President Donald Trump’s Mexico Deal Has ‘Teeth’ to Fix Border Crisis, Rep. Green Tells Fox News


U.S. Rep. Dr. Mark Green (R-TN-07) spoke about the U.S.-Mexico border deal and the border crisis Sunday with Eric Shawn of Fox News.

Video from the interview is available here.

Green said that while immigrants are suffering, the border crisis is affecting Americans in terms of money and that 300 Americans die every week from overdose of drugs like heroin. Almost all fentanyl comes from across the southern border, and he cited data from Doctors Without Borders that many of these women immigrants are being sexually assaulted.

Democrats are more interested in creating talking points for the 2020 presidential race than they are in helping people, Green said.

Green also talked about the $4.5 billion appropriations request made by HHS and DHS as well as the U.S.-Mexico border deal President Donald Trump’s been touting backed up by threats of tariffs.

Trump “added teeth” to the deal, which makes it more likely to work, Green said. The policy also would end the “Flores Agreement.” Under that agreement, if an asylum-seeker “grabs a child, they’ve got a visa to get into the United States,” Green said.

More of his interview can be found at the link above.

President Trump last week hinted he would implement a “phase two” if Mexico does not produce satisfactory results, The Tennessee Star reported.

Concerning his Fox News interview, Green tweeted, “As a businessman, I know you can’t have a deal unless you can enforce it. That’s why the president is threatening Mexico with tariffs. If they don’t help us solve the border crisis, they will share the burden.

Obama wanted countries to LIKE us. Trump wants them to RESPECT us.”

And he tweeted, “The human suffering happening on the border is appalling. As a doctor, I hate suffering. We need to act. President Trump is ready — @DHS and @HHSGov have requested Congress appropriate $4.5 billion in humanitarian relief and border security. Now it’s up to House Dems…”

Green is a businessman, decorated combat veteran and emergency room doctor. He serves on the House Oversight and Reform and Homeland Security Committees.

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3 Thoughts to “President Donald Trump’s Mexico Deal Has ‘Teeth’ to Fix Border Crisis, Rep. Green Tells Fox News”

  1. […] Earlier this month, Green spoke with Eric Shawn of Fox News about Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border deal and the border crisis, The Tennessee Star reported. […]

  2. 83ragtop50

    “Green said that while immigrants are suffering” Really?

    And just who is to blame for that?!!! Those choosing to invade our country. Choices have consequences – unless you enter America illegally then you are pampered, housed and fed at my expense. Send them back!

  3. Steve Allen

    Look 25 years in the future. What do you think America will be like if this flood is not stopped, and we are able to handle immigration is a controlled manner. The media only wants you to be concerned with the here and now. Most people don’t look further than a couple of days into their future. Future life in America is taking a very ugly turn for the worse.