TIRRC Manifesto Calls on Nashville to Spend Taxpayer Money on Illegal Aliens


The Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) put out a new manifesto last month describing how they want Metro Nashville officials to treat illegal immigrants, and it demands taxpayers subsidize new programs to protect them from deportation.

This document, titled, Beyond Welcoming: A Platform for Immigrant Inclusion for the Next Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County, also disparages ICE agents as persecutors who set out to destroy immigrant families.

You can download the full document here.

The TIRRC document focused on community organizing activities to put political pressure on state and local officials.

“Each week in Nashville, ICE is terrorizing immigrant neighborhoods and ripping residents away from their families and communities,” according to the document. (Page 3)

“As the federal government ramps up immigration enforcement, the state legislature has continued their efforts to make life harder for immigrant and refugee communities.” (Page 3)

The document calls on Nashville officials to embrace pro-immigrant policies and “help turn the tide in this country.” (Page 3)

Among only some of the document’s policy suggestions for Nashville leaders:

• Nashville should not help ICE deport illegal immigrants. (Page 4)
• The Davidson County jail must stop renting bed space to ICE. (Page 7) 
• Nashville should invest in taxpayer-funded workforce development programs (Page 11and affordable housing projects to help immigrants (Page 12).
• Nashville should create programs that “mitigate the harm that persistent fear of deportation can cause.” (Page 5)
• Nashville must track and assess how ICE uses local governments for immigration enforcement. (Page 8)
• Nashville must establish a legal defense fund to provide access to legal representation for illegal immigrants threatened with or in removal proceedings. (Page 8)
• The Metro Nashville Public Schools must promote the mental health and well-being of students experiencing stress or trauma when a loved one is detained or deported. (Page 15)
• The school system must also make sure public schools are safe spaces for all illegal immigrant families. (Page 15)
• City officials must also direct all public agencies, such as courts, businesses and hospitals, to create safe spaces for illegal immigrants and prohibit those agencies from cooperating with civil immigration enforcement operations. (Page 16)

As The Tennessee Star reported, TIRRC officials hosted a forum last Monday for various At-Large Metro Council and mayoral candidates. During the forum, candidates said Nashville should embrace a sanctuary city status and no longer assist ICE agents.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition” by Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.






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15 Thoughts to “TIRRC Manifesto Calls on Nashville to Spend Taxpayer Money on Illegal Aliens”

  1. […] The Tennessee Star reported this summer, the TIRRC put out a manifesto describing how they want Metro Nashville officials to treat illegal […]

  2. Karen Bracken

    Anyone that supports illegals is doing it for financial gain. They should be immediately sent back. IMMEDIATELY. I think it is time for a real taxpayer revolt. BTW….when I posted this article on facebook I was put in FB jail for 30 days
    I guess they don’t want the public to know they are being screwed AGAIN.

  3. Katherine McCoun

    They seem to not grasp the difference between an “immigrant” and an ILLEGAL Alien! What if all they asked were put in place …. for immigrants which legally would exclude by definition illegal aliens?

    VERY bold to “demand” something from a foreign government. They are citizens of other countries and “demand” things of our government and of the citizenry in a country they have broken laws in order to enter? Why should we, the people of the US, protect law breakers from law enforcers?

    Legal Immigrants from all over the world, every country, skin color, language, background, welcome via merit system after being vetted for security purposes = Welcome!

    Illegal Immigrants = Not welcome. Go back to the country of your citizenship. Do it now before you are caught and apply to come here legally.

    This is NOT about “race” or skin color or ethnicity. It is about illegal actions illegal aliens chose to take – their choices, their actions have made them illegal aliens.

    Illegal Aliens are judged by their actions, not their skin color, ethnicity, race, language or country of origin!

  4. LB

    The game plan book is titled Agenda 21 look it up. It will explain why these people think the way they do. It will help you understand why there are city, county and state and national leaders on the left and right that support this entitlement which doesn’t make sense to normal people. This plan was formed years ago and it’s taken several generations to bring it where it is now. Trump spoiled their plan. Actually, I should say God spoiled their plans because so many people were praying all over the world for our nation during the Obama years. The apathy and complacency has to go from each one of us and we all have to rise up and say No More! We all have to be willing to run for office or jump in and support good conservatives to run for office. We see the rumblings of an up rising of Good People in this Country it’s now time!

    1. Ken

      Amen this is so true they have no constitutional rights to any thing this needs to be ended here and now

  5. Overtaxed Nashvillian

    The IRS “terrorizes “ citizens, but the Left seems to have no problem with them being in Nashville.

  6. 83ragtop50

    Doesn’t that picture just make you feel warm and fuzzy toward them? (Sarcasm!)

  7. M. Flatt

    If you are not a citizen of the nation, what standing do you have to demand citizen’s rights? I would like to see our [sarcasm]racist[/sarcasm] legislation enumerate the “rights” that a non-citizen DOES NOT have. That list should include:
    -You DO NOT have the right of representation or interpretation when dealing with the government.
    -You DO NOT have the right to be free of “fear of prosecution or persecution.” (If you are an “undocumented immigrant”, you’re a criminal, period. Get over it!)
    -You DO NOT have the right to seek employment, housing, or governmental services as a non-citizen.
    -A non-citizen DOES NOT have the right to vote.

    Why should we create “safe spaces” for these people? If you are dodging the law, you should feel unsafe. The only money that should be spent on these people is the funds used to get them out of here! We need to remove the incentives that “magnetize” our city for illegals.

    1. 83ragtop50

      That is a nice start on such a list. I cannot for the life of me understand why any American supports illegal behavior.

    2. Betty L Clouse

      Well said and I totally agree! They have no rights how dare them to thick so they are here illegally. I will turn them into ICE when I find they are working somewhere & of course the business who hires them needs to be fined heavily!! !!

    3. Kk

      AMEN, preach it! I am in agreement 💯

  8. lb

    I took note of everyone who attended this meeting and they all lost my vote. I shared it and the information from the meeting with my husband and several other people who then shared it out further. Attending this meeting was a HUGE mistake and supporting any of the insane ideas FOR Criminal Illegal Alien Invaders was a vote loser. I dont understand pandering to illegals–they cant vote so what is the point?

  9. Russ Crouch


  10. Harry

    The BEST money we can spend on them is a one-way ticket the hell of here.