New Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Bruised After Brawl with North Korean Guards to Ensure Press Access to Kim Jong Un Meeting


President Donald Trump’s historic meeting with dictator Kim Jong Un, while reportedly cordial, did have some tension: North Korean guards tried to bar U.S. reporters’ way, but new press secretary Stephanie Grisham saved the day.

The Guardian reported that Grisham ended up bruised in a scuffle with the guards.

The jostling seen outside when Kim and Trump met worsened when North Korean guards tried to physically prevent reporters with the US press pool from entering a room inside the Freedom House on the southern side of the DMZ where the two leaders were about to start their meeting. Reports said the Secret Service had to intervene.

Political commentator Edward Hardy tweeted a video of the confrontation: “This is the moment White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham got into a scuffle with North Korean security guards who were blocking US journalists”.

Sky News tweeted, “President Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham ended up with bruises after being shoved by Kim Jong Un’s security guards. Donald Trump has become the first serving US president to cross into North Korea: .”

Star News Political Editor Steve Gill said, “Stephanie Grisham is clearly tough enough to handle the White House press corps when she is willing to get into a physical altercation with North Korean security officers in order to guarantee access for the American press. Jim Acosta should fear her,” Gill said. “He will probably be begging Trump to bring Sarah Sanders back!”

“Unfortunately, the press corps is unlikely to give Grisham the credit she deserves. She was fighting for THEM, but the fake news media will likely downplay that significant point. Trump has picked the right person for the job.”

Indeed, as recently as June 26, The Intercept tweeted, “Stephanie Grisham’s cavalier disregard for the truth is matched by her equally cavalier disregard for the law, writes @mehdirhasan.”

Then again, at least one White House correspondent seemed to give Grisham some credit.

ABC News Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl tweeted, “Apparently some of the Korean (North?) security team did not want the US press in the Kim/Trump meeting. New press secretary @StephGrisham45 was not having it, physically clearing the way for the WH press pool by elbowing and pushing aside a security guard.”

And CNN International Correspondent Will Ripley seemed to give her some credit too. He tweeted, “#breaking A source on the scene with Trump and Kim tells @Acosta the new WH press Secretary Stephanie Grisham got into “an all out brawl” with North Korean officials hustling WH press pool members into the room with Trump and Kim for their meeting, and was bruised up. Tough job.”

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