Same Google Employee Who Called Marsha Blackburn a Terrorist Allegedly Got Conservative Co-Worker Fired

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The same Google employee who described U.S. Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee as a terrorist reportedly had a role in firing a conservative co-worker, according to various news agencies.

As The Tennessee Star reported last year, Blake Lemoine, a senior software engineer at Google, has a problem with Blackburn.

Also, as reported, Lemoine is part of a cult under the tutelage of a former porn star.

According to Fox Business, Google recently fired software engineer Mike Wacker for complaining about an anti-conservative bias within the company.

“They just basically hauled me in front of a kangaroo court, basically called into this meeting with no notice,” Wacker told the network.

“They asked me a bunch of random questions and I’m still trying to get my bearings, I’m like trying to figure out why I’m being investigated.”

Google officials, however, told Fox Business that Wacker threatened co-workers, and the firing was justified after multiple warnings.

But Wacker said the company still tolerates threats from left-leaning employees.

“In the final written warning one of the allegations they had against me was that someone had called me rude, disrespectful and intellectually dishonest — well this was the same person who had referred to Sen. [Marsha] Blackburn as a terrorist, and in the same threat where he called me rude, he also doubled down [on] his past comments on Blackburn, described her as threatening,” Wacker told the network.

“So, if you want to know what standards for threatening are, just ask that employee.”

Wacker said on The Guy Benson Show, meanwhile, that Google targeted right-leaning employees “via weaponized Human Resources complaints.”

As The Daily Caller reported, Lemoine, allegedly one of Wacker’s tormenters, is a priest at the Church of Our Lady Magdalene.

“The Church of Our Lady Magdalene has since changed its name to the Cult of Our Lady Magdalene, according to their website. Lemoine signed his Medium post with the title, ‘Priest of the Church of Our Lady Magdalene,’” the website reported.

“One of the other leaders of the cult is High Priestess Kitty Stryker, who describes herself as ‘an active member of the genderqueer feminist art collective, the NorCal Degenerates’ and, in messages with the Daily Caller, as an ‘ex-sex worker’ who has performed in several pornographic movies,” The Daily Caller added.

The Degenerates, The Daily Caller went on to report, are responsible for an art exhibition that included axes, baseball bats covered in barbed wire, and riot shields with the slogan, “Die Cis Scum.”

The website went on to say the cult’s beliefs influenced Lemoine’s calling Blackburn a terrorist.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to
Photo “Blake Lemoine” by Blake Lemoine. 




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