Todd Starnes of Fox News Talks to The Tennesse Star Report About the Democratic Candidates’ Bizarre Personal and Political Playbook for 2020


In a detailed discussion on Thursday morning’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – hosts Leahy and Gill welcomed long-time friend and media ally Todd Starnes of Fox for a discussion about Joe Biden’s campaign in comparison to Bernie Sanders and the heart of the Democratic parties identity politics playbook.

Gill: Long time friend and media ally, Todd Starnes from Fox Nation, from Fox News Nation. You occasionally see him on Fox News as well. And Todd, there are things that are scary in life, I mean, clowns, spiders, the monsters that are under your bed. But apparently for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez one of things that scare her, that terrifies her that we see at, Todd’s website is her garbage disposal.

(Leahy chuckles)

Starnes: Yeah.


Gill: I mean I understand creepy clown, spiders, snakes. Garbage disposals?

Starnes: You know Steve, I thought the weirdest thing was Beto Francis O’Rourke the fake Mexican wandering around in the New Mexican wilderness eating dirt. I thought that was going to be the weird part of the Democratic party. As you point out, AOC has just moved into a brand new apartment in Washington, D.C. that comes equipped with a garbage disposal. And she posted this video online saying that she didn’t know what this was.

She had never heard of a garbage disposal and she was terrified. As if there was some sort of zombie-like creature underneath the sink you know growling as she dumped food into it. It’s just unbelievable.

Gill: When we look a the cast of clown card characters that are running for President their policies are scary but they’re personal foibles as you point out are worse. You have the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren now calling for the impeachment of President Trump because she really really really doesn’t like him. You got Beto O’Rourke who let’s us watch as he gets his teeth cleaned.

And then as you point out apparently after he got defeated for the US Senate in Texas apparently went out and ate dirt in the New Mexican dessert because that was going to be where he got back in touch with the earth. Amy Klobuchar eats a salad with a comb because her staffer didn’t bring her a fork. I forgot, Elizabeth Warren, “Excuse me let me get me a beer.” While she’s doing her announcement. These people are just bizarre people.

Starnes: Yeah, they really are. There’s Mayor Pete. I have to tell ya, what President Trump did last night. He had a fun little bit where he tried to pronounce Mayor Pete’s last name. It’s pretty hilarious.

Gill: By the way first of all Todd,  can anybody troll the opposition in the history of politics better than Donald Trump?

Starnes: He’s brilliant. He is brilliant. Unbelievable. You know I overheard a liberal actually talking about Adam Schiff and they called him a congressman pencil neck.


Gill: When the nickname sticks you know you picked the right one.

Leahy: Yeah, he’s great at nicknames.

Starnes: You know, George W did that. But I don’t think he did that as well Donald Trump did. And is doing. But you know to your point Steve, yeah there’s a whole lot of nothing over on the Democrat side. I wrote a book a couple of years back. The Deplorables Guide to Making America Great Again. I predicted that the big problem in 2020 was going to be the Democrats struggling with socialism.

Again, Bernie Sanders forty percent of the Democrats in those primaries voted for Bernie Sanders the socialist and a lot of those people have gotten older and they are still socialists. We have a lot of young Democrats coming out of the public education system. They’re embracing socialism as well. I would not be surprised if at the end of the day that Bernie Sanders is the guy.

Gill: And you’ve got Venezuela as exhibit A of how socialism doesn’t work and they’re not going to let the facts get in the way of they’re political beliefs. Todd Starnes with us by the way. Go to on the web. Todd’s going to be in Tennessee. He’s a Tennessean. Grew up in Memphis. Still get’s back there now and then for a fresh dose of BBQ. But Todd’s going to be in Wilson County next week for the Wilson County Reagan Trump dinner and I’m going to be MC’ing it. Todd’s going to be in town.

If you’ve not gotten your tickets yet go to on Facebook. We have it posted up there and details on how you can get tickets and be sure to join us there. Todd when you look at this kind of political arena that we’re playing in. You think that the Biden boomlette may drop down and Bernie ends up as the guy.

