Boston’s Talk Radio King Howie Carr Joins the The Tennessee Star Report to Discuss ‘Bull Dog’ Special Prosecuter John Durham


On Friday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am-the duo welcomed longtime friend and the King of Boston radio, Howie Carr to the show to discuss current US Attorney John Durham’s history in Boston and his ability to prosecute the former intelligence staff of Comey, Brennan, McCabe and Starck.

Towards the end of the show, the men speculated when they might see some indictments and guessed that the spring of 2020 could be the time.

Gill: Howie Carr who has been aware of and focused on John Durham for a while who was investigating Whitey Bulger. And then Bob Mueller’s bogus prosecution of several individuals who were jailed improperly. Durham focused the attention that wasn’t the real bad guys. That there was a guy that was an FBI informant that Mueller was covering up for that was the real bad guy. Ultimately John Durham was able to get the folks who were wrongly prosecuted by Mueller released. And Howie Carr in Boston was in the thick of it. Howie, good to have you back with us.

Carr: Hey my pleasure. My pleasure. Yeah, he did a really good job. There was two generations of corruption in the FBI office in Boston and now thinking about it Struck was briefly assigned to Boston so you could say there are now three generations of corruption.

Gill: Wow.

Leahy: Wow, I didn’t know that. So Strzuck of Page and Strzuck the FBI love bird guy.


Carr: Yeah exactly, exactly. Loverboy is one of the and he said he doesn’t think that Durham is going to react very well to Peter Struck. But anyway the FBI totally corrupt in Boston and the US Attorney’s office was somewhat compromised because they knew all these guys. Janet Reno of all people said, “We have to bring in an outside prosecutor to handle this.” Which was about 1988 I’d say. He came in and he looked around Boston and he said, “Man this place smells.” And he set up his operations of Wooster which is thirty miles west. He wouldn’t even operate out of where these guys were. And he brought down Zip Connelly. He was the lead Whitey Bulger pay off guy. There were six to ten that were taking payoffs from Whitey Bulger.

Leahy: Zip Connelly? This was John Connelly the FBI agent who was crooked?

Carr: Yeah he was crooked. He got them on a racketeering wrap. It was a great case. And this is what really impressed me. You know these guys come in and they’re administrators but Durham actually prosecuted Connelly personality. And they let him sit back with his family. He brought his kids for trial and he was allowed to come in a back way like a judge. They cut him all this slack because he was so connected. But he got the conviction and it was a great job. It was a 10-year sentence for racketeering. Now he’s doing forty years for an organized crime hit that he set up in Florida. But you know Durham got the ball rolling.

But what was even more important is what you just mentioned. In 1965 the FBI was trying to protect the first snitch that they were going to put in the witness protection program. A guy named Joe Barboza. He killed somebody in a gangland hit. He and a couple of other guys that were sort of connected. And the FBI to protect their prize snitch framed four guys. They knew who was going to kill this gangster, this small-time hood before the hit actually went down. They sent in an authorization for release of information (ARIO), they called it in those days to J. Edgar Hoover. Who was going to be killed, who was going to kill him. The day after the sent another ARIO the hit went down, here are the guys that killed them. Then they framed four innocent guys to protect their snitches. Four guys!

Gill: And Mueller was in the middle of that?

Carr: Well here’s how it worked. This happened in ’65. He was still at Yale I guess or Princeton. They were thrown in jail (Inaudible talk) in 1973 I read a local best seller these guys had been framed. And I said, “How can write this if they’ve been framed? How are they still in jail?” So everybody knew they were innocent. But all through the ’80s they kept trying to keep these guys in jail to protect the FBI from embarrassment. Mueller was the acting US Attorney for a period of months and he never did anything to get them out.

And another US Attorney at the time is Bill Weld who’s now running for President. (Gill and Leahy laugh) You may or may not recall. And he actually wrote letters saying that they should keep these guys in jail who were innocent. Totally not guilty. Two of them were on death row! They spent 35 years in prison. So Durham comes to town, to Wooster and he starts digging into this and they tell him, “We’ve got a guy named Johnny Martorano. I wrote a book with him, Hitman.” Which you can still buy on Amazon. You know those guys were framed? There’s me and another guy that Joe Barboza said he framed him.” And it’s Durham who actually took the…

(Inaudible talk)

Leahy: So Durham is the guy Howie that got them out right?

