. Mr. Baird reported a now-deleted flier advertised an Oct. 12, 2016 MCOPS meeting and noted that the group discussed “Applying for Handguns & Shotguns.”

As part of its charity work, says Baird, MGB regularly practices Dawah, an Arabic word which usually means “issuing a summons” or “making an invitation” to Islam. While most Muslims simply think of Dawah as an opportunity to promote a pious lifestyle and spread the faith through good deeds, groups like MGB and MCP depart from this traditional form of missionary work and use humanitarian action as a tool for radical Islamization in both Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Rabah describes MCP’s mission as “Dawah through action,” a slogan borrowed from MGB and the modus operandi of other Islamist groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Baird says MCP derives its legitimacy from subverting social and political institutions and taking ownership of civic responsibilities where the city lacks the resources or social capital to respond adequately. By policing Muslim neighborhoods that distrust the NYPD, and feeding the homeless where the city is accused of neglect, MCP leaders hope to win over adherents — both Muslims and non-Muslims — to their extreme version of Islam.

(We note for the record these are the same tactics employed by other revolutionary groups, including Communists and Islamists.)

Other evidence exists suggesting that MCP promotes a hardline version of Islam, reports M. Baird. Besides acting as “a deterrent to neighborhood crime,” the organization also offers counseling for “family problems,” “marital discord,” and “domestic violence,” the same family law areas which frequently fall under the jurisdiction of Sharia courts.

Rabah’s Facebook page also provides some informative insights into the Islamic orthodoxy in store for Brooklyn’s cultural mosaic.

On June 19, Rabah published a letter sent to the New York’s State Liquor Authority, asking its chairman to deny a local business its liquor license and encouraging others to use his letter as a template to shut down the “Shaytanic club.” In January 2018, Rabah published an Islamic parable, implying that a 2.5 magnitude earthquake affecting Medina, Saudi Arabia was punishment for residents consuming alcohol, fornicating, and listening to music.

Given the group’s latent anti-Semitism, its ties to an embattled Islamist charity, and its secondary mission to impose hardline ideology on Brooklyn’s Muslim and non-Muslim residents, we wonder exactly what kind of “eyes and ears MCP will turn out to be, because unfortunately for the residents of Bay Ridge and Sunset Park, MCP is just getting started.

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