Constituents Plan ‘Squash Amash’ Rally, Call for Congressman’s Resignation


Pro-Trump Michiganders are a planning a “Squash Amash” rally for Flag Day outside of Rep. Justin Amash’s (R-MI-03) Grand Rapids office in response to his comments in support of impeaching the president.

“Join us on Flag Day and President Trump’s birthday outside the Amash office in Grand Rapids and tell the conservative world we demand he step down from his elected position,” states an event description for the rally, which will be hosted by several pro-Trump groups in Michigan’s Third Congressional District.

Protesters have also started an online petition demanding Amash’s resignation, which claims that Amash “has lost all credibility” and “no longer has the right to speak on our behalf.”

“The actions and statements by Representative Amash have the effect of negating the will of the people of the 3rd District of Michigan in violation of his oath of office to represent the views and best interests of the people,” the petition continues.

Diane Schindlbeck, an organizer of the rally, told MLive that she wants to “make sure he knows here in Michigan we support our president.”

“Justin Amash, as one of the elected officials here in West Michigan, is not listening to his own voter base, and his behavior is just ridiculous,” she said.

Veteran Tom Norton, who plans to run against Amash in the Republican primary, said in a statement that Congress should vote to expel Amash for “disorderly behavior.”

“As a principled constitutional conservative, I know that Justin Amash would agree, that a vote for his removal should take place immediately for his abhorrent public disorderly behavior,” Norton said in a statement. “Justin Amash has done what no one thought he would, go to Washington and become Washington. He is simply playing politics by insulting President Trump, while the rest of us are out here trying to build a future for our families. As your Congressman, I will put the citizens of the Third Congressional District first and your voice will be heard with me.”

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  1. Richard Kane

    North Korea has a Dear Leader, the US may end up the same way