We Build the Wall Founder Brian Kolfage Posts Plethora of Tweets Showing Immigrants Crossing Border, Including Armed Men He Says Are Cartel Members


We Build the Wall founder Brian Kolfage is pulling out all the stops in reporting on the flood of illegal aliens pouring through the southern border, including providing shocking video and photos of armed alleged cartel members.

Kolfage on Sunday tweeted a link to a story by KTSM showing an alleged armed cartel member leading immigrants across the border two miles from the wall he built. He said, “Hats off to our videographer our Phil, he sits out in the desert in a ghillie suit all day getting our incredible video! We’ll keep exposing the crisis until it’s resolved. We have many more breaking videos to release and won’t stop!”

The KTSM story is available here.

We Build the Wall finished the first half-mile section of the border wall in Sunland Park, New Mexico on June 2, Battleground State News reported.

The organization has published a map showing where its wall closes off an easy route in Sunland Park. The video was reportedly captured to the west of the mountains (see the red arrow).


Kolfage on Sunday tweeted another video of a man he claims was a cartel member crossing a border barrier. He said, “Another video of a Juárez Cartel scout entering the USA illegally. We have so many videos like this! Sunland Park NM has a cartel problem.”

And he provided this tweet: “Armed cartel member from Juarez cartel entering the USA illegally”.

And on Monday, Kolfage tweeted, “Foreman [M]ike update: Mike just told me that there were cartel and/or MS-13 gang members at our gate last night trying to get security to let them in, saying they were American. Faces covered in tattoos, wearing all black. The wall works!”

Over the weekend, the organization’s founder also tweeted, “We caught nearly 1000 people crossing on video here this weekend.  Sunland Park & New Mexico is being invaded! see my earlier tweet about the welfare each are given”.

After dark, the new wall is brightly lit to discourage crossings at night.


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