Carr: Yeah he was. He got them out and then the postscript is (Inaudible talk) frivolous lawsuit 35 years on a frame job by the FBI.

Gill: You would think he would get pretty good compensation for that. Now, of course, Durham at that time…

Carr: Mueller was the director of the FBI when they came to trial in two thousand six. And he refused to turn over the exculpatory documents until…

Leahy: Really?

Gill: So these guys are as corrupt and dirty as it comes. Now Durham was a young US Attorney. He was a young prosecutor at that point. Howie, do you think he’s mellowed over time?

Carr: Look. It’s going to be very hard to smear this guy. He worked for two Democrat US Attorney Generals. We know and Reno and Holder, he came in on a CIA case and he’s worked for two Republican Attorney Generals. He’s worked for Mukasey you know again in the CIA case. And now Barr. He was also really endorsed by the two Democrat US Senators in Connecticut when he got the job. (Inaudible talk) They are the real Trump people. How are you going to smear this guy? He is a Republican. He is a conservative. But I think he’s pretty much down the line.

Gill: That won’t keep them from smearing him.

Leahy: Howie, last question here for you. If you are a former CIA director John Brennan or James Comey or anybody else who may of been involved in this deep state attempted a coup. Are you a little worried that bulldog John Durham is now essentially the special prosecutor looking into the origins of the Russian hoax?

Carr: Absolutely Michael. Look at this. This is like a beginning major criminal investigation. First, they say, “Aw they got nothing on me.” Right? That’s what they’ve been saying for two years. Now Clapper says, “Well, I guess spying was the right word.” (Gill and Leahy laugh) And so now they’re turning on each other. I mean look at Comey’s saying that McCabe is a liar. Rosenstein is going to lose his immortal soul. It was Brennan who wanted to put the Dossier from Clinton in the FISA warrant application. They’re turning on each other. And I love James Baker. You know the boy who’s been under investigation…

Leahy: Yeah.

Carr:…by Durham for seven months now. The former lawyer. He was on with Michael Isikoff and the stenographer for the deep state on a podcast the other night and he says, “Well you know, we didn’t do anything illegal. At least I didn’t do anything illegal.” (Gill and Leahy laugh) To me that sounds like something you tell a grand jury or when you’re doing a proffer. Which is basically at the opening negotiations of a plea bargain. I think everything is falling into place.

Gill: They’re going to be spilling their guts soon. To me Howie, the best indication of how much the left is in fear of this new prosecutor to investigate. Who will have the ability to send prosecutions for prosection? He’s not just going to do a report to Congress. He’s got the ability to issue indictments and go after people. When you listen to the leftist media talk about this guy, literally their voices tremble.

Carr: Yeah. I like the way the NYT’s said, “He’s doing a review. Not a criminal inquiry.” They won’t even say its a probe or an investigation. They call it a criminal inquiry. It doesn’t even rise to the level of that. They are just so full of it. If it’s a criminal review, why did Bakers lawyer in October refuse to let him answer questions from Congressman Jordan and Meadows? Because he said his client James Baker was the target of a criminal investigation.

Gill: If you had to look at a timeline Howie, how soon do we start seeing some indictments? Again whether it’s from Huber the US Attorney who’s investigating out in Utah. Whether it’s the inspector general report that’s due anytime. Whether it’s under John Durham. What’s your timeline of when we see the first person in handcuffs. Now they may not send them to their home at six in the morning with a SWAT team. They’ll probably get to come in the back door and go out the back door.

Carr: Yeah, like Connelly did.

Gill: First time somebody gets indicted?

Carr: Well Cory Lewandowski was on my show a couple of days ago and I asked him the same question. He said by March he thinks some of these guys will be on trial.

Leahy: Interesting Howie. Howie Carr the talk radio King of Boston. Our good friend. You can buy his books at Howie, thanks so much for joining us today.

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