Starnes: I sure do. Biden, his numbers are inflated right now. The guy is just not a good campaigner. He’s not attracting the large crowds right now and I do think that Bernie Sanders is going to have the momentum unless someone else jumps into the race. I don’t see that happening. Now the question is, what about Pete Buttigieg? Newt Gingrich was, I had Newt Gingrich on the show, I sure hope I got that name right.

(Gill and Leahy laugh)

Leahy: Well Oprah calls him Battapoopbattabing. Or something like that.  (Starnes chuckles)

Starnes: Mayor Bukadebepa.


Starnes: It’s interesting, Newt Gingrich says that Pete Buttigieg reminds him of Jimmy Carter. And he said if you remember back in the nineteen seventies there were like twenty or thirty, there was a huge crowd of Democrats running and nobody could get the upper hand and Jimmy Carter kind of rose to the top.

But even some liberals now are coming out and saying that Buttigieg is a little bit too vanilla. They’re complaining that he’s a white man. And they really want diversity. And that they don’t think, and there was actually a big complain among LGBTQ Democrats that he’s not gay enough. I don’t know what the heck that’s all about.

(Leahy laughs)

Gill: And the gay issue is important. If this mayor of a small failing city was married to a female school teacher nobody would be paying him any attention just like they’re not paying any attention to about twenty other candidates who have announced who are members of Congress that nobody’s heard of either. He is running completely on the fact that I’m gay and I’m married to a man.

Starnes: Well yes and again this identity politics. I mean look at what do you think the Obama presidency was all about? How do you think he beat Hillary Clinton? Remember, actually plays, just remember this, they played the race card against the Clintons in South Carolina.

At the heart of the Democrat party, it really is about that identity. Identity politics. And so you know the question for mayor Pete, is he going to be able to maneuver through and gain some ground. And what is his platform? You’ve got Anderson Cooper calling the guy out, “Hey look I get it, but you don’t have a platform.”

Gill: Well none of the Democrats do. And I guess my question Todd is, does the focus on their bizarre personal characteristics actually help them by disguising the bizarre policy positions they take if you get past the other aspects of coverage. When you get down to what they’re for or what they’re against, that’s even more bizarre than they’re personal lives.

Starnes: And you see Steve Gill this is why you’re the number one talk radio host in the state of Tennessee. (Leahy chuckles) It’s because you’re absolutely right. It doesn’t matter how it’s packaged. What’s inside is still the same. We’ve got some looney tune politics going on over on the Democrat side of the isle.

Leahy: Following up on that Todd, this is Michael Patrick Leahy. We’ve not met yet. We’re going to be there at the Wilson County Republican event next Friday. On the fourteenth. That’s actually not next Friday, it’s next Tuesday. Tuesday. We’re going to be there. We got the day right.

Gill: We’re calendar conflicted. We have to look at the calendar. What day is that?

Leahy: What day is it? So, Todd, the question about Bernie Sanders is…Joe Biden announces goes way up in the polls by twenty points, by thirty points and that seems to coincide with Bernie Sanders wanting all convicted felons to be able to vote. Do you see that as an insurmountable policy problem for Bernie Sanders?

Starnes: I don’t think so. Because again they’re going to start looking at Joe Biden and his wealth. You know, Joe Biden has portrayed himself as this blue-collar guy. He’s a multi-millionaire and his son has some serious nefarious activities that are coming to light. There are some conversations and investigations involving deals with the Ukrainians. That’s all going to come out.

And when it does, I think Bernie Sanders is going to have the ability to portray Joe Biden as someone he’s not. And I’ve got to tell you something, this hashtag Metoo stuff, as crazy as some of these allegations are, that really matters to some of the far left of the party and they’re not willing to give up the fact that this guy is a serial hair fondler and loves to have people sit on his lap.

(Leahy laughs)

Gill: He’s the original scratch and sniff candidate.

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