State Rep. Matthew Hill Seeks House Speaker Position


State Rep. Matthew Hill (R-TN-07) said he will seek the Republican nomination for Speaker of the Tennessee House.

The Jonesborough Republican, who is the Deputy House Speaker, made the announcement Wednesday at a legislative breakfast hosted by the Johnson City Chamber of Commerce, WJHL said.

State Rep. Mike Carter (R-TN-29) also has announced a desire to run for the position, multiple media outlets reported.

One day after the Tennessee House Republican Caucus met and voted “no confidence” in his continued leadership by a margin of 45-24, Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin) released a statement announcing he intends to resign as Speaker at a date to be determined in cooperation with the Caucus leadership, The Tennessee Star reported Tuesday. Casada did not indicate whether he would continue to serve as a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing parts of Williamson County.

The entire Republican House leadership, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, and Gov. Bill Lee have all called on Casada to resign, The Star said.

WJHL reported that Hill told them he voted “no confidence” in Casada and also spoke to him.

“I spoke with the speaker privately about that and he knows of my disappointment with it. I think that him resigning is the right thing to do,” Hill went on to say “I think it’s caused the people of Tennessee to not trust some of their government officials, and I understand why that is.”

The Johnson City Press quoted Hill as saying the speaker needs to be boring.

“Right now we need some boring,” he said. “We need some boring, trust me, when it comes to the speaker’s office.”

Hill said other members have spoken to him about seeking the position, the position, the Press said.

“You’d be surprised how many phone calls you can make in a four-and-a-half-hour drive back from Nashville,” he said. “Yesterday, I made a lot of phone calls and got a very positive reception.”

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3 Thoughts to “State Rep. Matthew Hill Seeks House Speaker Position”

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  2. Silence Dogood

    No they have no shame. This was a hit job by the milquetoast Republicans to get a strong Conservative out of the Speakers job. Sure, we need boring. Ask the Democrats and they will agree. Boring is code words for “Do Nothing”!! Disgusting. More babies die in the womb and the Chamber of Commerce keeps recruiting from South of the Border.

  3. Josh reed

    Was isn’t this the Ethics Committee Chairman who attempted to rig the Casada hearing ‘s outcome? Are you kidding? Do you guys have no shame?