Political Action Committee That Helped Marsha Blackburn Win Tennessee Wants to Help Donald Trump


A Political Action Committee that spent more than $1 million to help elect U.S. Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee now wants to help re-elect U.S. Republican President Donald Trump by working in key battleground states.

Members of The Committee to Defend the President told The Tennessee Star Tuesday they plan to spend money in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania next year. They said they hope to replicate what they did for Blackburn last year in Tennessee — only on a larger scale.

Committee Chairman Ted Harvey said he and his colleagues can use social media to help achieve their goals. They narrow people down by interests and likes. Then he and his colleagues collect voter registration lists to determine which of the likely Trump supporters is or is not registered.

“We are going after people that should be Trump supporters, who identify themselves as Trump supporters, that have benefitted from the Trump economy, the Trump agenda, and his policies, but they are not registered to vote for one reason or another. Maybe they’ve been disheartened by the political process over the course of their lives or they’re veterans coming back from the military and haven’t registered to vote or whatever the situation is,” Harvey said.

“But once we identify those Pro-Trump supporters and bump them up against the voter registration lists and find out they are not registered to vote, we will do the same aggressive campaign as we did in Tennessee to get them registered to vote and mobilize them to get to the ballot boxes in 2020 and support the president.”

Harvey said The Committee to Defend the President is one of the nation’s largest Pro-Trump PACs.

“Our members are not your $100,000 donors giving to the president’s PAC and giving to the RNC,” Harvey told The Star.

“These are your grassroots activists who passionately support the president and want to get him reelected, and those are the kind of people that we are looking for on our social media platforms. People who are conservatives, hard-working, God fearing patriots that want to defend our country and defend the president.”

Harvey said the PAC’s biggest challenge is raising money.

The PAC also needs other Trump supporters to offer their help.

For more information, visit committeetodefendthepresident.com

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]

Photo “Donald Trump” by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. CC BY 2.0. Background Photo “Committee to Defend the President” by Committee to Defend the President. 





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One Thought to “Political Action Committee That Helped Marsha Blackburn Win Tennessee Wants to Help Donald Trump”

  1. Rosine Ghawji

    very interesting but just a reminder . Marsha had trouble since day one because not only she was not a Trump supporter , but most of the grassroots people would have loved to vote for a real Trump lover. Nobody at that time was able to challenge her in the primary . and she went through the campaign with difficult time . Donald Trump concentrated his effort and support on the Senate race .. IF MARSHA WON ,IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A PAC DONALD TRUMP CAME MANY TIMES TO SUPPORT HER AND IT IS THE REASON WHY SHE MADE IT .