One America News Network’s Neil McCabe Joins The Tennessee Star Report to Talk About the Consequences of the Mueller Report


On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to One America News Network’s Neil McCabe about how the tide is about to turn on the Democrats as the Mueller Report conveniently leaves out incriminating information begging for investigations.

Towards the middle of the show, McCabe advised that Attorney General William Barr is appointing a US attorney to look into the origins of the FBI probe.

Gill: A guy that keeps his eyes on the stories here in and nationally is Neil McCabe with One America News Network. You can find it I know on DirectTV because I’ve got it on mine. If you don’t have it on yours, demand that they add it to your cable network. Or just call Neil and he’ll tell you whatever story it is. We’ll give you his cell number. Is that ok Neil? We’ll just give people your cell number and they just call you directly and get the news.

McCabe: Yeah, whatever. (Gill chuckles) Call just to say whatever’s on their mind or talk about whatever’s gong on.

Gill: Then you’ll give them mine back and tell them Steve really likes to be called at two o’clock in the morning.

Leahy: Hey Neil, what’s going on with the President Tweeting all these great things about ONN. Are your ratings up? The President seems very interested in the ratings of ONN.

McCabe: Well yeah the President did Tweet about one of my stories which involved the United Kingdom spying on the Trump campaign and that was an amazing event. As you can imagine as I’m on the Metro sort of flipping through and I’m like oh, One America News..(Call dropped)

Leahy: We’ve lost Neil. One of those days Steve where, I think that must be skulduggery on the part of democrats who are now upset that Attorney General Bill Barr has appointed a special prosecutor to look into the origins of the Trump investigation…

Gill: Well that’s why they’ve been trying to smear Bill Barr for the last several weeks and months. They know what’s coming. They know what’s there. They know that this was a a scam. And it wasn’t just our opinion that it was a scam that it was based on false information. The documents prove that the justice department that those in our justice department knew based upon evidence.

Based upon documents that this Steele dossier was bogus when they were submitting it as evidence. As verified evidence to get warrants to be able to spy on people and apparently the British were spying on Trump. Our own Department of Justice and other intelligence services were spying on Trump. Apparently Michael, the Tennessee Star’s the only one’s who weren’t spying on Trump. (Leahy laughs)

Neil is back with us. And Neil this new investigation, Bill Barr appointing a US attorney to look into the origins of the FBI probe. This is what the Democrats have been terrified about the last several months.

McCabe: This guy Durham out of Connecticut, he is a very very serious guy. He’s the one who cleaned up the US Attorney’s office in Boston and in fact a lot people forget that Robert Mueller was the acting US Attorney in Boston and this tremendous evidence that Mueller knew while he was there that there were four men in prison for a crime that was actually committed by an FBI informant and he wrote to the Massachusetts parole board.

Well this is a fact, Mueller did write to the Massachusetts parole board to try to keep these guys in prison even though there was evidence that they didn’t do it. And Durham was the guy who not only sort of cleaned up what was going on with Whitey Bulger but Durham is also the guy who sprung these four guys that Mueller tried to keep in jail.

Gill: So Saint Bob Mueller is not the Saint the media depicts him as?

McCabe: He’s a bad man.


Leahy: By the way, there’s been all this speculation. The Democrats you know are all upset. They put Attorney General Barr in contempt of Congress because he’s not providing the un-redacted version of the Mueller Report. Apparently the only thing that’s not redacted there is grand jury testimony which he legally can’t do. But the Democrats now want Bob Mueller to come and testify. He seems re descent to do that. What’s going on there Neil?

McCabe: Well the way they want to set it up is they want the staff attorney’s to be able to participate in the hearing. Because what happens is everyone’s sort of familiar with this it goes, Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat sometimes five minutes each, sometimes ten minutes each. But in closed sessions what will happen is they’ll have the attorney’s or the staffers question a witness or if the witness is kind of a junior person so you have a deputy assistant of what not and the Congressmen or Senators have the staffers ask the questions.

What Barr is saying is “I’m the Attorney General. I’m not going  to be subjected to a cross examination by staff attorneys.” He says, “I’m not going to do it. Congressmen want to talk to me? I’ll talk to the Congressmen. But I’m not going to be held up in a spectacle.” Because one of the reasons why hearings don’t go on and on as they could is because that those that on the time so basically this allows the congressmen to sort of skip out on the hearing all together and just leave it to their servants. And Barr says, “I’m not going to be a part of that.”

