Live From Sunland Park, New Mexico, OANN’s Neil McCabe Tells The Tennessee Star Report the We Build the Wall Team Is ‘Going Back to City Hall Today’


On Wednesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to One America News Network’s Neil McCabe, a regular guest on the show, live from Sunland Park, New Mexico. McCabe is at the border reporting on the recent cease and desist order from  Mayor Javier Perea which was hand delivered yesterday to the We Build the Wall crew by local police.

Leahy asked McCabe to give Tennessee Star Report listeners the latest news on the efforts of the We Build The Wall team, which has put up about three-fourths of a mile of 18 foot high fencing on the southern border between New Mexico and Mexico in just five days, with another one-fourth of a mile left to close the gap between two existing 20 mile segments of existing border wall.

Leahy: Neil what’s going on this morning down in Sunland Park? Bring us up to speed. There was a cease and desist order yesterday afternoon. What’s happened since then. You are on the ground in Sunland Park, New Mexico and the sun is about to come up there and the work day about to begin. Tell us what happens next.

McCabe: Well today for One America News I will be reporting that the We Build the Wall has stopped working on that wall that’s filling a very critical gap between the Rio Grande River and the mountainside that is just on the New Mexico side of the Rio Grande River. So El Paso stops at the river. The city of El Paso stops at the river and then Sunland Park is the next town over in New Mexico and what happened is, We Build the Wall to get all the proper permits and they filed their paperwork and they were told that the guy who how much this fee is is on vacation. So go ahead, you guys start. When that guy comes back from vacation we’ll give you a number and then you can just sort of pay, write the check and we’ll move on.

Leahy: That’s not what the Mayor said at his press conference though is it?

McCabe: I was on the ground. I’m not sure exactly what the mayor was saying.

Leahy: Ok.

McCabe: But I was talking with the We Build the Wall legal team last night.

Leahy: Ok.

McCabe: And what they told me is that they were given the go ahead by two officials and they’re going back to city hall today to have a meeting and they’re Plan A is to treat this thing like everybody’s being sincere. Everybody wants to make sure that everything is just right. That all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s are dotted. And they’ll write the check that they’re supposed to write and everything will be fine. If that doesn’t happen, well you know Kris Kolbach is a former federal prosecutor and he’s very very good attorney. And they’re are other attorneys working with We Build the Wall and Sunland Park won’t know what hit them if Sunland Park continues to obstruct We Build the Wall we’ll defend it’s rights. And I think they have a really good case.

Leahy: Neil, did you see our story last night that the Mayor Javier Perea was apparently a two thousand sixteen Bernie Sanders supporter. Do you think there is any ideological element of this here? We went to his Facebook page and he had a post on it. Bernie Sanders big image there June two thousand sixteen.

McCabe: Virtually every member of the government of this city is a Democrat.

Leahy: I’m shocked! I’m shocked!

McCabe: And roughly two or three years ago the state of New Mexico actually had conducted like an intervention where the police wrapped up every official they had and arrested them and they basically had to start from scratch. I don’t think the city was in actual receivership but it was very close just because of the corruption from the cartels.

What people don’t appreciate is all along the border you have people who when they’re interviewed by reporters say, “We hate all these coyotes. We hate all these migrants. We hate these people coming across our ranches. This is a travesty. Something must be done.” But in reality, they’re all taking bribes from the cartels. It’s crazy down here. The money that’s being spread around and these border towns are doing very well by selling out the rest of the country.

Gill: You know what would be interesting Neil is for the feds to start an investigation about what’s going on in these border towns. Looking at that corruption. Looking at the bribery. And again drawing attention to a community like Sunland Park maybe will put that spotlight on them that they’re going to wish they hadn’t drawn.

McCabe: Well the problem of course is that so much of the federal government who want this immigration and of course the US Chamber of Commerce is backing Republican candidates who are supporting open borders. And you have some of the closest advisers to the President off the United States who want open borders and so it’s really difficult to get something done when you have people in control who don’t want something done.

Gill: Yeah, the Chamber of Commerce wants open borders so they can continue to get cheap illegal labor. The Democrats want open borders because they can  get cheap illegal voters. And the only people standing in the way of this are Donald Trump and Americans.

McCabe: Donald Trump and his voters are completely out of sync with what Washington wants. And that’s why you have so many Congressman, Senators I’m now calling from El Paso, but I work from Washington everyday. So many Republican Senators and Congressman are just waiting for Donald Trump to go away so they can go back to the good old days of taking Chamber of Commerce money. Taking Coke Brother money and pushing open borders. They want to deal with the dreamers so bad they can taste it. And Donald Trump is standing in the way.

Leahy: At his press conference yesterday, Javier Perea, the Bernie Sanders two thousand sixteen supporting mayor of Sunland Park New Mexico said that the next step would be to have the cease and desist order before city court. But you’re saying that the We Build the Wall folks are going to go to city hall to see if they can work it out. If not it goes to city court. What would happen then?

McCabe: The police did come to the premises yesterday to deliver that paperwork.

Leahy: Oh they did? What time did they come to deliver the cease and desist order? About five o’clock or so? End of day?

McCabe: Four or five. I’m not sure when we spoke Mike but yesterday.

Leahy: It was before that I think. It was before that.

McCabe: So I just had come from people that told me they got the cease and desist order when I was on the phone with you. And so that meeting tomorrow  morning is supposed to smooth this thing out. We’re not sure who made a mistake here. But let’s just move forward and I don’t know what the number is but it would be a significant number that when this wall project is completed.

Remember it’s walls, fences, they’ve got lights that will turn this place into center field at Yankee stadium. (Leahy laughs) So there will be a significant, I don’t want to call it a tax, but a fee upon completion of a construction project that Sunland Park would receive a big check.

Gill: Yeah but that would be legal money rather than illegal money from the drug cartels which they seem to prefer.

Towards the end of the segment, McCabe disclosed an additional problem at the border wreaking of corruption and bribery by those that claim they want illegal immigration stopped but are actually selling out the rest of America by accepting big money from the cartels.

Leahy: Neil McCabe is in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Gill: He may have a sense of the population down there. I think eight or ten thousand illegals dumped into the city might overwhelm them. Neil what do you think?

McCabe: Well the truth is if these illegals stay and they find a way to sanctuary cities all over our great lands.

Leahy: But you know Neil, next week this Mayor Javier Perea who yesterday afternoon held a big press conference issued a cease and desist order claiming that all the paperwork was not in order for building the wall down there. Next week they’re going to hold a one week long Amnesty week for illegal aliens in Sunland Park. So Steve’s idea was to send a convoy of illegal aliens there what do you think?

McCabe: (Scoffs) I think it’s more interesting that if the illegals are sent to places like Brookline, Massachusetts

Leahy: Yep.

McCabe: Or West Hollywood. Or Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Gill: See, I think it would be cruel and inhuman punishment to send them to San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi’s district, because of the drug needles and the poop on the streets. (McCabe chuckles) There would probably be a constitutional barrier to doing that. We ought to be dropping them off right in front of her house.

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  1. CCW

    Don’t worry. Trump just announced a 5% tariff on Mexico for not being agressive in stopping the invasion, and it goes up 5% every month until it reaches 25%. So Mexico may end up helping pay for the wall after all.