Vice President Pence Calls for Omar to be Removed from House Foreign Affairs Committee


Vice President Mike Pence said during his visit to Minnesota last week that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05) has “no place” on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

In early April, the GOP pushed for Omar’s removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee in response to her description of the 9/11 terror attacks as “some people did something.”

Pence was in Minnesota Thursday to urge Congress to pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and spoke with Fox News about Omar’s comments.

“Look, Ilhan Omar has made statements, anti-Semitic comments, statements against our most cherished ally, Israel, that ought to be rejected by every American,” Pence said.

“And frankly, the fact that very recently she’s been trying to blame the United States of America for the deprivation and the poverty brought on by the dictatorship in Venezuela, it tells me—look, the people of Minnesota will decide whether or not she remains in Congress, but Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has no place on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Democratic leadership ought to remove her,” he continued.

Pence recently criticized Omar for her comments on the political situation in Venezuela. Omar said in early May that America has “helped lead the devastation in Venezuela.”

“As Venezuelans take to the streets to stand for their freedom against an oppressive dictator, Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar chooses socialism over freedom,” Pence wrote on Twitter. “The Trump administration stands with the freedom-loving people of Venezuela.”

Pence had previously said that Omar doesn’t “know what she’s talking about” when it comes to Venezuela.

“Women of color have heard this before. Instead of ‘we disagree,’ it’s ‘she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.’ They have to make us feel small,” Omar replied. “This from an administration that thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax.”

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