Leahy: Well that’s the origin of the contempt charge against him in part. It’s also the failure to provide the full or correct decision not to provide…

McCabe: The six c that’s actually the grand jury testimony

Leahy: Right.

McCabe: And the issue with the grand jury testimony is. You know I spent thirty five million dollars for two years and gave you everybody you’ve ever known, I’ve wired tapped, I’ve looked through your emails and I can’t come up with a crime that I have the confidence to bring before a court. So instead of bringing you to court, I’ll put in a four hundred page report and just dump it on the world with no cross examination. There’s a lot of stuff in that Mueller Report that is completely biased where the escalpatory information was suppressed. In fact the example of Don McGahn which was big news.

Leahy: The former White House council.

McCabe: Yeah, Don McGahn tells the Mueller team, “I do not believe the President was trying to obstruct justice. The President was upset that he had the arguments with Bob Mueller. Before he was President, he thought Mueller would be biased against him. The Mueller team says that his trying to get rid of Mueller was rejecting to Mueller being the special prosecutor was an obstruction of justice.” McGahn said it wasn’t. That was not included in the report. And so it’s just another example of how this Mueller narrative is a very biased and subjective narrative. Not subject to cross examinations.

Let’s talk about the Trump Tower meeting. A lot of people  believe the reason why Don Jr. was not indicted for the Trump Tower meeting with people claiming to have Russians who claim to have information about Hillary Clinton is that Don Jr’s legal team would then have the right to discovery and they can start asking questions like, “Why was Glen Simpson from Fusion GPS meeting with these people the day before, the day of?”

Leahy: Yeah, like a set up.

Gill: The other thing Neil to me that has been lost in that whole Trump Tower meeting is it was about a twenty minute meeting. You have people who don’t speak English and we’re having translators translate. So by the time I ask a question, say something, it goes back and forth, it’s maybe a ten minute meeting. And that’s adding or taking away a minute or two of “Hey nice to meet you. Here’s this person. Here’s this person.” So, this was about a five minute meeting. They realized almost immediately that this was a bunch of bologna and got out of there. Nothing happened in a five to ten minute meeting.

McCabe: Nothing in five to ten minute meeting. But, here is Don Jr. reaching out or dealing with Russians about dirt on Hillary Clinton. It’s all for the Carter Page, FISA applications. In the document the FBI says “We know that we have to go after Carter Page because we have information from the Russians given to us by the Clinton Campaign.” The collusion of the Clinton campaign with the Russians is not speculation.

Leahy: There’s evidence there.

McCabe: It’s included. That’s why they want to suppress the back up documents for the Carter Page affidavit.

Gill: And it’s as much a setup as the Papadopolous where they gave him ten grand figuring he’d bring it back to the US and they’d be able to grab him on some sort of a currency violation. He was smart enough to give it to his lawyer in Greece and they had nothing on him. But they were just trying to set him up. It’s kind of like some of the process crimes. I think Neil this is why Mueller doesn’t want to have to testify because Republicans will ask him questions, not only about the complexion and the team he assembled of anti-Trump pro-Hillary lawyers and investigators.

They’re going to ask him about why you left this information out of your report that was exculpatory. And about the role of his FBI colleagues in: a. Trying to get their insurance policy and b. Setting people up. He doesn’t want to have to answer those questions Because he’ll either have to tell the truth and go to jail. Or lie and go to jail.

McCabe: People who are familiar with the Giuliani team or the President’s legal team told me that they have a running list of all of the ethical and professional misconduct done by members of the Mueller team. Giuliani told me himself on the record for ONN there’s one specific case where he caught them doing an unethical thing. And he said to me, “They know what it is. I’m not going to tell you what happened but they know exactly what happened and they know that I know.” And it leads me to believe that the reason Bob Mueller popped smoke so suddenly is I think that Giuliani just went to him and, “Boys, this is over or we’re going to talk about some of the things you’ve been doing.”

Gill: I wouldn’t want to be in Rudy’s target sites. Neil McCabe, One America News Network. We’ll talk to you again next week. Thanks for all the great work you do.

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