Iran Says Will Withdraw from Obama’s Nuclear Deal, Threatens Resumption of Uranium Enrichment

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Iran’s president said Wednesday the country will stop complying with parts of former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal, Fox News said.

Hassan Rouhani set a 60-day deadline for new terms before resuming higher uranium enrichment, Fox News said. It has been a year since President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from Obama’s 2015 agreement. The breakaway could further escalate tensions between Iran and the United States.

ABC News reported that the recent decision to send an aircraft carrier and bombers to the Middle East to deter Iran stemmed in part from intelligence that the nation was possibly transporting missiles on boats in the Persian Gulf.

In response to Iran’s announcement, U.S. Rep. Dr. Mark Green (R-TN-07), gave the following statement:

“President Trump was absolutely right to back out of the Iran Deal in 2017. Technically, the Obama administration willed the JCPOA into existence. Iran never signed the deal in the first place and it was never a treaty approved by Congress. Now Iran is announcing it is pulling out of that same nuclear deal and sets an ultimatum to renegotiate terms. How do you back out of a deal never acknowledged in the first place?

“Clearly, Iran is attempting to negotiate another deal with the current administration, perhaps trying to get another $400 million delivered via cargo plane. But I don’t think the author of the Art of the Deal will fall for it like Obama did.

“The Iranian regime is despotic. They treat their own people horribly and sponsor terrorist groups like Hamas – the same group that just dropped 690 rockets into Israel and inadvertently killed a Palestinian mother and her infant child.”

Green is a veteran of the Army who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His most noted mission was the one that resulted in the capture of Saddam Hussein, according to a press release from his office. Green interrogated Hussein for six hours.

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