Neil McCabe from OAN Joins the The Tennessee Star Report to Discuss AOC’s Lies About Detention Facility Toilet Conditions


On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to One America News Networks Neil McCabe about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s false claims regarding women being forced to drink out of toilets at border detention centers.

Towards the end of the segment, the men discussed how she will be able to get away with her lies as a phenomena for the Democrats and left wing lunatics.

Gill: One story that we’re going to talk about a lot today Neil McCabe from One America News Network is joining us. We have a story up at Tennessee Star. Fifty nine percent of Americans oppose government provided health insurance for illegal migrants. Now, this is a CNN poll so you know it’s actually worse than that. Here’s two things that I would point out in the poll. That actually reflects, and Neil weigh in on this as well. They’ve understated the opposition to providing healthcare to illegals. And there’s two ways you know that in the way they’ve framed the question. Do you think health insurance coverage provided by the government.

Leahy: Government.

Gill: Now, typically if you ask people, “Do you think the government funds should be used to pay for this?” The answers going to be you know to some extent yes. If you ask people, “Do you think taxpayers funds should be used to pay for this?”  (Leahy laughs) You’ll see a ten to fifteen percent drop in the numbers when they go, “Well the government should pay for it but I shouldn’t.” And they use the term government funds in this question which also downplays the connection.

Should be available to un-documented immigrants. “Oh, I left my wallet at home. Not, ‘I illegally entered your country.'” So undocumented immigrants downplays the number, and government funding instead of tax payer money downplays the numbers. And nevertheless about sixty percent say no healthcare for government funds to illegals. So again. It’s pretty clear. What do you think?

Leahy: Neil McCabe welcome back. I think last week you were on active duty down in Fort Brag, North Carolina in the Army Reserve? Welcome back!

McCabe: Yeah it’s great to be back at Fort Brag. I spent a year there when I came home from my tour in Iraq and I was there with the Army Reserve and it was great to see Fort Brag again. Not everybody has happy memories there. But most of memories there are happy.

Leahy: So what do you make of this poll that Steve Gill was just mentioning that said at least sixty percent of Americans oppose providing healthcare for illegal aliens?

McCabe: Well I think it’s interesting that when you study the narrow linguistics of word choice which is what Steve was kind of working with, there’s only one sort of category where the Democrats and the left absolutely devastate conservatives and Republicans and that’s when people are suffering. And so if you can phrase something as people are suffering there’s just no answer for that.

Leahy: Yes.

McCabe: And so that’s why it’s been so devastating when you see these people floating in a river. Or you hear about people with pre-existing conditions or what not. And consesrvative and Republicans were never able to make the argument say on Obamacare that people are suffering. And so we’re going to see how this thing turns. I will say that there is nothing that gives me any confidence that the Republicans on capitol hill are going to stand up for this.

If anything they’re going to w ork out some kind of compromise because certainly the Republican leadership has no problem with government being involved in healthcare or socialized medicine. They love it just like everybody else and certainly it just means its going to be more contracts for people. More money sloshing around. More jobs. And it just seems like another way to go to the trough for the hack-a-rama that we call Washington D.C.

Leahy: Neil, speaking of suffering. According to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she was suffering yesterday because the border patrol agents down in El Paso where she and thirteen other left wing lunatics who are Democratic members of Congress were visiting the detention center. She said the border agents were sexually and physically threatening here.

Gill: They laughed at her, too.

Leahy: What do you make of those claims by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

McCabe: Well this is always fun for me to watch because the inclination of the media and the politicians is to always go after law enforcement or these kinds of government authority figures. But, these guys all belong to a union. And so what happens is, we see this all the time say in New York City when they’ve got some police officers get the rights because he did something horrible but in the end he gets a slap on the wrist because the patrolman’s benevolence association sort of steps in.

And so we’ll see how far the unions will let the Democrats go after these border patrol agents because they have a very powerful union. And so it sets up an interesting conflict inside the Democratic coalition.

Leahy: And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that the border patrol agents in these detention centers are forcing women to detained there to drink out of toilets. Now you’ve seen these detention facilities. Did you see any women being forced to drink out of toilets down there?

McCabe: No, and I will say there is a standard, I don’t know who makes it or if they’re made by different people. But there’s a standard sort of sink/toilet unit that is put in these cells so at the top there’s a sink with a faucet and at the bottom there’s a throne where one can sit.

And it’s the same pipes but it’s just one unit and it’s very cheap and their stainless steel and so it technically that unit is a toilet. But no one is putting their face in a toilet bowl for water. And for someone to get away with this is crazy.

Leahy: To make the claim.

McCabe: Crazy.

Gill: In fact, if you’ll go to the Daily Mail publication they have a picture of the set up that you can see, just as you’ve described Neil. That the toilets at the bottom and at the top there’s a sink and a faucet. So there would be no reason for someone to drink out of the “toilet” other than if they’re drinking out of the toilet apparatus that has the sink at the top. There’s a picture of it.

McCabe: (Scoffs) Well you know she isn’t going to be hurt politically by this because she’s young, she’s zealous, she wears that bright red lipstick and so she can say, she was doing that live stream with Bernie Sanders during the last campaign where she said to the crowd, “We’re going to take Kansas and make it a red state.” And everybody’s like, “What red? Red is them! Kansas is red.” She doesn’t…

Leahy: She meant communist red.

Gill: This is the same woman who was weeping and crying at a fence, a chain-link fence and then the photographs emerged that she’s crying and weeping at a fence looking through at an empty parking lot while she’s pretending she’s weeping over the poor children that weren’t even there.

Leahy: And Steve the problem here that we see with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is this, she is allowed to get away with lies. She’s allowed to get away with lies because as Neil McCabe just pointed out, she is photogenic and wears that red lipstick. She can basically do whatever she wants with the mainstream media. Even Neil, I know One America News is reporting this accurately but even Fox News was reporting it as outrageous etc. etc. What do you make of that Neil?

McCabe: Well I think that she is a phenomena that’s going to be around for awhile and people dismissed Donald Trump for a whole lot of crazy things that had nothing to do with his sincere appeal to people. She’s sincerely appeals to voters because she’s zealous and fresh and when she makes mistakes people say, “You know what? I make mistakes too.” It’s when I was covering Carter O’Malley in Boston he used to talk about St. Peter the apostle like us who’s always screwing up and somehow manages to always get through it. And so people will forgive her for being earnest. The problem is, that her policies are really left wing and crazy.

Leahy: Totally crazy.

McCabe: And the Republicans are not going to challenge her in that district. The Republican party needs to be able to put a candidate up against her and go toe to toe on the issues. But they’re not going to do. There’s a ton of these people that they’re never going to oppose. They left forty seats unchallenged.

Leahy: Yeah, absolutely. Hey, Neil McCabe, thank you so much for joining us. Neil McCabe, One America News Network. The cable news network if you’re a conservative.

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